Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Mist and Pacific Face Oil

MVO Pacific Mist and Facial Oil

In case you were wondering, my love affair with Marie Veronique Organics skincare is still going strong. While using the MVO Anti Aging Oil (which recently got its name changed to MVO Face Oil) the appearance of my skin has drastically improved. It went from congested, oily, and easily irritated to smooth, plump, and clear from blemishes. I have tried other great treatments that helped, but the MVO Face Oil balanced, smoothed, and healed my skin. With that being said, I still wanted to try the Pacific line from MVO because it is 100% vegan, and I knew many of you would have been interested in it.

I have been using both the Pacific Mist* and the Pacific Face Oil*, and I have been applying them in the same way that I did with the Anti-Aging Mist and Oil: cleanse, spray my entire face with the mist and then massage it with the oil. This simple routine, done every evening for a few weeks, has kept my skin well balanced and extremely supple.

Pacific Mist, is a lovely hydrating mist. The main active ingredients are: green tea and white tea extracts (for antioxidants and polyphenols); sea kelp extract (rich in vitamins and other nutrients); and sea fennel extract (for deep hydration). The scent is refreshing, a little floral, (very similar to the MVO Face Mist), and it is an amazing hydration booster that prepares my skin for the oil (it is always best to apply facial oil on damp skin).

Pacific Face Oil, is a blend of several beauty oils. These are some of the key ingredients in this product:

Passion Fruit and Papaya Seed Oil – they are known to contain enzymes that help dissolve excess sebum (effectively helping oily skin to stay balanced)

Astaxanthin – the most powerful source of antioxidants. It is used for its anti-aging benefits and to reduce signs of UV-aging.

Chia Seed and Kiwi Seed Oil – they provide nourishing fatty acids to the skin that help it to stay hydrated and protected from environmental damage.

The verdict: Love these two products, just as much as the MVO Mist and Face Oil because they do all the same great things for my skin. The only difference that I have noticed between them is that the MVO Face Oil is more powerful at healing my blemishes than the Pacific Face Oil. When I use the MVO face oil at night before going to bed my blemishes are almost or completely gone by the time I wake up (not exaggerating here!). However the Pacific Mist + Oil has kept my skin visibly hydrated, plump, radiant and healthy-looking.

You can purchase Marie Veronique Organics products at their online shop which is currently running a special September offer: a free jar of MVO Pacific Topical Vitamin C Treatment (valued at $55) when you buy the Pacific Face Serum! This offer is valid until the end of September. (I sampled the Vitamin C Treatment and it is amazing! I mentioned it in this post)

*PR Sample

  • Bambi Organics

    Ciaooo Lilly :)
    Ma che bei prodotti.
    Io ho parlato con un’amica che ha usato una crema con spf di questa marca e si era trovata molto bene.
    L’unico problema che è non posso provarla ne prendere nulla dagli States per via della dogana ma ho adocchiato qualche prodottino interessante. M trovo meglio sia con la cosmesi che i trucchi americani *_*

    Un bacione grandissimo.

    • Ciao cara, MVO fa dei prodotti veramente efficaci. Gli olii per il viso sono miracolosi! Mi hanno veramente aiutato tantissimo. La buona notizia e’ che cominceranno a vendere in Inghilterra, quindi dovrebbe essere piu’ semplice per te ordinare qualcosa. Devo chieder loro se hanno intenzione di vendere in Italia, se sí ti faccio sapere! Sono sicura che ti piacerebbero tantissimo! Un bacio grande a te :)

      • Bambi Organics

        Questa è una bella notizia poi mi fido del tuo parere e penso che saranno ottimi.
        Sai per caso che azienda li venderà? Forse naturisimo? Se arriva pure in Italia faccio una festa!! :-)))
        grazie e a presto!!

  • Mary_333

    The products sound so nice! Passion fruit is just about my favorite thing ever. I like the sound of the Pacific Mist too.

    This might be a little off topic, but what did you use as a background? It’s so pretty, I love it!

    • Hi Mary, I am sorry I did not reply sooner! Whenever you can get on Twitter we can chat about photography, it would be too long to write in a comment! ;)

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  • Vicki

    Hi Lily, I have a question for you. Over the last year my excema spread to my face and tends to flare up in the winter time. Despite this I tend to be oily and need something deep cleansing, otherwise I break out and get clogged pores. Usually I turn to the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser but I was wondering if you knew of anything effective yet gentle that is a little more natural and creutly free? Thanks so much! :)

    • Hi Vicky, I think that Pai’s cleanser could work very well for you. It is so gentle, and perfectly suited for sensitive skin types. It is also cruelty free :) I have combination skin and it works great for me too.
      I mentioned it in a few posts like this one: You can purchase it at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

  • Ashley Cifuentes

    Hi Lilly,
    I am debating on buying either the Pacific Mist and everyday sheer coverage or the MVO mist and everyday coverage! I was wondering which product you found to be better for the skin (organic and sunscreen wise) and any advice. My face tends to be in the middle; dry with oily t-zone areas and as the day goes on my t-zone area gets really oily (its almost looks like im sweating its that awful until I use an oil wipe). I was also wondering about the afterglow cosmetics foundation powder and if that would work on my oily skin! Also if you can recommend any eye creams that can be used during the day under foundation/sunscreen and at night! I am scared of getting pre-mature wrinkles and have trouble finding products that are organic and work great!

    thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
    – Ashley

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