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The Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation* launched just before Christmas and you all know how excited I have been about it. Many of you have been waiting to know my thoughts about it, (thanks for your patience!) so I am going to answer the questions that you have been asking me the most and give you some tips based on my experience with it.

Prep your skin. This step is essential. The formula is creamy and “concentrated”, so the skin must be properly moisturized. A good, rich moisturizer will do the job for oily/combination skin types, while dry skin types may get better results with a face oil. I have tried both and have had equally good application. My choice of face oil at the moment is Argan Oil (I use Kahina’s), because it is non-greasy and helps to control the shine on my skin. For my moisturizer I go for the MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer. However, you may use whatever face oil/moisturizer you prefer as long as it works well for your skin. Let your moisturizer or oil sink into your skin and then start the application.

Application. My favorite way to apply this product is with the Kjaer Weis foundation brush* (or you can use any other flat, concealer brush) because the size allows you to get to even the smallest areas of the face (like around the nose).  However, I only use the brush to pick up the product and place it where I need it. I prefer to use a sponge to blend it all over my face.

Blend. I dampen my foundation sponge (I use a beautyblender) and begin to blend. Rather than rubbing the skin and dragging the product I just dab gently. This is a very important step, because blending it well makes my skin look even and naturally flawless.

Mist (optional). Dry skin types may really benefit from this step. I spritz my face lightly with a hydrating mist/toner (I have been using Kahina’s Toning Mist). It makes the skin look a bit more dewy and it is great if you need extra moisture for blending.

Shades. There are only five shades available at this time. I picked Paper Thin, which works okay for me but is not a 100% exact match. I find that this shade is slightly more peachy, rather than yellow and my undertone is completely warm/yellow. It is also slightly lighter than my skin tone. I plan on getting the shade Illusion soon because I think that it will match me much better, especially toward the Spring (I tend to tan, even when I am wearing a sunscreen). If you cannot find a great match yet, take heart, Kjaer Weis will launch five additional shades during 2014.

*UPDATE March 2015* I now wear the shade Silken, which is a perfect match for my light skin tone with yellow undertones.

Coverage & Finish. The coverage is buildable from sheer to medium. It is enough to cover redness around my nose (you can probably tell by the photo, where I am not wearing concealer). The finish is semi-matte, but luminous. Not sure if the photo gives a 100% accurate representation of how it looks in real life, but I think that the finish looks very natural. In the photo I am also not wearing any blush, highlighter, nor powder. I am only wearing eye makeup and a lipstick.


Can I wear this foundation if I have very dry skin? I think so. Honestly, I do not have very dry skin myself and I have not tried it on anyone who has very dry skin, so I cannot tell for sure. However, my skin has been quite dry around my mouth, nose and chin during this “Polar Vortex” weather that we have had lately, and I have been wearing it with no issues.

Do I need a beautyblender to blend or can I use another (cheaper) sponge? I have only used my beautyblender, but I think that another blending sponge would do the job just fine. If you are on a budget, try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Can I buy the refill instead of the compact (and put it in a Z Palette)? You may choose to do that. However, I would suggest you make sure that the Z Palette closes properly. If you can afford the compact, I think that it is still the best way to store the foundation.

Will the coconut oil in the foundation break me out or give me milia? I experienced a little milia while trying the RMS Beauty Un Cover Up, but I have not had it with Kjaer Weis Foundation. However, I do not get major breakouts from coconut oil, so I cannot tell for sure. If you usually breakout from coconut oil, I recommend that you order a sample first (see the previous question).

How does this foundation compare to the RMS Beauty Uncover Up? I find the Un Cover Up formula to be moister and that it gives more dewiness. Among the “natural” foundations that I have tried, the Kjaer Weis Foundation formula reminds me more of the W3LL People Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick, yet I find Kjaer Weis to be creamier and to have a more natural-looking finish.


prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) seed oil*, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, zea mays (corn) starch*, cera alba*, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, non-gmo tocopheryl acetate. may contain + / – : mica, ci 77891, ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499. *Certified Organic. Gluten-free.

Overall thoughts. I love this foundation formula, and it is my favorite in the cream category, I only wish that the shade was a more exact match! (UPDATE 2018: the newest shade available, Silken, matches me perfectly during Winter, while Feathery works best during Summer). Other than that, I like the texture and the luminous finish, which is perfect for my skin type. The coverage is lovely, just enough to even out the skin tone without looking heavy. It is one of those my skin but better type of products. The amount I need for my whole face application is so small that it makes up for the price.

You can purchase it from The Detox Market (where you can also find the refill ). Please leave a comment below if you have any additional questions.

  • Yvonne

    Hi Lilly,

    Very good review. I also think Illusion would suit you better. That is the shade I use and I was very pleased with the colour (I have a light to medium yellow undertone and am RMS #33, Vapour 123 and 125). I also find the finish to be really lovely – perfected but in a natural way. I would also have said that I love the foundation, except that I unfortunately broke out from it. I could see after each day I used it that I was getting more and more clogged pores.

    RMS foundation also broke me out, so I obviously have some issues with coconut oil. However, I am still able to use OLO Skin Savior which is my favourite cleanser, so I guess it must be down to the formulation.

  • I have very dry and dehydrated skin and can wear this foundation. It ‘may’ accentuate flakes but when I take good care of my skin aka prep it right it has a satin finish on me and stays put all day. I like using this one for a more ‘matte’ look and the rms beauty one for a natural skin but better look, since the kj weis one has more coverage and can be layered nicely. great review and I have to say that I am very glad that I got this foundation. My only complain is that the lightest shade is a bit too dark for me right now. xxx

  • Great review! How timely! I was looking at this foundation online yesterday but I’m not sure if I’ll have a good match. My undertones — like yours — are strongly yellow as well.

    I’ve been looking for a clean everyday foundation and I think this might be good. I used to wear a pressed mineral foundation powder that I loved for years (similar to Jane Iredale’s), but I’m curious about what else is out there.

  • Gorgeous as always! Thanks for a great, thorough review on this foundation. I’m still deciding if I need it or not but I think it sounds like it has a wonderful finish. It looks great on you! :)

  • lizthegreenspirit

    Thank you Lilly for this thorough and excellent review!! I tried a sample of Paper Thin and I agree with you, it’s not easy to find the perfect match. I hope you’ll get the perfect match. You covered every aspect, and I’m glad I waited for your review before thinking of getting it. For now, I’ll use up my rms, and just get a sponge blender because I’ve never used one. p.s. you look beautiful on the picture :) xx Liz

  • Chesca @ Fern & Moss

    This sounds great, I’ve just purchased their mascara so am looking forward to trying it. Hope it’s as good as this foundation sounds! x

  • Organic Beauty Blogger

    Love the luminous finish, looks great on you :)

  • Oh you beautiful thing<3 Really great review! :) xx

  • Laura

    Hi thank you. I have dry skin and find if i really moisturize and set with a spray it looks fine. The trick is i think to pat it in rather than rub. I have had some congestions, but not sure if it is due to this foundation or something else. I like that it is so leightweight yet creamy. I am right in between the porcelain and paper thin shades and prefer a yellower base, so I hope this will be addressed. Great organic foundation.

  • corina

    Hi Lilly! I love Kjaer’s foundation.. It truly does give the “my skin but better” look! In the picture, it looks like the shade you chose suits you perfectly… But in the picture in your sidebar to the right it does seem that ‘Illusion’ would suit you better – that’s the shade I purchased and I think we have very similar coloring! It is VERY yellow, I use it alone and it looks fine but I was thinking of buying another shade for undereyes and to mix if I felt it was too yellow on a particular day.

  • Bambi Organics

    Illussion o Just sheer? perche sono davvero indecisa su quale….mi sa ch eprima prenderò i samples *_*
    sono molto curiosa!


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  • Anna

    Hi Lilly, how are you??? I’m glad I’ve found your blog it has become my favorite ;)

    Kjaer’s foundation is really the best natural foundation (for my combo skin) I have tried so far but I’m considering testing out RMS Beauty un-cover up but I am hesitant to purchase it, because I have read so many reviews about it causing breakouts and the staying power not being as great as Kjaer Weis. What is your experience and which one is better in your opinion?

    • Hi Anna, I’m well, thank you so much for your kind words :)

      Unfortunately, the RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up has not worked well for me. It is coconut-oil based. While I use the Living Luminizer with no issues, the Un-Cover Up caused a little milia around my eyes. It also felt a little “slippery” on my skin. If you are very curious about trying it, you can order a sample through Spirit Beauty Lounge (click here)

      Please let me know if you have any more questions, and thank you for reading my blog! x

  • Hi Norah, sorry for the delay and thank you for your kind words! I still love this foundation and I am using the shade Illusion. Unfortunately the new shades have not launched yet, but I am hoping to find the perfect match for my skin tone in the future. I also like the Jane Iredale BB Cream. It’s a bit thick but gives high coverage and the shades 5 and 7 mixed together make a great match for my skin tone. I will have a review up on the blog as soon as possible.

    What are you exactly looking for in a foundation? Please let me know if I can help you :)

    • Norah

      It’s okay, and you’re welcome! I think I’m going to buy the Jane Iredale BB Cream (heard some good reviews about their other products as well). Thank you for your recommendation! Good luck finding a perfect match. :)

      • Thank you Norah! :)

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  • Julie

    Hi Lilly, I was hoping you might be able to answer a question for me. I use Just Sheer, as I am a lighter skinned olive, but I find it a bit too “muddy” looking for my complexion. RMS 22 is a good match for my skin but it breaks me out :(

    Now that you are using illusion, have you sampled Just Sheer so that you could describe the difference between the two? Thanks in advance

    • Hi love, I don’t have Just Sheer to show you a comparison swatch. I know for sure that Illusion is darker and it is definitely more golden in color. Would you like to see a comparison swatch of Paper Thin and Illusion? Those are the two I have. I didn’t get Just Sheer because while it probably is a good match as far as how light/dark it is, I cannot wear any foundation that does not have a strong yellow tone to it. I am just very yellow/golden.

      Let me know if that bit of info was helpful. I have not been able to use the Uncover Up either. I used it as a concealer and gave me Milia :(

      • Julie

        Swatches between the two would be great. Is Paper Thin casting an obviously pink undertone? It’s just that some websites describe it as peach which I thought *may* work and I didn’t want to risk the purchase! Thanks again!

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  • Olesya

    Hi, I was wondering how u can compare Yhe Gresds corrective serum foundation that u really like to the kjaer wreis? What’s the big difference and which one would u prefer over the other? Thanks!!

    • Hi Olesya, the Gressa serum foundation is liquid, has a light to medium coverage and sets to a powdery, but luminous finish. It takes me just about 2-3 minutes to apply it. It suites all skin types, but very dry skin types may experience some dry patches (not my personal experience, but this is what I have read from comments.) The Kjaer Weis foundation is a concentrated cream foundation, it has a medium coverage and a satin finish. It takes a little extra effort to apply and blend but gives a beautiful, flawless result. It suits most skin types.
      I prefer Gressa for daytime because it takes me so little time to apply it, but I do like to use Kjaer Weis for evening because of the beautiful finish and because it works great with Kjaer Weis cream blushes, which I love to wear all the time. The biggest differences between the two are the consistency (liquid vs cream), the finish (luminous but powdery vs. satin).
      I hope this answers your questions, but feel free to ask more questions, I will be happy to help you :)

  • Mandy

    What lipstick and lip liner are you wearing? It looks gorgeous

  • Chris-tian

    Hi Lilly,

    Love your reviews:) I also need a foundation that has strong yellow/golden tones (a bit more yellow on my face/neck/chest and very golden on my arms) but I NEED YELLOW!!! No pink no peach no bisque no beige. It’s frustrating cause I end up wasting so much money:/

    I really thought RMS would be it but I purchased 22 (too pink) returned for 33 & it’s still not right not to mention too slick despite me setting w/ un powder & wearing the proper skincare underneath. Tried Vapor Organic, Well People, Alima Pure etc. & I’m still looking…

    So now I’m ready to try Kajer Weis & or Gressa but I was hoping to get a lil input before I commit & end up disappointed. Since I like the finish both brands offer I’m most concerned with color match. I think shade 04 in Gressa may work? In Kajer was thinking Illusion since you mentioned this in a few of your comments. Which would you say is better based on color choices? My skin color is almost exactly like yours especially in the top right photo. Thanks in advance!


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  • Brittany

    Hi! I wear Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in 3. I was told to try the Paper Thin color but I believe it is a little too dark. Do you think that Like Porcelain will fit better? Thank you!

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  • Bri

    Hi do you wear an spf under the foundation?

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  • I still think about getting the Kjaer Weiss foundation … But as a NC15 in MAC and a Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 4, the shade Silken might be too dark. Do you think I could go along with it? What a pitty that there is no lighter yellow shade :(.

    And sorry for not answering your email yet. But let’s do it here straight away: There’s no need to hurry, I’m very patient. Take all the time you need to send me the product of my dreams :DDDDDDDDDDDD. ^^