Argan Oil Benefits & Kahina Argan Oil Review

 Kahina Argan Oil

When I first learned about Argan oil a few years ago I was instantly intrigued by it. However I did not immediately joined the crowd for two reasons: first because I was skeptical about using an oil on my face (#oilyskinteam) and second because it became overly popular. I did try a few different argan oils from different brands, but they did not do anything special for my skin so I just moved on to different beauty oils. Then a few months ago, I tried Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil*, and it was love at the first application. I finally understood what the fuss was really about and I wanted to share my experience with you–that along with a few things that I have learned about Argan.

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of a tree (called Argania Spinosa) that the Moroccan Berbers call ‘The Tree Of Life”. The reason why it is so precious to the Moroccan Berber community is that they get so much use out of it: from feeding their animals with the leaves, to using the oil in their cuisine, and even using the nut shells as a heating fuel. Then of course there is the use that you and I are more interested in, and that is skincare. Although many of the claims made for face oils, Argan included, have not been backed up by scientific research (yet, in my modest opinion), the chemical properties of Argan oil can give us an idea of how good it can be for the skin. I wanted to put some facts that I know you will find interesting:

1. Argan oil is very rich in Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals, which are caused by our exposure to multiple environmental factors, (such as pollution, pesticides and smoke). Free radicals are responsible for collagen damage (fine lines, wrinkles). Being Argan very high in Vitamin E, it helps the skin to recover from the exposure to damaging elements by destroying the free radicals.

That is why you should eat plenty of Vitamin E rich foods such as nuts, avocado, spinach, broccoli, and butter (real, grass-fed butter).

2. Argan oil  is very rich in fatty acids.

The content of fatty acids in Argan oil is considered to be 79% unsaturated and up to 20% saturated. Skin cells’ ability to hold water decreases with age and fatty acids help skin cells to retain water. Argan helps to restore the skin water-lipid layer. This results in more elastic skin, and smoother texture.

3.  Argan oil has high levels of polyphenols

Polyphenols make argan oil a great tool to prevent photoaging and sun-damage.

4. Argan oil has sebum-regulating properties

A study that involved twenty people age 17 to 50, showed that argan oil applied topically twice a day for four weeks was effective at regulating sebum production in 95% of the people used in the study.

I also wanted to add that the oleic acid content in argan oil is considered to possibly be comedogenic. However, I have not experienced any issues with it and it appears that most people who have tried it, have not either.

On to my experience with it, the Kahina Argan Oil is the first Argan oil I have tried that has actually worked for me. The texture is very light and has a beautiful, nutty scent that reminds me of coffee. Compared to any other beauty oil I have used my skin absorbed this one the quickest, leaving it very moisturized, but not greasy. Once absorbed it leaves the skin feeling very supple and makes it look radiant, but not shiny. In fact, I feel comfortable using it on my forehead (which tends to get very oily) as I do using it on the rest of my face (sensitive, prone to redness) because it moisturizes, but it also balances my skin. I think that this is indeed the most oily skin friendly beauty oil. Last, but not least, my skin has been particularly clear since I started to use it, so there may be blemish-healing properties as well.

One question remains: Why did I not like argan oil when I first tried it and why am I having such great results with Kahina’s?

First thing to consider is how argan oil is bottled, because just like other cold-pressed oils, it is susceptible to oxidation. Some cold-pressed oils’ properties may get destroyed by light, heat, and oxygen. The Vitamin E that naturally occurs in argan oil is not an adequate protection against oxidation and careful bottling (in dark glass, like Kahina’s) is required for optimal preservation. Second thing is quality. I would not be surprised to find out that cheap argan oil may be diluted with other inexpensive oils, just like many grocery stores carry olive oil that is diluted with cheaper oils. I would love to know your opinion/experience  with this hot topic and what you do to prevent being scammed in your shopping.

Bottom line: I am still skeptical about the Argan oil found at the drugstore, but I am a happy Argan convert because Kahina’s Argan Oil has worked wonderfully for my skin. In addition to that, one 30 ml bottle of Kahina’s argan oil costs $ 36 and I use it on my face, around my eyes, on my hair, hands, and body, while all my other favorite face serums are a lot more expensive.

Where you can find it: At The Detox Market. I highly recommend trying this oil, especially if you have oily/combination skin.

In case you’re wondering, “why are there goats behind the bottle?”. They actually climb the Argan Trees and eat the pulp of the fruits.

What is your favorite cold-pressed beauty oil? Have you tried Argan oil?

*PR  Sample

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  • Juliet

    I’m interested in trying this line. A while back I tried the Josie Maran pure argan oil and just thought it was ok. I ended up using it on my hands before bed instead of on my face. It was the opposite of Kahina in that it took forever to absorb! Currently using the Pai Rosehip oil and like it, but may have to add Kahina to my list to try. Between Pai’s rose and Kahina’s argan, which one is the most anti-aging and and calming?

  • Courtney Brown

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog! I appreciate your factual evidence based approach to organic beauty.

  • Argan oil is amazing and this one from Kahina sounds just perfect!<3 xx

  • Mademoiselle nature

    I really like Argan oil. I tend to choose more certified Arfan oil to be sure of its origins. :-)

  • Kayla

    I am also just getting into using Argan Oil on my face, hair, and body. At the moment I am using Josie Maran’s Light version and I really like it. Have you every tried any of Juice’s products?

  • I was about to pick up a bottle of Acure’s Argan Oil. Kahina’s offering sounds super lush!

    • JY

      Acure Argan Oil is also very high quality. I would say that they’re about equal.

  • roshkud

    You’re causing me problems, I ended up reading this post whilst I was in a lecture, i just couldn’t resist hearing why you love this particular one so much! I’ve tried an argan oil from UK’s naturals shop offering and it did absolutely nothing for me, it then turned out that despite its price it wasn’t cold pressed! I’ve been pretty bummed about that so haven’t attemted to try an Argan Oil again but this post has changed my opinion. I do feel that the Kahina one is extremely expensive for just an oil, even in comparison to high end serums.
    How do you think this would work on dry/dehydrated skin?

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Mady

    Kahina’s is the first natural oil I’ve tried on my face, and it really won me over. It sits on the counter beside my favourite conventional, water-based moisturizer, but I find myself reaching more for it than for the latter because it’s just as moisturizing and sinks in just as quickly, but feels more luxurious (it’s largely the glass packaging for me, I think) while also being more simple (one ingredient!). The 30ml bottle lasts and lasts, but I’m buying the large size next because I want to start using it as a body moisturizer.
    After diving into the “natural” beauty experience wholeheartedly, I’ve since grown somewhat skeptical of this market because it frequently, like the mainstream one, makes claims for which there is no good evidence and implies safety in ingredients that have not been sufficiently tested. After doing my research, I’ve started re-introducing some conventional products into my regimen, but a few of the natural products I’ve discovered will remain staples in it, like this argan oil!

  • shortsmallsweet

    I’m so excited because I just made an order for mine yesterday! It will be my very first time trying out argan oil and I hope it works as well for me.

  • lifeinblush

    I had the exact same experience…felt very “meh” about argan oil until I tried Kahina’s – instant love. p.s. what brand of grass fed butter do you buy?

    • JY

      Organic Valley makes good grass-fed butter, and it’s widely available. It’s usually made by farmers close to where you live, too.
      An even better option would be to find butter at your local farmers market, but it may be tricky depending on where you live.

  • Such a great overview! I finished my bottle of Kahina’s Argan Oil (ahhh I need more!), and it, too, is the first argan oil that I liked. The absorption is much better than Josie Maran’s in my experience. I bought JM’s Argan Milk last week and I don’t love it as much as Kahina’s oil.

  • tianna

    sounds so lovely! I really want to try the Fez Body serum as well!

  • The entire Kahina Giving Beauty line is lovely! The eye serum is one of my favorites. It’s good to be selective in choosing oils because not every one is created equally – as you found out. I’ve also had wonderful experience with KENZA International oils that are certified organic and very pure. The Pure Fusion combines argan oil with unique prickly pear seed oil. It leaves my skin velvety and supple. LOVE IT! It’s great that both Kahina and KENZA donate a portion of proceeds and are fairly made too. xo

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  • Bambi Organics

    Ciao cara, io adoro Kahina..attualmente sto usando il siero brightening y la crema occhi.
    Entrambi sono favolosi.
    L’olio d’argan invece mai provato ma ti consiglio di dare una occhiata alla casa svedese ATLAS NATURALS, perché fa un olio particolarmene pregiato (fico d’india) che costa molto ma vale ogni euro. Idem quello di argan.

    Un bacione bella

  • Angelina

    When and how do you think it is best to apply it? Evenings, mornings, both?
    I had a body conditioner with argan oil by LUSH, which I really liked because of my very dry skin, plus it lightly smelled like roses, but in total left a heavy film everywhere.

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  • mic

    Hi! Where can i buy kahina‘s morocco argan oil in the philippines?

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