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Last week a lovely reader left a comment asking if I planned to ever review wellness products, and today I am actually starting to do that. I know that many of you are health nuts like me, but I found out that a part of my readership is made up of people who are now starting their healthy lifestyle/green living journey and would love to read more about wellness-related topics. Today I am reviewing a 14-day detox tea package that was kindly sent to me by the awesome folks at The Detox Market and that I loved drinking ’til my last scoop.

The Teatox 14-day Tea Detox package comes with two bags of loose leaf tea that provide a 14-day tea supply, (but I am still drinking the Daytime Detox Tea because it is very generously sized, and because I have not had three cups of it everyday). One bag contains the Daytime Detox Tea, and one bag contains the Nighttime Detox Tea, which is smaller, as only one cup of it should be consumed every night. Being the tea in a lose leaf form you need to use a tea leaf strainer (I use this For Life mug here that comes with a strainer, because it’s cute and comfortable). However, I occasionally forget to use the strainer and eat my leaves! (Like I did here). It’s allright, they taste pretty good anyway.

Daytime Detox

Daytime Detox is the tea that contains all of the powerful, cleanse-supporting herbs, such as Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle Seed, and Green Tea. Here are some of the benefits that these herbs provide:

  • Although there is limited evidence for it, dandelion has been used for centuries to relieve digestion issues, as a diuretic, and to stimulate appetite;
  • Milk Thistle Seed is used to support the liver and several studies suggest that it protects the liver from toxins, especially thanks to the flavonoid component called, Silymarin. It also reduces inflammation and is a great source of antioxidants;
  • Green Tea is a well-researched, powerful herb that is packed with protective nutrients, and according to studies, it boosts the production of detox enzymes.

As far as the taste goes, this one tastes good. I can taste the green tea in it just a bit, but it has a fruity component that makes it much better tasting to me than regular green tea (I am just not a fan of the taste of green tea, to be honest). I always sweeten it with a little raw honey which makes it perfect. After drinking this tea I feel significantly more energetic, which as an avid coffee drinker, I appreciate so much, as I am able to skip on mid-day coffee and swap with a more beneficial drink. I have also noticed that this tea urges me to visit the bathroom more often, which is an excellent, natural way to eliminate toxins.

Nighttime Detox

If this tea had zero benefits, I would still drink it, because it is so so delicious. Thankfully, it also contains some healing herbs that are perfect to kick off a good night of rest. First, it contains Valeriana, which is known to have relaxing effects. In fact, this is what my mother would give me every time I was approaching an exam at University, and it helped so much! Together with the relaxing, calming Valeriana, there are also detoxifying herbs, such as Milk Thistle Seed. It is an herb that is used to support the liver in the detoxification process. Finally, there are two types of mint herbs: Peppermint and Spearmint, which not only help the tea to taste delicious, but also help with digestion (which is exactly what I want at night, so I can sleep well), relieve bloating, gas, stomach pain , irritable bowel syndrome, and such.

Daily Balance (Sample)

I received a one-use sample of the Daily Balance Wellness Tea in my package and it was the best-tasting of all! Seriosuly so, so good. It has an earthy, fruity (berry) taste. It’s meant to be energizing (it contains Guayusa, similar to Yerba Maté, which is often recommended as alternative to caffeine coffee–thanks for catching my mistake Genevieve!) and to provide antioxidants.

Overall, I recommend picking the Teatox 14-day Detox, especially if:

  • You need a Spring clean(s)ing. Whether you have not been eating well and you know it, or you are starting to exercise after a long break. This is a gentle, but effective way to cleanse your body;
  • You drink a lot of coffee and would like to limit your coffee intake, but still have a drink that gives you a good energy kick.

A few more things that I like about this detox package are:

  • It does not contain any harsh laxatives, which a lot of detoxifying products contain
  • It is 100% organic
  • It helps me drink green tea without tasting it

Together with your tea bags you will also receive a Total Detox Handbook ebook which contains additional helpful information. You can shop The Teatox Company Tea at The Detox Market (Say that five times fast!). Click here to shop and please let me your thoughts if you try it!

Medical Disclaimer.
Please consult your doctor before starting any type of detox plan. Please do not attempt a detox program if pregnant. I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice; this post was written with the sole purpose of sharing information.