Weekend Catch-Up

Weekend Catch Up 1

When I was in Cali, I had to take an emergency trip to Sephora. Despite my best effort to pack in an organized way, I still managed to forget a few very important things that I had used right before leaving home. The following morning I realized that my skin needed a little extra help with coverage, so I asked my very nice and supportive husband to drive to the closest Jane Iredale retailer and get me the Jane Iredale BB Cream in shade #5, because I had only brought the shade #7 with me, which had become a tad dark for me. While there I thought, “I should start to blog more about the things that get me rushing to closest Sephora or get me placing a next-day delivery online order”. I plan to write some weekly catch-up posts to keep you updated with products I am loving, those I am not loving, new purchases, articles that I found interesting (like the skincare tip from Sharon McGlinchey that I shared on my Facebook page on Friday), photos, recipes and so on. So here is the Weekend Catch-up.

Repurchased: Back to my emergency trip to Sephora, I desperately needed to get an eyelash curler. How did I forget about it!? More importantly, how could I attend a beauty event without curling my lashes, right? So the first thing I bought was a new Shiseido eyelash curler. I do own several curlers, but Shiseido is still my favorite for a few reasons: 1) it does a great job curling; 2) It’s made in good quality material (I love how the Tarte curler works, but it ends up smelling like an oxidized piece of metal after a month of use); 3) It comes with refill pads and the refill pads can also be purchased separately, while the lovely Shu requires that you buy a new curler in order to get new pads; 4) It is sold at Sephora, so it is easy to get a hold of; 5) it fits my eye-shape very well.

Good buys: The second thing that I purchased at Sephora is a set of two foundation sponges called Double Take BB & CC Cream Sponge that I ended up liking very much. I first put a new beauty blender in my shopping basket, and then I found this inexpensive set of two sponges, and I completely was sold when I read that it is designed to blend thinner formulations like tinted moisturizers. I don’t often buy things that I have not read reviews about, but I am glad that I picked that set because I saved money and got two sponges that work great. They are much softer than the beauty blender and they “eat-up” less product. They apply foundation beautifully, evenly and they are great for blending the product into the skin. Totally worth giving a whirl, especially if spending twenty bucks on a foundation sponge does not sit well with you.

New Skincare Love: In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I mentioned a facial mask that I have been loving. It’s the Gentle Facial Mask from Laurel Whole Plant Organics*, which I picked at A Night For Green Beauty (have you read my recap, yet?). It contains French Rose Clay to draw out impurities; Pomegranate, Rosehip, and Raw Cherry for antioxidants; and Chamomile, Licorice, and Aloe to soothe the skin. It smells like a delicious, aromatic flower bouquet. I like how it helps blemishes to dry out and how it stimulates the skin (you can feel a little tingling) and gives an overall rejuvenated look to my skin.

Sales Happening Now: The Detox Market is having a huge sale on all anti-aging products. You can save 15% on anti-aging products from MV Skincare, May Lindstrom Skin, Odacité, Olíe Biologique, and Josh Rosebrook. Sale ends on Monday! Use code: AGE21.

New Makeup: Have you heard about the RMS Beauty Wearable Brights? Four new bright shades. Two eye polishes, called Imagine and Inspire (an intense lavender/plum color and a pastel blue respectively); one lip2cheek called Curious Orange, which is a buildable peach/orange color; one lip shine called Royal, which is a pretty violet color. They look very bright in the pot but they are meant to be easy to apply and build up from sheer to more vibrant. I have the lip2cheek in Curious Orange, and while I thought that I already had plenty of orange lip colors that looked very similar. I’m glad that I bought it; it’s pretty on the lips, but it is really gorgeous as a blush. I wore it in this photo, but I will have better photos/swatches on the blog soon.

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