#SelfcareSunday Week 4 | Cleansing with (Micellar) Water

I am sorry I didn’t have the chance to post my selfcare/skincare routine last week, and I didn’t know you guys enjoyed reading it so much–grazie for all the messages. I am not going to pretend like this is not one of my favorite things to do anyway. I also like how more and more people are adopting the idea to view skincare as selfcare, rather than a dreading action that every makeup wearer *must* perform every morning and every evening. If you have to do it, you might as well enjoy it and get all the benefits you can from it.

So here’s what’s on my menu today.

1. Whamisa | Cleansing Water

I know that for some of you micellar water is old news, but I had never come across one that was made with such “clean” ingredients. Excuse the blog-ish term, but I am slightly obsessed with using it now that I have found it. If you aren’t familiar with micellar water at all, it is simply a water that contains micelles, (tiny cleansing oil molecules) suspended in water. This allows this “water” to melt down the makeup, trap dirt and excess sebum, and remove any particles sitting on your skin. If you have never tried it, this may sound like a magical thing, and it kinda is. You just swipe it gently over your skin and everything comes off. I do, however, use this product mainly on my eyes, to remove eye makeup without getting cleansing oil all over my contacts (ugh!) and deal with blurry vision for the rest of the evening.

Just a heads up that it’s finally back in stock! It was sold out everywhere for a week or two, but it’s back and you can find it here.

2. MŪN | Akwi Cleanser

Like I said, I use the cleansing water mainly for eye makeup removal. I could use it on the rest of my face, too, but these (cold) days I enjoying the comforting texture of a cream/balm for massaging my skin and remove my face makeup/sunscreen, so I have been using Akwi. This cream turns into an oil as you massage it and then it gets a bit more milky as you add water. It feels soothing and removes makeup effortlessly. It needs however, to be removed with a wet face cloth, and for me, it requires a second cleanse to completely remove any product residue. Full review here.

3. YÜLI | Halcyon Cleanser

First of all, if you tried to place an order recently and you didn’t find it on their website, let me assure you that they haven’t discontinued it. *happy dance*. I was losing my mind trying to figure out why on earth it wasn’t there and *in a really dramatic voice*, “what will I do now, I am going to start to breakout for sure”, etc. but it was just out of stock. If you are new to it, you can read my review here. In a few words, it’s a very effective, oil-free cleanser for all skin types (except maybe if your skin is extremely dry), and I believe that it has helped to keep my skin clear for the past few years.

4. Odacité | Synergie Beauty Masque*

I am currently rotating a few different masks, because my skin has been changing quite a bit. Some days is more normal, a little on the oily side, but most days it would feel a bit dry and dehydrated if I didn’t apply the right products. Today I want something exfoliating but gentle, and brightening, because my skin is looking a bit dull (it’s very cold and dry–again). This mask is great for both of these purposes because it contains enzymes and fruit enzymes for gentle exfoliation and Vitamin C + Probiotics for reviving and brightening the skin. It is a quick mask, it dries in about five minutes (and I keep it on for an extra five) at which point I can’t move my face anymore, so I rinse it off (it comes off easily).

5. YÜLI | Ambrosia Beauty Nectar

Recently, I have been using this product as a hydrating toner+treatment. This is full of hydrating ingredients like the hyaluronic acid complex, which my skin seems to soak right up. It is also great to see how my fine lines immediately soften. It gives my skin a plump, fresh look (that chok chok glow, as they call it in the Korean beauty world).

6. Marie Veronique | Dara’s Oil*

Though I am pretty sure that in the warmer months I will be able to use the Ambrosia serum as my only moisturizer, these days I do reach for a few drops of oil to layer on top. I am still enjoying this oil formulated by Marie Veronique for the founder of Ayla Beauty, Dara. She has very delicate skin and does not do well with essential oils and fragrance, so that’s what this oil was formulated for. It also absorb quickly and feels light and comfortable on the skin. I haven’t reviewed this one, so here’s a few key ingredients worth mentioning: hyaluronic acid for hydration, prickly pear seed oil for antioxidants, and because it helps the skin to retain elasticity, cranberry oil for essential fatty acids (anti-inflammatory). You can read the full-ingredient list here.

What’s your selfcare routine looking like on this fine Sunday?

*gifted sample