#SelfcareSunday Week 1

I was about to start my long-awaited, weekly “me” time, when I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you my latest ramblings in skincare. You guys know that I am a beauty from the inside out–type of gal (meaning nutrition/lifestyle/wellness first), but I also like product. I like to put it on, smell it, feel it, enjoy it, and then, of course, I like to see what it does to my skin. So here’s what’s on tonight’s menu:

May Lindstrom Pendulum Potion*. This is the newest launch from May and it is probably one of the loveliest products I have tried from her line. It’s a cleansing oil with a light viscosity. Unexpectedly, it does not have the sweet, May Lindstrom signature scent, but it is a pleasant, earthy scent. I am still in testing phase, so I can’t give you a full review yet. However, I can tell you that while I like it for massaging my face (it feels very “stimulating”, probably due to the essential oils), I would not pick this over the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil because it is not water-soluble, so it requires more wiping to take it off and must be followed with a water soluble cleanser. It is a matter of skin “type” and preference–the less residue I have left on my skin, the better. Also, the essential oils may be too much for sensitive skin types. Available here.

YÜLI Halcyon Cleanser. The best, second-cleanse cleanser. For those of you who are new to my blog (sorry everyone else!), I have used this cleanser for years and it is still my favorite because it’s a lightweight, soothing gel that emulsifies and removes excess oil and residue from the first cleanse. Highly recommend it to everyone, no matter what your skin type is. Just keep in mind that this is not a good makeup remover (you would have to use tons of product to remove your makeup) so it’s best for a second cleanse or for cleansing your face in the morning. You can read my full-review here.

Josh Rosebrook Enzyme Exfoliator*. I have used this face mask a lot lately. It contains a lot of herbal ingredients with anti-inflammatory benefits along with fruit enzymes. When I take it off my skin feels like brand new, smooth and calm. The only thing I want to note about it is that it contains fine walnut particles (which I assume help to give it a little grip and consistency) so I use a soft face towel to remove it and I make sure not to rub it when I take it off so my skin does not get irritated. Available here.

Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Hypo Tonic*. This toner makes my skin feel calm and balanced. It has a unique scent (it is non-scented, so it smells like the ingredients in it). Tbh, it’s not the most pleasant scent (it smells like sour food to me), but I like the product, and I like that it does not contain any fragrance, so I don’t care. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it does not have a pump or dosing cap, it is basically just a bottle with a fairly large rim, so I have wasted a lot of product by pouring it into cotton pads. Definitely recommend it to anyone with delicate skin/compromised barrier. This line was created for you and me.

YÜLI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar. This is the only product that I received more requests to review than the Vintner’s Daughter’ serum. I have only used it for a week of two, so I am still testing it. However, I can already tell you that it is one of the most soothing, calming products I have ever tried. I will write a full-review to get more into details and talk about the ingredients (which, as expected, are phenomenal), but if you want to take a look you can read more here. This is a lightweight lotion, so at night I like to apply a couple of drops of oil over certain areas of my face, like around my mouth and on my cheeks. Available here.

Odacité Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate. This is a simple, pure concentrate from carrot seed–a very effective ingredient in skincare. Wild carrot seed oil is full of good, rejuvenating nutrients–think antioxidants & natural retinoids. It’s also great if your skin cannot handle too many ingredients. I dispense two-three drops into the palm of my hands, rub them together and then pat it where needed. Available here.

Maya Chia Eye Achiever*. I have never been too particular about eye products. In fact, I have reviewed only one eye cream on this blog, which is pretty ridiculous, considering how much I write about skincare. However, I like this eye serum and I find it well-suited for the job. It is super-gentle (I have sensitive eyes, so I can only use gentle products), soothing, and highly moisturizing. I’ll talk more about it in the future. Available at Maya Chia.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

*gifted sample