My Guide to Face Sunscreens

In case you missed it, I published my ultimate guide to face sunscreens, which you can read here. I went over the things that I look for in a face sunscreen before purchasing and explain why I committed to using sunscreen daily–no matter the weather. Wearing sunscreen consistently has been a true game-changer for my skin and I believe that it is the #2 reason why my skin has been looking so much healthier over the past couple of years (with #1 being my nutrition).

I will be updating the guide regularly as I try new products and learn new information, so you can refer to it from now on. I also encourage you to leave any questions/comments/product recommendations below the guide rather than on social media so I don’t miss them. I already updated it today with a new sunscreen product I have been testing during the past month.

Tomorrow I will add another section on the topic of sunscreen re-application. This can be a slightly challenging task, especially the when and how it should be done, and which products suit the job. I hope it helps you to finally solve the re-application dilemma!