Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick in Chere

Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick Chere #FOTDVapour beauty Chere Siren Lipstick Swatches Reviews

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lisptick in Chere*

A long time ago, I reviewed a lipstick from Vapour Beauty in the shade Possess. It was my first Vapour product and one of the prettiest pink lipsticks that I have ever owned for sure (I used past tense because it is all gone at this point). I really wanted to try some more Siren Lipsticks. Enter Chere, a pretty mauve/pink/nude shade that like Possess has a nice creamy texture and a shiny finish, without feeling or looking “slippery”. It is quite pigmented and goes on almost opaque. It is very moisturizing and best of all, it stays put for hours without budging. I need to also mention that this lipstick has the loveliest fruity scent.

FOTD – Face of the Day

On to the rest of my face, I used both W3LL People Narcissist Stick #2 and Afterglow Concealer #1 to conceal the redness around my nose and brighten my under-eye area and then I applied my Afterglow Mineral Foundation in Tan with the Jane Iredale Handi brush. I also applied a small amount of RMS Beauty Un-Powder over my T-zone. On my brows I used a bareMinerals Brow Powder in the shade Dark Blonde (discontinued) to softly fill them in and I set them with my Jane Iredale PureBrow Gel in Blonde. For the eyes, I used the Afterglow Eye Shadows in Impasto and Stencil to create a soft smoky eye and then I highlighted the inner corner and brow bone with Feather. I also lined the upper and lower lids with the Jane Iredale Eyeliner Pencil in Brown-Black. A few coats of bareMinerals Volumizing Mascara on both top and bottom lashes and eyes were done. On my cheeks I used the Ecco Bella Blush in Coral Rose (best peachy-pink blush I have seen!).

Have you tried any Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick yet? You can find them here.

*PR Sample


  • asti

    Beautiful shade on you! Did I tell you that you pull off the best nude, or almost bare lips best? :)

    • Aww thank you Asti! So nice of you to say that! I do like a nude lip, as long as it is not pale and washed out ;)

  • Mary_333

    You are too pretty! Love this shade on you.

    • Awww thank you Mary! I will have to wear this lipstick more often ;)

  • Sydney

    Love love love this look. So dewy and doe-eyed :) Also girl, your hair is killing it! Those soft waves are beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Sydney, you are so kind! It is the foundation to makes my skin look dewy, because it has a nice, luminous finish. Also, I styled my hair without any product, I just randomly curled a few sections of hair with a flat iron because I was running very late that day! ;)

  • Kasey Michelle

    Gorgeous look for you! I’m loving the subtle lip color. Loved reading your FOTD routine. I definitely need to try Vapour Beauty lipstick!

    • Thank you so much Kasey! I love Vapour’s lipsticks, they are definitely some of the best “natural”ones. They come in the prettiest shades and have such a great wearing time. You will definitely love them! :)

  • Beverley

    I have this shade and love it! I don’t normally wear lipstick with confidence but Being Content sent me a sample of this one and I knew straight away it was me. It’s very natural & I feel comfortable wearing it as it isn’t bold.
    I also use W3LL Narcissist #0 amazing product the Vapour one is nice too although I think I like the texture of W3LL better.

    • Hi Beverley, I totally agree with you that Chere is such a pretty, wearable shade! I haven’t tried Vapour’s concealer yet, but I will definitely do at some point. W3LL Narcissist does a really nice job covering redness around the nose.
      Thank you for your comment! :)

  • I gasped when I saw this post, Lilly! You are just stunning. Please, please, please do more FOTD posts! That lippie is BEAUTIFUL on you and the Ecco Bella blush is gorgeous. Guess I need to buy these stat, as I think we may have similar coloring (olive undertones?). xoxo

    • Awww thank you Kim! It’s so kind of you to say that! Well, I will be doing more FOTD posts if you do the same, because I love yours! ;)
      I think that we do have very similar skin tone! I have strong yellow undertones, and almost any face product (foundations, concealer, powder) looks too pink against my skin! I think that the Ecco Bella blush would suit you beautifully, the shade is almost the same as the Vapour cream blush in Spark. Have you tried that one? It’s lovely! Thank you for your super-nice comment! :)

      • OK, deal! :) I have never tried anything from Ecco Bella and have only tried Vapour’s lippies, foundation and concealer. I need to get a blush from them (and I’m also eyeing Kjaer Weis “Desired Glow” too). xoxo

  • Rebecca B

    The whole face looks great! I love your pale pale skin with your dark dark hair and eyes, and the soft makeup. Have you ever tried Red Apple Lipstick (vegan)? They have some great nudes that don’t wash out pale or olive skin. My fave from them is Naughty. You might also do well with New York, or Flirt With Me if you like a tiny bit of shimmer.

    • That sounds amazing Rebecca! I am definitely going to pick some Red Apple Lipsticks. Thank you for your suggestion, I always end up loving everything you tell me about ;)
      Thank you for your comment and for your nice words :)

  • nita

    I definitely want one of these lipsticks but I just can’t decide between Possess and Chere, I tried a sample of Possess and liked it a lot but Chere just seems as wonderful… how would you compare the two shades? Thank you in advance!!! :-)

    • Hi Nita, I think that Possess is more pink than Chere. Chere gives more of a nude lip, while Possess is a true pink. I think that you should pick based on your preference. If you like a nude lip, go for Chere, while if you want more of a pop of color, Possess is brighter. I personally like Chere more, but I ran out of Possess because it was pretty as well! :)
      I hope it helps, and let me know what you decide ;)

  • I love Vapour’s lipsticks – they are some of my favorites. Au Pair is one of my favorite shades of theirs. I also love their dark reds! This color is beautiful on you and you look stunning, as always!!

    • I have seen your photos wearing Vapour’s lipsticks, and they look so gorgeous on you! Thank you babe!

  • Call It Vanity

    That’s interesting that you use the Jane Iredale Brow Gel in blonde. I’ve been wanting to try it but my brows are as dark as yours (although not as lovely!) and thought the brown gel would work better. Do you think you’d recommend the blonde over the brown?

    Mayah x

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