Hair Care Routine

Hair Care Routine Acure Organics Shampoo Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

I keep my hair care routine just as simple as my body care routine that I shared in my last post. For the reference, I have straight to slightly wavy, medium-long hair. It is a bit more on the thin side, and it breaks easily, hence I have a lot of broken hair around my face that looks like baby hair. Most of the time it gets stuck in my glasses :( I can say I am overall happy with my hair, except that being thin and straight, it tends to get a bit flat. I also would enjoy more frequent hair cuts, but I only let one person cut my hair, and he is back in Italy :)


I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. Mostly, it depends on how often I am exercising. When I exercise less, I also wash my hair less often, so I can avoid over-stressing it. During the past few months I have been using the Acure Organics Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Shampoo, and I have been really enjoying it. I like the refreshing but not overpowering scent, and I like how it leaves my hair clean and without any residue. It is my favorite shampoo I have tried in a long time, and I plan on trying another Acure Organics Shampoo. The Pure Mint & Echinacea Stem Cell is the one I would like to try next to see if I can get a little extra volume. As far as conditioners go, I have not used a conditioner for a few years, and do not miss it one bit. In fact, I have not needed any since I started to use coconut oil as my hair mask.


My all time favorite hair treatment is Jojoba Oil. I only apply it on the ends, and gently rub it in. I like how jojoba oil is absorbed quicker than other oils, and leaves hair ends shiny and nourished, but not greasy. I am currently using theDesert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil. As a hair mask, I use Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil, which is claimed to be incredibly beneficial to hair. I usually do it once a week as a strengthening treatment, and I find it to be very effective. I massage a good amount of it on half length of my hair and then braid it, and keep it on for a few hours. Sometimes I put it on at night and sleep with it, and then wash my hair in the morning.

As you can see, my hair care routine is very simple. I like to try new hair products but I usually end up going back to the basics. What are your hair care essentials? Do you have any recommendations for hair products that you think are worth trying?

  • Kathy

    I recently purchased some organic Jojoba oil as an eye makeup remover. I’ve been using Rodin’s Hair Oil (which is worth every single penny, by the way) but it’s good to know there are other uses for my latest purchase! : )

    • Rodin Oils are something I really want to try :)
      I agree Jojoba oil is a great eye makeup remover, I like it even better than coconut oil. However, my current cleanser (Pai) is great for removing eye makeup gently, so I am only using Jojoba on my hair, (and husband is helping himself with it too!) ;) Thank you for stopping by Kathy! xx

  • Sharon

    I recommend A’Kin products (Purist). I have two of their shampoos and a conditioner and I alternate them. I have long, thick hair and have never tried an oil before. What do you recommend?

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  • Brynn

    How do you do your hair mask with coconut oil? I’ve tried massaging coconut, jojoba, or almond oil into my scalp and hair before shampooing, but I still haven’t tried not using a conditioner afterwards. Is it really moisturizing enough for you to use coconut oil first and then shampoo out?

    • Hi Brynn, I usually apply the oil all over my hair except the scalp, because my hair is very straight and flat. I keep it on just as long as I can. If I spend the day at home, I apply it in the morning and wash it at the end of the day. Otherwise, I apply it at night and wash it the morning after. Either way, I keep it on for at least a few hours. After washing, I brush my hair with a tangle teezer and I blow dry it. ( I am currently using Rahua Voluminous Shampoo..

      Yes, I find that is moisturizing enough for my hair!

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions! I hope that it works for you too ;)

      • Brynn

        Thanks Lilly,

        I think I’ll try your method soon. My hair has always been rather thick and textured, but ever since I stopped dyeing it about 6 months ago and have been getting regular trims it’s become so much healthier. I just started using a shampoo bar and I barely need much conditioner anymore, so maybe it’s worth trying a coconut treatment pre-shampoo and then no conditioner? Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar as a rinse?

      • GogoCharli

        Do you put on a cap when you leave the braided hair with coconut oil on overnight?
        I use coconut oil for 20min to rinse my mouth 1st thing in the morning when I wake up, also called pulling. (just like jojoba oil, coconut oil also has other great uses). I’m curious about the comment below in regards to the apple cider vinegar hair rinse…, I know it has other great uses, too.

        • Hi! I do not use a cap. I just apply a small amount, so it does not bother me. I am currently using Argan oil on my hair, so if it gets in my face during the night, even better! ;)

          I do oil pulling too, but I often forget to do it! Such a great habit! ;)

          • GogoCharli

            Thank you for the 411, I was a bit concerned about the oil stains that would left on my pillow, but I guess I can have a special pillow for that…, glad it’s not like your average oils that really leave a med, lol :-)

  • Saskia

    Hi Lilly, I have a question about the jojoba oil. Do you wash your hair, dry it and than put on the jojoba oil or do you use the jojoba oil on wet hair after washing?

    • Hi Saskia, I always apply oil on dry hair. If you hair is straight and flat like mine, apply your oil of choice as a mask. Keep it on as long as possible (I keep it on overnight) and then wash your hair. You may not need any conditioner. If you have curly, frizzy hair you can try to apply two drops of jojoba oil after washing and drying your hair. Have you ever used oil on your hair before? Do you currently use conditioner?

      • Saskia

        Hi Lilly, yes I have used oils before. I use coconut oil as a pre wash sometimes and Argan oil after my hair is dry. That gives a great shine, but somehow I have the feeling that I need a conditioner anyway, although my hair is fine. Maybe I have to look for a shampoo less drying.