I haven’t posted my skincare routine in a while, so here’s what I used last night (after cleansing with my gentle YULI Halcyon cleanser):

TWELVE BEAUTY LONDON MASK: Deep cleansing, soothing, moisturizing. I just started to use it, so it’s too early for me to give you a full review, but so far, it’s Love. This mask was in a fantastic subscription box called Boxwalla, which you can shop here.

MUN ANAROSE TONER: Hydrating, balancing, soothing. Mildly exfoliating. Available here. Full review here.

YULI AMBROSIA BEAUTY NECTAR: Hydrating & soothing. Shop it here. Full review is long overdue, but it’s coming soon.

INDIE LEE SQUALANE OIL: Moisturizing, photo-repairing, non-greasy. Available here.

KRISTINA HOLEY+MARIE VERONIQUE INTENSIVE REPAIR SERUM: breakout treatment. Warning: this is not your typical Kristina Holey+ Marie Veronique super-gentle, soothing treatment. It’s potent! It stings a little upon application, which is why I only use it on pimples. I haven’t been breaking out in a long time, so I haven’t tested it long enough to review it yet, but it did help with the stubborn pimple I had on my chin during the past week or so. Check it out here.

I plan on doing a more in-depth update on my morning and evening skincare routine very soon. Have a great week!