YULI Cellular Lip Conditioner

YULI Cellular Lip Conditioner Review Genuine Glow

As you may have noticed, YULI was not just a phase for me, it’s here to stay. The formulations are so unique and effective that it would be impossible for a skincare junkie like me not to want more. After going through my first bottle of facial elixir (to be repurchased for sure), becoming obsessed with their face mask, and finally getting comfortable using their gel cleanser (it took me a little longer to fall in love with that one, but eventually I did); I picked up this little lip treat called Cellular Lip Conditioner.

The formula of the Lip Conditioner is nothing like what you would expect to put on your lips. Initially, I could not get used to its fluid, slippery consistency. However I then learned that the oily texture can easily penetrate the skin to soften it and regenerate it. Think of it as a serum for your lips, something that you would layer underneath a balm to seal in the moisture and the rejuvenating ingredients. When applied that way, it gives an excellent boost of moisture that a balm alone cannot provide. Once I started to layer it underneath a balm, I began to see the benefits and felt like my lips were at their best. It also makes a great base for lipstick. I wait a few minutes after the application to allow absorption and then I apply my lipstick. There is no such thing as a drying lipstick when you apply this conditioner as a base.

The ingredients include moisturizing, nutrient-rich plant oils such as Avocado Oil (I can have avocados with anything these days), which is not only packed with good fats but with vitamins as well. Avocado also offers some UV protection against UVA and UVB. Sea Buckthorn provides plenty of nutrients as well, such as vitamins, carotenes, peptides, and antioxidant polyphenols. It’s a magical ingredient that promotes the healing on a cellular level. Ginger Lily adds the most subtle fragrance (used in aromatherapy to relieve depression) and its rhizomes are used as antiseptic agents to treat skin damage.

Full ingredient list:

R.communis (Castor) oil*, S.chinensis (Jojoba)oil*, P. americana (Avocado) oil*, R. rubiginosa (Rosehip) seed oil*, Cannabis sativa (hemp seed) oil*, Supercritical Extract Blend P. granatum (Pomegranate) seed*, R. rubiginosa (Rosehip) seed*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) seed and berry*, V.planifolia (Vanilla)* and H.spicatum (Ginger Lily)^^), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Non-GMO Organic ^^ Wildcrafted. Gluten-free and vegan.

The Cellular Lip Conditioner comes in a roll-on, UV-deterrent glass vial. Can YULI get anything wrong at all? Apparently, not

As one lip balm hoarder to another potential lip balm hoarder (you!) I think that this is a worthy addition to your collection, and may even become your favorite lip treatment. Check it out at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

  • Great review! Geez, I almost got it last time I made an order on Amazingy! However thanks to you, I now know it’s a must-have :) x

    • It’s a real treat, I love it! ;)

  • You make this one sounds really great… I guess I’ll have to try it ;)

    x Lisa from The BTQ Blog

    • Hi Lisa, please let me know what you think if you give it a try! :)

  • Juliea Smith

    I have this and agree that it needs a balm over it or my lips feel dry. I layer it under Kari Gran’s lip whip. Have you ever tried Kari Gran’s line? It’s my favorite of all the high end lines I’ve tried. I have sensitive acne prone skin and her line has done wonders for my skin. I also use the yuli mask you recently reviewed and Lina Hanson’s global face serum. I think I’ll use the mask this morning!

    • Hi love! Yes, this product was nothing special until I understood how to properly use it. Now, I love it!

      I haven’t tried anything form Kari Gran yet, but I plan to. Is there anything from the line that you would recommend me to start with? I would love to have your advice.

      Yuli’s Pure Mask is still my go-to mask. Perfect way to start a Sunday! ;) x

      • Juliea Smith

        The entire kari gran line is fabulous. If possible, I would recommend that you get the three piece starter kit. The oil cleanser is probably my number one non-replaceable item in the line. Oil cleansing never worked for me until I used this one. But I also love her method for moisturizing – three sprays of the tonic in Palm, one drop of serum and then apply to face. Her lip whip is also my favorite all time lip balm.

        There are so many great oil serums on the market that I do incorporate others into my routine for variety – Lina hanson, yuli and pai rose hip oil. I also use kari Gran’s mineral makeup now. Sometimes I use may Lindstrom’s clean dirt for a little extra exfoliation and I do love that yuli mask. I have may Lindstrom’s problem solver but I like clean dirt much better.

        I got the petit vour limited edition box recently and I love the mask in it, gr8ful stimul8. I already have used up an entire jar of it! I didn’t even feel like using another mask while I had it. I want to get another jar once I finish up some of my other masks. As you can see I have quite a collection. I call it a hobby!

  • Call It Vanity

    I’ve got a couple of Yuli samples that I haven’t tried yet, but you make me excited to open them! A serum or your lips totally makes sense – why shouldn’t they join in with the serum fun?!

    Mayah x

    • Exactly! :) I would love to know what you think of YULI’s products when you start to use them! x

  • Yuli’s Metamorphic Elixir is my fave of mine – I’ve repurchased a few times. I was attracted to the idea of the lip conditioner, but the ginger lily held me back. That scent tends to be overly flowery for me. Maybe mixed with the other ingredients though…do you think it smells flowery?

    • Hi Rebecca! The scent of the lip conditioner seems more herby than flowery to me. It’s subtle, but knowing how sensitive you are to certain scents I would probably sample it first.

      I plan on trying the other facial elixirs from Yuli – aren’t they lovely? Panacea is supposed to be more appropriate for my skin type, but I will try Metamorphic and Cocoon next, just to see how those work for me.

      I have also been meaning to ask you for a long time if you are on any social media. I would love to keep in contact and chat sometimes! :)

      • I appreciate the advice on scent, I should definitely sample first. If you get drier in winter, that might be a good time to try Metamorphic.

        I don’t currently have a “natural beauty” persona on social media, just a clandestine sometimes-I-have-things-to-say-I-don’t-want-people-at-work-to-know twitter account (and I follow you!). I go through long periods where I have no time for twitter though. You can always email me, would love to keep in touch! : )

  • Juliet

    I love Yuli too! I think I have had almost all of their products! My faves are Metamorphic Elixir and Modern Alchemist! I use the lip conditioner at night since it seems to take a while to absorb on my lips. I went back and forth on the cleanser… sometimes it was too drying. Gonna try the MV rose cleanser you recommended next!

    • Laura

      Hello juliet, i also have the same issues with the halcyon cleanser (I have normal to dry but breakout prone skin). Sometimes I find it really really stripping, some days I find it fine. I wish yuli would tweak it just a tiny bit to make it better suited for us dry skinned girls (and boys).

  • Orli

    I love the entire Yuli line as well. Halcyon is fabulous especially now that it is summer and I need a cleanser to remove the makeup and sunscreen but not strip my skin. It is perfect for that. The lip conditioner is a power booster. It isn’t a lip balm, but at $26 I wasn’t expecting it to be a balm, I expected a serum for lips which is exactly what I got. I apply it on flights and after the shower and applying a little goes a looooong way. I notice that I have less dry/flakey skin around my lips as well. And yes totally agree where balms cannot go, this goes beyond; lipsticks do not dry me out anymore so I am free to use any Ilia product I want!

  • Laura

    I love the yuli serum too. I sometimes layer with a balm to up the protection. And it’s the perfect base for ilia products.

  • Julie Makela

    I just purchased this I will let you know what I think I cannot wait!!’has anyone tried lippy girl lippies yet?? They are organic and truly fabulous!!!

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  • Ima Zaphod

    I don’t know how I started following you, but almost everything you suggest – I add to buy! Thank you for these reviews. :)