What’s In My Z-Palette?

What's In My Z-Palette?What's In My Z-Palette Eye Shadows

When I was in High School (many years ago!) I went through a long phase of eye shadow experimenting. I used to save up the lunch money that my dad gave me to buy Pupa eye shadows at the Profumeria (which in Italian means perfume shop, but sells makeup as well). I just loved mixing colors and giving myself intense smoky eye looks, and my friend and I spent hours every weekend making up our faces. Eye shadows were definitely my favorite makeup item. Long story short, when I began to switch to “green” brands I had a really hard time finding eye shadows that were nicely pigmented, blendable, and as easy to use as my old favorites made by my old favorites Dior, Chanel, Helena Rubinstein. That was until I recently found some that I really like and below are those that I currently keep for everyday use in my Leopard Z-Palette. 

Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine – A pale champagne shade that is perfect to highlight brow bone, inner corner and center of the lid, or just to even out the color of the lids if it matches your skin tone. The pigmentation is sheer/medium, so I love to use it for daytime highlighting when I want to keep the look soft and pretty. The texture is soft, but not powdery and the finish is luminous, but still subtle.

Afterglow Feather* – A “light pearlized pink”. It is a very pigmented pale pink and has a pearl/frost finish. I like to use it as a highlight shade, but I make sure to tap off excess product from the brush before applying it because it is very pigmented and also a bit powdery. However, the texture is soft, blends like butter, and once applied it does not budge.

Afterglow Baroque*– Already reviewed here. A “light peachy amber” shade that I like to apply on the center of the lid to add a touch of peachy sheen. The texture is soft, creamy, and easy to work with. I even apply it with my fingers sometimes.

Kjaer Weis Magnetic* – A “luminous cocoa mink” with a satin finish, Magnetic is perfect if you like golden browns. The texture is blendable and it has good pigmentation. I think that it would look particularly amazing on blue and green eyed gals. I am wearing it in this FOTD here. It has some very subtle coppery particles in it.

Ecco Bella Deep Taupe *– A completely matte brown, that is very similar to Magnetic, but has no shimmer and looks more like a simple warm brown. I like to use this shadow in the crease to contour and give a little bit of extra dimension to my eye lids. Also, this may be a good natural dupe for MAC Espresso, maybe just a hint warmer.

Afterglow Impasto* – I am in love with this shade! It is a matte “khaki brown with a green undertone”, and it is so versatile. From subtle contouring of the eye to soft or strong smoky eye, it’s a shade that could suit almost everyone. To me, Impasto is the new taupe. It is less creamy than the other Afterglow eye shadows, but still a great a formula that blends easily. It is not powdery.

Afterglow Stencil*  A very unique “taupe brown” shade with a cool undertone and a subtle golden shimmer. It is very wearable, pigmented, and blends wonderfully. I like to use it for a quick, soft smoky eye.

Afterglow Still Life* – ‘Rich chocolate brown” that is completely matte and I like to use for stronger eye looks. It is very pigmented and the formula is less creamy than the other Afterglow eyeshadows and is a bit powdery. I just make sure not to apply too much product because the color is so rich! Once applied, it does not fall out. I reviewed it here.

Kjaer Weis DivineA “matte smoke graphite grey” that I already reviewed here. It is my ultimate eye shadow if I want to create a strong, gray smoky eye. Great color payoff and and soft texture.

What are your favorite eyeshadows? Is there one that you would recommend that I purchase?


*PR Sample


  • Call It Vanity

    I love your taste in shades…if there’s one thing I can never convince myself to buy it’s brightly coloured eyeshadow. I feel like I could get away with these shades!

    Mayah x

    • Hi Mayah, I used to be very bold and brave with makeup colors, but I am definitely more into neutral shades now…These ones are all really good, and they are also sold as refills so they fit perfectly in the palette ;)

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  • flo

    Hi Lily, you and me both…I am still using the expensive brand of eyeshadow. Although I have switched to non-toxic skin care from head to toes and even make up I use Afterglow mineral foudnation after I read your blog, for some reason I still can part with my lovely luxury eye-shadow. I have 3 drawers filled with them and from single to palette. Can you share with me your tips as to how you get rid of the toxic expensive eye-shadow? I need a little inspiration and encouragement here. I will definitely look into the eyeshadow you have it in your Z-palette. Thank you as always…Flo

    • Hi Flo, I am sorry for the delay! I am very glad you asked, because I know what that means! I collected Chanel, Dior, Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, Guerlain and Shiseido for years! I stopped buying them about five years ago and some of them I kept until they were expired and simply did not buy them again. Honestly, I had not found any eye shadows I really liked until I tried these ones I mentioned in the post. The ranges are still a bit limited, so we don’t have as many options as with the mainstream brands, but they are really lovely. If you enjoy the luxury brands, try Kjaer Weis, you will probably fall in love too ;)

  • Great line up! try earthy calm and pretty purple from kjaer weis! earthy calm is a deep, rich brown (that’s also the most pigmented shadow I’ve ever tried, and has lasted the longest without creasing) and pretty purple is a greyish purple that gives such wonderful depth to the eye when used to contour.

    • Sounds great! I have had my eye on Earthy Calm..I think that I will end up buying the whole Kjaer Weis line. I just love it that much! Thanks for your comment Sonja, and sorry for the delay!

  • I have a sample of Kjaer Weis’s “Earthy Calm” and I absolutely love it. It’s such a pigmented rich brown that is so incredibly flattering and it never creases on me. I am planning on purchasing the full size as soon as I save up some money, along with Divine after seeing your photos wearing it — so beautiful! Have you ever tried Alima Pure eyeshadows? They are loose but wonderful. Another favorite are Zuzu Luxe’s eyeshadows. They are pressed and very pigmented and long-lasting.

    • Hi love, sorry for the delay! I will definitely get Earthy Calm too! I haven’t tried any Alima products, but maybe I will in the future. Their pigments look really pretty! Thank you for your comment! <3

  • Beautiful shades!<3

    • Thanks! What are you using Jana? Would love to know! x

      • Oh I’m a bit lazy when it comes to eyeshadows ;) I rarely use them, i can’t really be bother with them :P But I do have a beautiful reddish brown cream eyeshadow from Essence which is perfect for fall, I like it a lot! Unfortunately it’s not natural but it’s fine for sometimes :)) xx

  • Jill

    Wow I have never heard of z palette. I just ordered one and all the kjaer weis refills. It makes my beauty spending much more affordable now. Thank you Lilly for this great post! ( Please keep them coming!)

    • Hi Jill, so glad to hear that! I hope you enjoy them ;)

  • Ha ha, I remember pupa, I was totally obsessed with them! I want your makeup palette, great colour choices! xx

    • Thank you Tammy! I keep all of these in my “everyday” Z-palette, but I do want to buy a few more shades! Kjaer Weis Earthy Calm, Wisdom and Pretty Purple and Afterglow also has a few more beautiful ones!
      Pupa is still making lots of makeup! My sister uses it.. Have you ever seen the beautiful palettes they used to come out with every Christmas? My mother used to get me a few every year! They were gorgeous! xx

      • Yeah I remember, my mom used to get them for me :) beautiful colours and packaging! I though they might be around, just don’t see them here anymore. But then again since switching I don’t pay that much attention to conventional makeup brands :)

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  • Juliea Smith

    Do you know if the kjaer weis foundation and a blush could be stored in a z pallette? I think the cases are gorgeous, but it would be a lot more affordable to buy one case that could store a foundation and a blush or two.

    • Hi Juliea, as far as I know cream makeup products like concealer, foundation and cream blushes, can be safely stored in a Z Palette, as long as the palette closes up properly. However, if you like, I can turn the question to the company to make sure that they agree, because I do not know for sure. The company has probably done a lot of testing of the products before selling them, and they would know if that is a proper way to store the product.

      • Juliea Smith

        Thanks, that would be very helpful!

        • Hi Juliea, I was not able to speak with the KW team yet, but I did get confirmation from Spirit Beauty Lounge that you can safely store your Kjaer Weis products in a Z Palette. My advice is to make sure that it closes properly. Enjoy! ;)

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  • Kristen

    Lily, can you recommend a good eyeshadow primer? UD Primer Potion is about to run out and it’s one of the last few “dirty” makeup products I use. I have oily lids and liners & shadows run all over! I would really like to use something that’s good for my lids (which I know UD is NOT!) THANKS! :)

    • Hi Kristen, I have not tried any completely clean eye shadow primer that worked for me. However, the newly launched Red Apple Lipstick Prime Time Eye Primer has 122 positive reviews on their website, so it must be pretty good! If you do try it, please let me know your thoughts. I am going to order one for myself too :)

  • Since I’m switching things up and am going green in makeup as well this year, I ordered 4 Kjaer Weis eye shadowsn just seconds ago. Thanks for your review, Lilly. <3
    Cloud Nine, Charmed, Magnetic and Earthy Calm will be mine in a few days :D. (I am still thinking about Grace. I might order it next time.)