Weekly Catch-Up #39

Weekly Catch-Up #39

W3LL People Bronzer Swatches copy

Happy Sunday!  I have a few things worth sharing with you; exciting launches, a lovely vegan-friendly subscription box, and a few slightly less exciting things I still want to share because sometimes I try products that leave me a bit disappointed too.

Odacite + Moon Juice collabo. Since the announcement was made, this collaboration caused quite a bit of excitement on social media. You may already know Odacité skincare which I have featured a few times already, while Moon Juice has recently become very popular, especially for their plant-based, nutrient-rich supplements, called dusts (spoiler: I am currently using the Beauty Dust*).

The collaboration gave birth to a private collection called Claire De Lune*, (not sure if the name was inspired by the beautiful Debussy composition), which includes two products, a mist and a serum. The Revitalizing Mist contains aloe and rose, while the Radiance Serum contains Wild Carrot Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil (=green tea, so I am very excited about that!), and Peach Oil. I have only used it for a couple of days, so after longer use I will definitely share my experience with you. So far I am really liking the serum. You can check it out here.

Vegan-friendly subscription box. This month Petit Vour turned two years old and they gifted me with their monthly box, which was my first time receiving it. Not only do I love the concept of subscription boxes because they give us the chance to try products before purchasing a full-size, but I love Petit Vour’s selection, their mission to bring together the best of cruelty-free beauty brands, and I love that they are very engaged in social media looking for new things to add to the box. Their selection includes some of my favorites: Mun, Kahina, Gressa, Red Apple Lipstick, One Love Organics, Lina Hanson, Suntegrity, and more. I have never subscribed to a box before, but I actually plan on doing it with Petit Vour because of the great brands they work with and because I can discover new little gems through it. This week I will review the box I received and give you more details about the subscription service, but in the meanwhile if you are curious you can check it out here.

Treat Collection Nail Polish, a little warning. I wanted to share a little word of caution about Treat Collection nail polish if you plan to purchase them online. The nail polish itself is great and has become one of my favorite brands because the formula is very good, the colors are unique and elegant, the brush is thick and easy to use, they dry quickly, and the longevity is excellent. However, after purchasing a bunch of them on Amazon, I realized that the colors often do not look very much like the bottle images found online. Therefore I highly recommend that you search for nail swatches before buying, in order to prevent disappointment. Personally, I have so many nail polishes that I only buy specific colors I want, so I do get disappointed when the color looks different from what I see online. So thumbs up for Treat Collection nail polish, but thumbs down for the shopping difficulties (which can apply to any nail polish purchase). I hope that they will add helpful nail swatches to their image gallery in the future.

New Kjaer Weis coming soon. Kjaer Weis fans: keep your eyes peeled because new products will be launched very soon, and they look amazing. One more reason to be excited, there will be a bronzer! More details coming soon ;)

Wishlist: new items from RMS Beauty. Have you guys seen the new RMS Beauty face brushes? They look so interesting. One is a foundation brush that is meant to work well with the Un Cover Up, and therefore I would expect it to work well with other cream foundations as well (Kjaer Weis, for example). The head of the brush looks like a cinnamon bun, because the hairs (which are 100% synthetic, by the way) are different sizes, which is meant to help blending the product effortlessly. The other one is a blush brush, and looks like a dual fiber brush. Dual fiber brushes are usually great to achieve a soft look, so for those who need a little extra help in applying cream blush, it may be worth trying. I plan to order them soon, so I will let you know how I get along with them. The foundation brush quickly sold out at all retailers but I just saw that the blush brush is still available at The Detox Market. *UPDATE*: the foundation brush is currently available at Amazon here (thank you Jade!)

W3LL People haul first impressions. I just wanted to quickly share my first impressions about the W3LL People products that I showed you in the previous catch-up. Surprisingly, the Bio-Brightener powder is good at mattifying the skin, and is not as brightening as I expected it to be. Since it contains mica I was afraid that it would be a little too “brightening”, or should I say sparkly, but it is not. So far, I like it to set my foundation, however, the one I received smells funny. Not sure if I received a bad one (W3LL People makeup usually smells very good), but I can’t stand its smell. It smells “old”, in a bad way. Has anyone else tried it? If so, how does yours smell? The Bio Bronzer (which instead smells great) is very nice, however, it has a red tone to it. Professional makeup artists usually recommend bronzers with a red tone to achieve a “naturally tanned” look, as red tones mimic the real color of a tan. In one of her videos, Lisa Eldridge recommends red-toned bronzers for deeper skin tones. However, I prefer bronzers with a more golden tone, simply because they sit well against my skin tone. I also found it a bit too dark for me, but I plan to do an FOTD for you so you can see how it looks on my skin. Maybe it’s just a personal taste thing, but I don’t think that it would work well for lighter skin tones. The eyeshadow Iridescent Gold is gorgeous. In the pot it looks like an ivory shade with golden tones, but it turns into completely gold, and is beautiful. However, while it may suit any skin tone used as eyeshadow, I think that it would not work great for more pale skin tones if used as a highlighter, which is the main reason why I bought it. I also like that it does not look too sparkly, it is a wearable shimmer. So there you have my first impressions, but as always, I will continue to use the products and give you more in depth reviews later.

I hope all is well, talk soon! Have a great week.

*gifted/PR sample

  • I’m excited to try the new Odacité x Moon Juice collaboration products and more from Kjaer Weis. I’ve also been eyeing the Petit Vour subscription box and the W3LL People Bio Bronzer looks like it would be very flattering.

    • Let me know your thoughts if you give them a try! :) Thanks for reading.

  • Lovely Lilly! I got an rms foundation brush via Amazon–shipped from rms and it’s kind of awesome I think, so far. Looking forward to your thoughts on Claire de Lune (love the name). The Bio Bronzer is quite red, I agree–definitely not a contour shade, but I’ve liked using it the way Shirley used it on me, like a bushy bronzer. Definitely gives a healthy flush.

    • I knew you would have loved the name of Claire De Lune ;)
      Thank you for letting me know about the brush, I am excited to give it a try! I will try to use the bronzer as a blush — it’s a great idea. When used at the sides of my face like I normally do with bronzers it looks a bit odd :S

  • Natalie

    I keep wanting to try the Petit Vour boxes but keep forgetting to look into it, need to find out if they deliver to the UK!

  • Thank you for the swatches of the W3ll People bronzer! I think I’ll opt for a multi-stick instead, I’m not sure I could work with that color just yet. I look forward to your thoughts about the Beauty Dust :) xx

  • Jennifer

    Hi Lilly I have the w3ll people bronzer and I mix it with their mineral powder foundation to make it lighter so it matches my skin tone (I’m a little fairer than you) and I find this works very well, have you tried doing that?

  • RebeccaNMDL

    I signed into the retailer I was planning to buy the RMS foundation brush from this morning, and it was already sold out! You saved me with the amazon link, plus free same day delivery! Thank you. I’m going to go sit in front of my mailbox now.

  • Christine

    My bio-brightener has a funky smell as well and this is my third one. It smells exactly like the 100% pure pineapple enzyme masque which unfortunately isn’t a good thing… BUT I really like the product so I have repurchased before. I was using the Sappho setting powder previously. And yess I can’t wait to try the new odacite/moon juice product but I’m guessing its verrrry pricey. I wanted to try Kyrpis first. Have you used them? And of course the RMS brushes are always on my wishlist :)

    • Hi Christine, I agree with you about the W3LL People powder, it’s good, but I am not sure I would repurchase it because of the scent. I couldn’t believe it when my husband said that he likes the way it smells! I think that I will stick to the RMS Un Powder. The Claire De Lune is indeed pricey, especially considering the amount of product, however, I am liking the serum very much. I have tried one product from Kypris, the Moonlight Catalyst, but I felt like it wasn’t suited for my skin which is very delicate. I may repurchase it in the future and try it again (mine has expired). Thank you for reading!

      • Christine

        I’ve heard of others liking the scent as well haah!

  • Too bad about the Bio-Brightener :( I’m looking for a good setting powder too.
    I do like the W3ll People shadows, my faves so far are “Sparkling Plum” and “Midnight Twinkle”.

    • Hi love, have you tried the RMS Beauty Un Powder? I love it for setting my makeup and keeping my skin matte. I am currently using the tinted version, which I like even more than the translucent one. Thanks for reading!

      • Oh, I haven’t tried that yet! Good to know. Thanks Lilly! :)

  • Brittany

    I’m half Mexican and from what I can tell we have very similar coloring. I thought I was the only one who didn’t prefer red toned bronzers. I honestly don’t mind when they’re a little orangey bc my skin tone is yellow-greenish and turns pretty golden naturally when I’m tan. I was debating on the bio bronzer myself. I’m glad I saw your review I felt like I had the same problem with RMS’ Buritti Bronzer too.

    • Yes, I definitely agree with you. Red toned bronzer make my skin look “dirty”, while orangey bronzers blend with my skin tone nicely. Have you found a bronzer that you love? I am really liking Alima Pure in Mauna Loa. It’s pretty light in color, but it’s warm and natural looking. Thanks for reading!

      • DeeDee

        Have you tried W3ll’s Universalist 9? It’s a nude flush. Very pretty.

  • What a collaboration! That would be lovely. I’ve had my eye on that brush, it’s so unusual. I wonder how well it’ll team with the un cover up xo

  • I am VERY intrigued by the Claire De Lune collection… Does the mist only contain Rosewater and Aloe Vera? and does the serum just contain the Carrot Seed, Camellia & Peach oils? I know you also have sensitive skin so I am even more tempted to try this since you like it. Would you say it’s worth the splurge?