Weekly Catch-Up # 36

Weekend Post 36

A little late, but here’s the recap from the past week. I tried to keep up with your comments during the week, but if you have any questions that I have not responded to, please leave me a comment below.

Empties. Nada. I have committed to finish some of my body oils before buying new ones, but I honestly cannot wait to repurchase the Lina Hanson Global Body Oil because I found an old empty bottle of it and I miss using it (perfect if you like slightly sweet, citrusy scents), and because it layers beautifully with Lina ‘s perfume Satori*.

New (OLO does it again). With the mini hair haul that I mentioned last week I received a tiny sample of the One Love Organics Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion, and I have already finished it. It’s so good! It is pretty lightweight, but it is very moisturizing, so the skin feels soft without getting slippery. The coconut scent is beautiful, but quite delicate. I have had a pretty nasty headache for the past two days, and the scent of the lotion has not bothered me at all (can’t do any scent at all when I have a headache). You guys know I am more of a body oil type of person, but I am ordering a full-size of this lotion. (I don’t have any body lotion at the moment, so I even have a good excuse reason to buy it.) You can find it here.

New from Soapwalla. In case you missed my post on Facebook, I was able to pick three, free samples with my hair haul. The second sample I chose together with the OLO lotion is the new Soapwalla Citrus Deodorant. The scent of it is quite delicious, a perfect mix of sweet cocoa and citrus fruit. As with the original Soapwalla deodorant, this is very effective at keeping bad odors at bay. However, as with the original formula this one does contain baking soda, which I have no issues with, but some people do. If you are sensitive to baking soda and have experienced redness/irritation from cream deodorants with baking soda, check out this other cream deodorant from Meow Meow Tweet. I have been using it for months, (I have repurchased it a few times already), and it’s very effective, smells amazing (grapefruit!), and is baking soda-free.

Favorite Lip Combo. Two days ago I posted the pic above on Insta, where I was wearing my favorite lip combo. I line my lips and fill them in with the Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in Spice (an old favorite that I have used almost daily for at least two years), then I go over it with Nudus Lipstick in 27 Kisses*, and then add a touch of Red Apple Lipstick Lip Gloss in Honey Badger. Juicy, pinky-nude-ish lips. I adore this combo. What you think?

Deals. Remember when last week I told you about the new Kahina Body Serum Essaouira*? Well, you can get a free travel size of the serum (30 ml, valued at $32) with ANY Kahina purchase. Click here and use code KAHINA (too good to be true, right?).

Giveaway. The de Mamiel Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate Giveaway is ending tomorrow! Head over to this post here and enter! (Open internationally).

Have a great week everyone! New posts this week (and leave any post requests you may have in the comment section below). Thanks :)

*PR Sample

  • lynne

    Hi Lily! Have you tried anything from The Body Deli? I’ve checked out their website and their stuff looks delicious…but I always appreciate a good review before I try something. I don’t hear of them too much on blogs. Thanks for any input:)

    • I have not, but I will definitely check them out! Is there any specific product from the line that you would like me to review?

      • lynne

        Oh thanks! I was looking at their masks and exfoliants, but any product reviews would be helpful. I guess I’m mostly wondering if the ingredients in their products are based on research, or does everything just look good and tasty? The website is stunning, but does it mean their stuff really works? I’m trying to not get carried away and spend money where Thanks again for your expert opinion:)

        • Noelle

          I wish that The Body Deli was discussed more as well. I’ve tried a few of their products. Initially I purchased the travel sizes, just in case something didn’t work out all that well for my skin,and they are on the “pricey” side. I got a fair amount of use. Not exactly a month, but around 2.5-3 weeks.
          Almond Milk Cleanser, Sage & Grapefruit Cleanser, Sea Cucumber Gelee, Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel (my fav. product from them).

  • I have got to get my hands on Lina Hanson Satori and the new Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Body Serum.

    • Yes! Both are absolutely fab. Let me know what you think if you try them :)

  • The Lipgloss Librarian

    Weekly empties!? I’ve only managed to use up samples so far in May :) Ah yes, the original Soapwalla worked as a deodorant but burned!

    • Oh no! Have you tried the baking soda-free deodorant from Meow Meow Tweet? It works great and won’t burn your pits :)