Weekly Catch-Up #21

weekly catch Up 21

Last week I found out something quite nice about our new house: my office (aka the room where we keep our computers and where we study) has the most flattering natural light. It totally put me in the mood to write posts about makeup! I already got a request to review Ecobrow. Is there anything else that you would like to see? Please leave me a comment below. Here’s the usual weekly round up…

Empties. This week I finished another lip tube of Waxelene. I have mentioned Waxelene many times before, but if you are not familiar with it you can read more about it here. It’s a very simple, yet effective balm that I like to use on lips/hands to condition them.

Wishlist. Lately I have been itching to expand my natural eye shadow collection, and after looking at the different options available I have decided to explore the Red Apple Lipstick range. I have only heard great things about their eye shadows, and some of the colors available look exactly like the colors that I am looking for, especially Yes You Canyon (a matte terracotta shade), and Clean Slate (a matte medium grey that looks just a tad on the plum side). Do you own any RAL eye shadows? If so, which ones do you like the best? You can see a few of my favorite eye shadows here and here, but I plan on doing a post about it because I have bought quite a few since my last post about eye shadows.

I have also been looking into different organization options for my beauty products as I no longer have the closet where I used to store all my makeup, skincare, and blogging equipment. I stumbled into this very luxurious makeup organizer called CosmoCube. It’s very expensive but looks like the perfect, dreamy makeup storage set. I already own a few acrylic storage containers like the Caboodles traysbrush holders, and some Muji Drawers, but the CosmoCube is the perfect size to store my makeup all in one spot, instead of having multiple small containers all over the place. How do you guys store your makeup?

Retinol? I think that I already mentioned how clear my skin has been lately. I certainly did not expect that during a time of stress, tiredness, and negligence it would have been blemish-free. Once things started to settle this week, I thought I would give Retinol a go again because why not, and because I had a bottle of YULI Modern Alchemist on my counter that was calling my name. Weeks ago I started to apply some all over my face every night and I woke up with pretty dry skin that was also a bit flakey in some spots, so I decided to take a break from it. This week I started to apply the tiniest amount only on fine lines and dark spots. I think that I may have just found the best way to add retinols to my regimen. I now only apply a small amount on targeted areas and so far, I have had no issues. Will report later about my long-term results.

Giveaway. In case you missed it, yesterday I posted my review of the MUN N0.11 Anarose Rejevenating Rose Toner* and MUN has kindly provided a bottle of the toner for one of you. It’s open internationally, so feel free to enter, wherever you live! Click here to read the post.

Lipstick Love. I went for so long without using makeup (except for the serum foundation and mascara) that now I am having a big eye shadow moment. Light smokey eye in the morning, strong smokey eye in the evening. The one lipstick I own that goes very well with strong eye looks is Ilia Beauty Humble Me. It’s quite pale and brown-ish, (not very flattering with minimal makeup), but it just works so well when paired with something darker on the eyes. What’s your go-to nude lipstick to wear with stronger eye looks? I am curious. I am also still using Funnel Of Love very often, because it’s the perfect peachy nude for every day simple makeup.

Til the next catch-up…

  • These are lovely! I hope I can try Ecobrow, more from YÜLI, and the MUN N0.11 Anarose Rejevenating Rose Toner. Also, if you’re getting into Red Apple Lipstick, I love the looks of the shades Reddy or Not, Fierce, and Rebel!

  • RAL eyeshadows are great! They’re very pigmented and last a long time on me. My favorite is Beachy Keen.

    I’ve been eyeing the Luxe Acrylic Modular System from The Container Store for my makeup storage. You can customize the size of the drawers, and stack them as high as you like! I’m just waiting for them to go on sale before I pull the trigger. :)

  • Retinols, why not?! Haha, I am on the same wavelength as you in discovering some natural retinols and incorporating them into my bedtime routine now that I am 29 and will be holding for the rest of my life :) Conventional docs always talk about the superpowers that are Vitamin C, E and retinols, so this has been a big focus for me in streamlining my beauty routine and uncovering what works best for my skin. Thankfully retinols can help in the acne department! I haven’t tried the Yuli retinol, but have been enjoying Kypris and Marie Veronique’s natural retinols. Not sure which one is my favorite, but have noticed refined skintone after testing both!

    As for your beauty storage issue, why don’t you just take one of your kitchen cabinets and use it for storage?! That’s what I do. OK and I also live alone. :) Hehe. Good luck with the fun organization journey!


  • Dawn Hassan

    Thank you for taking my request into consideration. Can you please recommend away to store my skincare products? Do you know of something like the CosmoCube because I really need something similar for my dorm room to store my products. I have quite a few products thanks to your amazing blog which is a huge enabler but I love it. Also what skincare products or Yuli products do you recommend for hyper pigmentation and to even out skin? Sorry to ambush you with so many questions. I really do enjoy reading your wonderfully written blog-posts. xxx

  • Lavanya

    I would love a review of the Suratt eyelash curler – I want to pick up one for my sister as a gift..

  • Kelly

    I’ve tried a sample of modern alchemist and really liked it, didn’t cause dryness for me. Wish I had room in my routine for it. I use Pai rosehip oil as my natural retinol treatment, I feel it’s doing a good job.

  • I really want to try some products from Red Apple, heard great things too! x

  • I had Muji drawers when I was abroad, but gave them up when when i moved. Now I’m going through my stuff before I can buy them again.

  • Karla

    Finding a ‘green’ retinol was really hard for me. There are some really good ones from Pai, Marie Veronique, Blissoma, Organic Pharmacy and YULI, my favorite is YULI’s Modern Alchemist because it goes on gentle, plumps skin, smells great and gives me great results. Like you, I also get dry skin when I first start using retinols but give it some time and your skin will figure out what to do since the retinols are working to increase cell turnover.

  • Jenny

    I would love it if you could review the Red Apple Lipstick eye primer, please. I’m so frustrated searching for natural primers that work. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny :) Absolutely! I should receivethe RAL eye primer within a couple of days, together with a few RAL eyeshadows. I, too, hope that it works great :) I have been using the original bareMinerals eye primer for the past few years, which works very well btw, but I would prefer to switch to a greener option. Thank you for your comment and for reading the post! :)

      • Jenny

        I can’t wait for the review! :) in the meantime I’ll try your suggestion of Bare Minerals since it’s at least cleaner than Urban Decay.

  • Dani

    Hi Lily, I had the same experience as you from YULI Modern Alchemist. At first I was scared of trying it because it has some very moisturizing oils and my skin is pretty normal (sometimes oily). I did notice some dry and tight feeling but confirmed with my facialist that it was a result of the retinol. Even my facialist was surprised that an oil based serum could be so concentrated in actual retinol ingredients to give that effect. So now I use it and then a moisturizer after. My fine lines on the forehead are disappearing!