Weekend Catch-Up #32 + Giveaway

Weekend Catch-Up 32

Happy Easter! I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life has completely taken over and I have had zero time for writing. I thought I would have a little giveaway to thank you for all the support and patience throughout this busy time. Deets below!

Empties. I am almost finished with my second jar of Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Deodorant, which I will repurchase. It still works great during these warm Spring days, and it holds up during workouts. One thing that I have noticed, since I am wearing sleaveless tops again, is that if I apply too much it tends to crumble a bit. A pea-size for each pit is more than enough and not only keeps me from smelling bad, but it actually makes me smell very good! You can find it here.

Marula Oil Love. During the past Winter, I used an African Botanics Marula Oil balm that worked wonderfully to treat dry and damaged skin, (mainly very dry, chapped hands). Recently, I broke into another African Botanics product called Firming Botanical Body Oil*, and I am so very pleased with it. First, it is an excellent moisturizer. A few pumps of this oil on damp skin make it feel extra soft and plump, and absolutely non-greasy. Second, I love the scent of it, and my husband likes it even more than I do. He actually loves all African Botanics product’s scent. Every single time I use I walk into our office and he says, “mmmm, this stuff smells sooo good–what is it?” every single time! It is an intense scent that smells fresh and Summery, slightly sweet, but it lingers on the skin for quite a while (sensitive noses, you’ve been warned – sample first). It is not added fragrance, it is just the natural scent that comes from the ingredients, which are Marula Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Green Roobois Tea Extract. I also must say, it really does make the skin look more firm and healthy. Check it out here. (Fellow Europeans can find it here).

Treat Collection Nail Polish Super Sale. For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, (you can like my page here), earlier this week I found some crazy deals on Treat Collection Nail Polishes. They are excellent quality, 5-free, and they usually retail for $18 each bottle. However, I found them for as low as $7 here. I took advantage and ordered a few, which I will swatch for you as soon as I receive them. In case you missed it, I swatched one of their nail polishes in this post.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss Love. I am still pretty obsessed with Nudus 27 Kisses*, but lately I have been craving lip glosses. My favorite lip gloss is ILIA in the color The Butterfly and I, which is the most gorgeous shade of peach; BUT I can’t stand the fact that it slides in my mouth and tastes pretty awful. I plan on ordering some W3LL People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss. I have the clear version of it, and it’s ex-cel-lent! Not sticky (feels like I am not wearing lip gloss at all), light-weight, and great-smelling (peppermint, but delicate). I hope the colored glosses have good pigmentation. Grapefruit and Nude Rose look like two beautiful nude-ish colors. You can check them out here.

Best Foot Forward. I would have totally embarrassed myself if I showed you what my feet looked like earlier this week. When I finally got a little me-time, I did a foot scrub with the Fig+Yarrow Foot Treatment, which was my first time using it. Great stuff! It’s a pasty mixture that includes powdered pumice stones and various oils and butters. It smells wonderful, (mainly like pine tree, rosemary, menthol) and it’s such a luxurious treatment to do a good foot scrub. If you need a little encouragement to wear sandals, this is the perfect treatment to get you going. I purchased mine here.

Giveaway! This week I am giving away one of my favorite Spring/Summer lip colors, which I reviewed here. It’s the Kjaer Weis Lip Tints in Sweetness, and it comes in a beautiful, refillable compact. All you have to do to participate is:

1. follow me on Instagram

2. like & repost the image (click here to see the image)

3. leave a comment under the Instagram giveaway post and tag a friend who you think would like to win it.

That’s it. I will randomly pick one winner and announce it in my next catch-up. Open internationally. Good luck!

If you have left any comment over the past few weeks and have some question that I have not replied to yet, please leave them below and I will try to get back with you ASAP. Sorry guys, I will get back to responding quicker soon :) Have a fantastic week!

*gifted sample

  • I’ve sooo been in the mood for lipgloss too! So glad you mentioned W3LL People, didn’t even think of their glosses.

    Mayah x

    • I really hope they have good pigmentation, but the texture/scent is so good! Let me know how you like it if you give it a try ;) Happy Easter! xx

  • I can’t wait to take advantage of the Treat Collection sale, I’ve been wanting to try them. And Nūdus is also gorgeous.

    • I know, right? I didn’t need any new nail polishes, but the prices were so good I HAD to buy some! ;) Happy Easter!

  • Hephzibah

    I haven’t worn a proper gloss in years – when I last used them as a teenager Lancome Juicy Tubes were my dream item and The Natural Collection Spearmint one was my fave because it didn’t taste too bad and wasn’t too sticky! I haven’t tried any natural/organic glosses though, the W3LL People one looks more appealing to me than the ILIA one. x

    • Hi love, I definitely recommend picking one of the W3LL People glosses. I just read other comments and everyone seem to agree that their consistency is more pleasant than Ilia’s. Such a shame, because that gloss from Ilia (The Butterfly and I) really is the most gorgeous shade of nude-peach. Thanks for reading! x

  • Mshellers

    W3ll People lipgloss is by far my favourite! I have nude rose and it is such a lovely shade.

    • Hi Mshellers, I definitely plan on getting that shade. I hope that they will make more colors in the future as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • heladodelucuma

    When I first started wearing green deoderant, I would put SOOOO much on, now I learned small amount goes long way lol

    • Exactly! When I apply less it works much better ;) Thanks for reading!

  • letthecreativityout

    Lilly, have you ever tried the baking-soda-free deodorant called “The Pits” made by a little gem of a company called Soul Sunday? If you haven’t already tried, I think you’d really like it! It doesn’t crumble under the arms. It’s binding agent is rice bran wax so it’s hard to get out of the jar with a finger, but i use a Q-tip and it’s all good! I LOVE this product. Would love to know what you think!

  • Good to hear that about W3ll People glosses as I was debating between those and Ilia’s.
    That Kjaer Weis lip tint is so pretty!

    • Hi Brittany, I would most definitely opt for the W3LL People Lip Glosses vs Ilia’s because their texture and scent are more pleasant. However, I forgot to mention that Red Apple Lipstick makes lovely glosses as well! Have you tried any of those? Thanks for reading :)

      • Thanks Lilly! I do have a W3LL People Nudist Colorbalm and I quite enjoy it. No, I haven’t tried Red Apple, but I’ve heard good things :)

  • linda

    I have the same Ilia lip gloss and I can’t stand the taste of it either. It was my first gloss from them and it was disappointing. I have one oftheir lippies in Blossom and I love that product. I have the W3ll People glosses (the clear, grapefruit and nude rose) and the color of the tinted glosses is very light…I would call it a sheer wash. I saw that they have a new berry shade…that one might have more color payoff. I do love the consistency of the W3ll people gloss and the flavor…it just seems ‘fresh’ and it leaves my lips feeling moisturized for a long time.

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan on buying more W3LL People lip glosses, but I really wish they were nicely pigmented. I agree with you that the consistency is so good! I was wearing the clear one today all day, and my lips felt comfortable, moisturized and not sticky. Hopefully they will make more colors in the future!
      Thanks for reading! :)

  • lis

    LILY!!! Your skin is looking A M A Z I N G can you describe your current routine + products + must haves :) Thank you. I adore your blog!!! xxx

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