Weekend Catch-Up #25

Weekend post 25

In my last post I forgot to wish you a happy (and cozy) February. I should have my January favorites up very soon, but in the meanwhile it’s time to share the best from the past week.

Empties. To my complete disbelief, (I wasn’t expecting it because I don’t use it very often), last Monday I ran out of my Georgie Beauty Faux Lash Glue and I promptly repurchased it. I found out that they make a dark colored version (like the popular Duo lash glue that comes in clear and dark). I have not used the dark one yet, but I will this week. It’s so great to see more green options become available. Georgie Beauty Lash Adhesive is free of formaldehyde and phthalates, and it is also PETA approved (100% vegan). You can find both dark and clear glue here.

Delicious Body Butter. A few days ago I posted a picture on Instagram of the Metta Skincare Body Butter*. To be completely honest, it is not something that I would have purchased myself, because I am not a body butter user. However, after my first use, I was totally hooked. It is the most delicious and hydrating body butter that I have ever tried and instead of leaving a greasy feeling like most butters do, it leaves the skin feeling soft and good-smelling. By the way, the jar is huge (135 grams). It will probably take me several months of daily use to finish it. I have the lavender scent, which smells like lavender and chocolate mixed together (the cocoa butter gives the choco-scent), but I am fighting myself from getting the Vanilla one, too. Help! For my scent-sensitive people: this is not overwhelming. You can find it here.

Deep-cleansing combo. When two favorite products come together, good things may happen. A few weeks ago I read that YULI recommends trying to mix their Halcyon cleanser with the Pure Mask for a quick deep cleanse. Oh my! I like this combo even better than when I mix the mask with manuka honey. I use maybe 4-5 pumps of cleanser with a sprinkle amount of the mask and I spread the mix on my face. It quickly creates a thin, homogenous layer, and it hardens quickly. I rinse it off, and bam! Skin feels like a million bucks; not tight, not stripped, but deeply cleansed. I have been doing it 2-3 times a week because it’s so quick that I can do it even on nights when I am very tired and I want to cleanse my face just as quickly as possible. If you have both products, try it. Or, if you have the cleanser but not the mask, try with another clay mask. Let me know how it goes! You can find both products here.

About that concealer… A few weeks ago I told you that I purchased the ILIA Vivid Concealer and as I was replying to a comment about another Ilia product, I remembered that I had not shared my thoughts about it yet. I have mixed feelings about it. The packaging is brilliant (very convenient and sanitary squeezing tube), the coverage is light, and while it can be built up to medium coverage, it can get a bit cakey if more product is added. If I tap the skin I can somehow blend it more and make it look less obvious, but I don’t feel like tapping the eye area too much. Also, it feels a bit heavy on the skin. I am currently using the shade Dandelion, which I find to be a bit dark for light-to-medium skin tones. I would say that it is more for medium skin tones. Maybe the shade Maca would be a better match, but it looks more peachy/pink and I prefer yellow toned concealers. I am going to use it a bit more so I can make up my mind about it.

Lipstick Love. I am still a nude lip lover, but the new Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Beloved*was definitely a favorite for the past week. For daytime wear I prefer to simply dab it on my lips for a less bold look. It gives a berry, “just-bitten” stain that is very pretty and wearable. It’s also very comfortable and moisturizing. Can’t wait to show you the other shades!

Thoughtfully Mag Update. In case you do not follow me on Instagram, you may have missed the lovely news. Thoughtfully Mag* is now available at all Whole Foods Stores in the US, so next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to grab a copy! Green living, green beauty, eco-fashion, and more inspiring topics related to well-being.

Have a wonderful week!

  • Anna

    Love your posts! I was wanting to know if you knew of any good products for color correction. Such as an orange color corrector to put on blueish colored skin, under concealer or foundation? Thank you for your help!

  • Metta Skincare is definitely on my radar and I’ll have to try out your deep-cleansing duo trick. I love the sound of the new Kjaer Weis lip tints! Also, congratulations to Thoughtfully Mag and Brandie.

  • Kate

    Love the way Beloved looks on you. The new Kjaer Weis lip tints are gorgeous! I picked up Rapture and Amazed and in heaven. Such great products

    On the Halcyon and Pure combo, how long do you leave it on your skin? Just picked up Pure and curious to try this

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your kind words! I, too, love the Kjaer Weis lip tints. The texture is so comfortable in the lips, and the colors are so rich!

      As for the Halcyon/Pure combo, I leave the mask-mix for just about 5 minutes. The lovely thing about it is that the two together make a very light, smooth texture that also rinses off easily. It’s like the best, quickest facial ever! Let me know how you like it if you give it a try! ;)

      • Kate

        It was wonderful! I’m a mask junkie and addicted to the Pure and Gressa’s Dirty Pretty Things (it smells so yummy!!!) and this is a great way to get my mask fix without over doing it to my skin. Thanks for the great tip!

  • Johanna

    Hi Lily, i didn’t like the ilia concealer because it took to much product to cover my acne marks, and when covered good it was very cakey. In this case I prefer to take a little pencil and my Kjaer weis Foundation.
    I thought about purchase the Gressa foundation after reading about it on your blog, and because it contains broccoli seed oil (which is very good for oily skin). Do you know what color I have to choose of Gressa given I am Kjaer Weis “Like Porcelaine”?
    greetings from Italy, Johanna

    • Mariela834

      I think you should definitely buy 01 in gressa foundation,because i have also KW in like porcelain and 01 is matching me perfectly ;)

    • Hi Johanna, I agree with Mariela. Number 01 should be a great match ;) Un abbraccio! :)

  • Lisa

    Lovely catch up Lily!!!

    Question – could you do a post on men products + what your husband loves!! I’m looking for natural deodorant for my man who sweats A LOT (athlete!) & other relatively budget friendly products. I’m sure all the ladies would l o v e this! Thanks so much. LOVE your blog xx

  • Vanessa

    Hi Lilly, I just purchased the eylure falsies and am waiting for them to arrive. I remember reading an earlier post of yours where you mentioned that your lashes tend to be straight, and I suffer from the same issue. Did you find that your falsies would be more curled than your real lashes? I’m a little worried that will happen to me, and I can only imagine how odd that would look. (I will of course be curling my own lashes too before applying the falsies…)

    • Hi Vanessa, I actually apply my falsies before curling my lashes. I know that most makeup artists and beauty vloggers do it differently. However, if I first curl my lashes and then I try to apply the falsies, my natural lashes get in the way and make it more difficult for me to place the fake lashes.

      If you find it difficult to place a whole strip of lashes, you can try to use individual lashes (I use the short flares from Ardell). You can pick up the lashes with a tweezer and place them exactly where you want them. I let them dry for two minutes and then I curl the falsies together with my natural lashes and that gives me very long, curled lashes.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions! :)

  • Raina

    Tried the Halcyon + Pure today and you’re so right! I found using honey with my masks made it kind of drip down.. but this Halcyon/Pure mix is like a supermix of everything my skin craved!

    • So glad you like it! Such a mess-free mask combo, right? and so quick at de-congesting the skin. I also like that I need to use very little of both products to get an A+ facial ;) Thanks for sharing, Raina!

  • Danielle

    Lilly I tried Halcyon after seeing so much about it online. I normally don’t like gel cleansers and stay away but I don’t know what it is about this one, Halcyon works so well! My skin is so goood, I can’t help but look at my skin in the mirror sometimes! Thank you for telling us about this!

    • Yay! I am so glad, Danielle. I, too, have been quite impressed with how clear my skin has been since I started to use Halcyon consistently. Thank you for sharing! :)

      • leighlennox

        Me too (like Danielle I don’t usually like gel cleansers)! Thank you for reviewing and raving about this product (Halcyon) and Cocoon Elixir, Lily. They have really helped my skin a lot. I thought the Halcyon was ok on my first use, but by the third I was hooked. I also found out about Gressa foundation on this site from a commenter – it is another favorite now. Thank you!

  • Adrienne

    Hi Lilly! Random question, but I know you reviewed the Gressa Lip Boost in Bare… Is it moisturizing enough to be used as a balm? And is the packaging glass or plastic?