Weekend Catch-Up #20

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope that your 2015 had a great start. I am finally writing from our new home. I am still surrounded by storage bins, dusters, and paint cans, and I am not even close to be done with cleaning and organizing, I am beyond excited to start this new chapter of my life (and to finally have a proper office/studio!). You should expect the blog to slowly pick up speed again, which I am looking forward to. I didn’t know how much I loved writing this blog until I had zero time left to do it.

Here’s the usual weekly recap…

Empties. Last night I spritzed the last of my YULI Cocoon Elixir, and yes, I will repurchase once again. It is actually one of the products that I repurchased the most last year (you can read more about that here). During the moving I have had so little time to take care of my skin, yet by simply using the Halcyon cleanser  followed by the Cocoon Elixir every morning and every evening my skin has not shown any signs of distress at all. My skin is usually the first part of my body to show the effects of stress and lack of sleep, so I do believe that these products have played a part into keeping it healthy (my skin has not been so clear in months! Even my husband noticed it…)

Wishlist. One of the things that I like the most about our new house is that it has a very nice bath tub. I am not much of a bath person, but the right product will convince me to soak in there for a little while. I have read about the benefits of using Pursoma detoxifying bath products and they are now on the top of my list of products to buy. Have you tried?

SOS Hands. This week I failed to practice everything I preach about protecting hands. I completely neglected mine, and I was also cleaning and washing hands often to the point that hand cream only offered small relief. My hands got dry, itchy, and even chapped. I started to go through my un-packed boxes desperately looking for a balm when I found African Botanics Intense Skin Repair Body Balm*. It’s a rich balm that melts like butter on the skin and contains healing ingredients like Marula Oil, Shea Butter, Helichrysum, and Calendula. I used it as an overnight hand treatment for two days and got my hands back in shape. It is currently available at Space NK and Beauty.com.

Candle Love. I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but I have been loving the Poppy Jane Co. candles I recently picked at Abe’s Market. I have tried three of their four scents and like them all so much that I cannot pick a favorite. The scents are distinctive, yet they are never overwhelming for a sensitive nose like mine. Breathe Deep (husband’s favorite) has an uplifting scent that includes Eucalyptus and Peppermint, with a woodsy touch. It’s so refreshing and perfect for an office space (or *ahem*, …the bathroom.) Sleep Tight is a more relaxing one, with Lavender and Chamomile and a lemon-y touch from lemongrass. It’s perfect for the bedroom. Gin+Tonic smells just like a gimlet! If you are a candle lover, I highly recommend checking these out for their lovely scents, ingredient quality and pretty packaging. I sincerely hope that they will expand the range and will buy the Sexy time scent next (oh la la the name surely is intriguing).

Lipstick Love. The only lip product that I did not pack and instead left in my bag at all time is the Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights (see swatches here). A pretty, moisturizing berry lip color that is perfect for the season.

Seed to Serum. Lovely fellow blogger Megan from Seed to Serum recently launched her own store, and it is beautiful. On occasion of the launch she co-created a delicious body oil* with Laurel Organics that I hope is not a limited edition. A bit woodsy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy (please forgive my pitiful scent descriptions..) and very moisturizing. I have it on my arms right now and I can’t stop sniffing myself!

Best of 2014. I haven’t forgotten about putting together the list of all my 2014 favorites, so expect to see them popping out on your reading feed soon! I think that many of you won’t be surprised about the products that made the cut., but there might be in the format! In the meanwhile you can read my 2013 favorites here.

Sales. The Detox Market is offering some discounts, so you can save $10 off $100+ with code cheers10, $30 off $200+with code cheers30,  and $60 off $300 with code cheers60.

Have a great week, talk soon!

  • Bianca

    Hi Lilly, I recently made the decision to switch to green beauty, because I could no longer find excuses to buy from brands who do animal testing. Anyway I’m still in the process of using up my ‘bad’ stuff but you make me so excited about green beauty and your blog is absolutely fabulous! It’s my new favorite! Happy new year and greetings from Switzerland

    • Hi Bianca, thanks so much for your kind words! I am excited for you to start a new journey. Please let me know if I can be of any help and tweet me anytime with your questions (I am a bit slow with emailing back at the moment). Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

    • Bianca, Good Job! I also made the switch a while back. I am still slowly adding to my green makeup bag. Just start one product at a time, I started with a great foundation. Anyway all the best with your new years goal !

  • Catherine Crain

    Glad you’re finally moved in! :) Have been loving the Halcyon cleanser you sent. I’ve been using it in the mornings and I haven’t had a breakout since starting! Yay! :)

    • Yay! I am so glad to hear that Cate :) Have a great week gorgeous!

  • Happy new year! How excited that you’re able to decorate your new place from scratch (I think?) I’m a bit obsessed with interior design, so I hope I won’t be nosey when saying I’d love to see what your office space will look like/inspiration posts!

    I’ve always been meaning to try Laurel’s products, I think this recent collab with Seed to Serum may be the push I needed, ha.

    find me on 9outoften.com

    • Hi love, Happy New Year to you as well! I have been thinking about blogging about sustainable decor. It is something I am very, very passionate about and would love to write about. Many people have no idea how many toxic chemicals are trapped in their bedrooms and living rooms and how much that can effect their health (certainly more than beauty products). Unfortunately most quality furniture is significantly more expensive than what can be found at the average furniture store. I will definitely share more info about it ;)

      Thanks for reading and have a great week!

      • Oh, I’ll definitely be looking forward to your posts! There are so many
        (great) interior design blogs, but I think no one really writes about
        sustainable living and design. I thought I was being good with my
        natural skincare, but if I’m sitting in a room filled with chemical
        paint/toxins for hours, it kind of beats the purpose. You’re so right…

  • Another lovely Weekly Catch-Up, Lilly! I’m especially loving the sound of the Botanics balm, Ilia in Arabian Knights, and the Seed To Serum (who I had the pleasure of interviewing recently about the whole process of opening the shop) collaboration body oil with Laurel Whole Plant Organics

    • Hi love, thanks for reading! I am glad you enjoyed the post. The body oil smells divine, I definitely recommend trying it :)

  • Tina

    Lilly have you tried the iLia candle? I am thinking of buying when it becomes available on SBL again. Speaking of, do you know why SBL is always out of everything? Yuli is almost never available on there and when it is, it’s sold out like in an hour it seems.

    • Hi Tina, I have not tried the Ila candle but definitely want to. Ila products are some of the best-smelling that I have tried, so I will have to get it!

      I think that YULI sells out quickly because they make products in small batches, but their dedicated customer following is growing fast. I am pretty sure that they will expand and make larger amounts in the future, so in the meanwhile, it may be worth stocking on your favorites while they are available.

      I don’t know the specifics of why SBL is often out of some products, but I do think that they have a large number of customers and products fly off their shelves! Also their customer service is excellent and they offer great samples that you can choose, so I am not surprised to see that people swamp them as soon as they re-stock.

      Thanks so much for reading love, and have a fantastic week!

  • HAPPY new year 2015 miss!
    So curious about the Laurel body oil…Super that Megan was involved in the elaboration! it sounds gorgeous!x

    • Thank you love and happy new year to you as well!

  • RebeccaNMDL

    My Yuli fave is the Metamorphic Elixir – that’s the one I order time and time again. Being a collector of hydrosols/toners, I can say the Yuli elixirs are absolutely different and worth the price. Cocoon is lovely too, and I’m glad they make elixirs for a variety of skin types so everyone can find a match.

    All the best to you in your new home : )

  • I’ve heard so many good things about YULI. Unfortunately this is the year that I’ve decided to #shopthestash. Until I get through my many skin care items, it’s going to have to be relegated to the wish list!

  • Hi Lilly, thanks for the heads up about this balm! I have it and I’m suffering from seriously dried out, chapped hands at the moment which aren’t helped by normal hand creams. I dug it out and used it this morning and my hands are feeling so much better already! Congratulations on your new home :)

  • Happy new year, Lilly! I am so intrigued by that gin and tonic candle. That is my drink of choice! Glad to hear you are settling in to your new home and we will be seeing you more in the blogosphere. I took a major break and hope to be back to it this week, too! xoxo

  • Nicole

    I guess this is where I really should have congratulated you on the new home lol. I wish you an amazing 2015! Totally going to look through the Poppy Jane Candle Co. website now xo