Weekend Catch-Up #14

Weekend Post #14

It’s that time of the week when I share a few highlights of the week and give you brief updates. I am finally wearing contacts again, and I may have even put a little makeup on, except for eye makeup (in case you don’t know, I had eye problems lately). I immediately rushed into trying a few new makeup products that were sitting on my desk and was very pleased with some of them, but will use them another week before getting into the details, (hint: foundation!). Onto this week’s recap…

Empties/Repurchased. N/A

This Week’s Giveaway. Today is the last day to enter the True Nature Botanicals giveaway. The prize is a gorgeous solid perfume in the scent called Noble Woods: a warm, woodsy scent that is perfect for Winter. You can enter here.

Need Your Help. I know that I am a little too old not to have this figured it out yet, but I am still searching for a product that removes upper lip hair without irritating the skin. The area under my nose has been particularly red and irritated lately, so wax will only make it worse. Any recommendations? Btw Italian women do remove upper lip hair, contrary to popular belief. My husband was glad to find that out years ago.

New Skincare. I do not frequently use physical exfoliators, (nor chemical exfoliators, to be honest), simply  because my skin is too delicate for them. However, I recently started to use one that I am enjoying because it gets the job done well and has not caused any irritation. It’s the de Mamiel Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate. The bottle warns that it should not be used on damaged skin (mine actually damaged at the moment), but I find it more gentle than other powder exfoliators and have not experienced redness/irritation. Have you tried it yet? It contains several ingredients like clays, Vitamin C, Cacao powder, and even Pearl powder. It even smells delicious. I might have picked another one for you guys ;)

Hand Cream. I purchased the Amala Rejuvenating hand cream a while back and waited for it to get back in stock until recently. I said to myself, “this cream better be good given the price and the wait”. It turned out to be worth both the money and the wait. The texture is light/medium, but it absorbs quickly and completely, leaving no greasy feel. It is gives better repairing results compared to my other favorite daytime hand creams (Osmia, Pai, Weleda, and the other Amala one) and works fantastic even as a night time treatment. I am not sure if I will repurchase it only because it is very expensive and I wash my hands frequently, so I basically wash off the hand cream. Maybe I’ll just keep one to use less often; I don’t know, but it is indeed an excellent hand cream. If you can afford it/don’t mind spending on a great hand cream, it is worth giving a try.

Mask BFFs. I am loving the Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Active 16+* to mix with my masks. After my successful experiment with YULI Pure, I have tried to mix it with a different masks, and it worked great with all of them. I love how I get all the benefits of the clays, which are a bit drying when used alone, but the manuka honey makes them non-drying, and actually helps with softening the skin. Such a wonderful complement.

Dry Skin Helpers. I know I can’t complain about the weather here in Florida, and I really do not. However, the weather change has caused my skin to get very dry (both face and body), and only a few things have been helping. On my lips, the de Mamiel Rosey Lip Balm* which instantly softens them. On my body, the YULI Harmony Body Oil. I do not particularly care for the scent of this body oil (it’s pleasant, just not my favorite), but it is truly effective. I need very little of it to soften large areas of skin, and the benefits are long-lasting. For example, I applied some on my knees and legs when they were very dry and looked flakey. For the next two consecutive days I forgot to moisturize my legs after taking showers, but my legs were still soft and smooth. Impressive, right? That made my husband curious about it and now he is putting it to the test, too. I will write a separate post about face products that are working for me at the moment.

Giveaways, & more giveaways. I have more giveaways coming up soon, so keep an eye out for them…

Have a great week!

  • In India most women get the upper lip hair threaded just the ways the brows are. It hurt a little (more than brows) but gets the job done pretty well.. besides you don’t really need too much precision here so it usually takes under a minute to do that. Not sure if its a popular method in other countries too.


  • Dee Dee

    Hi, Lily,

    I find that “threading” has helped to keep my upper lip hairs in check. I get mine done along with my eyebrows. I like it because no chemicals are involved.

  • Great picks! I’d love to try we Mamiel, their brand is stunning! And I am such a fan of raw manuka honey but haven’t tried the one from Wedderspoon’s. The YÜLI Pure is also my favorite facial mask and I definitely want to try more of them. As for upper lip hair removal, or the peach fuzz, I know friends who use tweezing and sugaring methods.

  • Nina

    Lilly, how much manuka do you mix? I can’t seem to get it right with any of the masks I mix this with as it seems runny and becomes streaky on my face, I think I am mixing too much, any tips?

    I keep two hand creams a cheap one that I can use often and a more expensive one when I know I won’t be using it too much like before bed, when I sit at my desk to do work.

    Where do your purchase your Yuli? What I think I notice about the Yuli Harmony is that I have went through 3 bottles, the first I purchased before Yuli was on SBL and it smelled really really good. Then I purchased on SBL and it still smelled good but didn’t work as well with my body chemistry. The results were still there. And I just purchased another bottle straight from Yuli and it smells sooooooooo good. I think they make things after its ordered so maybe that has to do with it?

  • Keren

    Ohhh a de Mamiel giveaway? Will be sure to bookmark! How do you find the exfoliator compared to May Lindstrom clean Dirt? ML’s was too strong for my skin and ended up giving me red bumpy rashes all over my cheeks and made it really sensitive to anything I put on. I had to go on a cortizone cream prescribed by my dermatologist to take care of it.

    I swear by body oils and Yuli’s is one of my new purchases. I can’t describe the smell but I really love it, it’s like rose and vanilla with some other flower. That aside, the performance really is that amazing. It’s not greasy or heavy like some others I have used from Lina Hanson, ED4OLO and Tata Harper and smells more sophisticated than ones from Osmia, LBF, Vered. This and Kahina are probably my favorite in terms of performance and leaving my skin feeling super soft, but scent wise I prefer the Yuli much more and it works better for going out in the day or for peacefully sleeping at night whereas the Kahina is too stimulating and loud of a scent.

  • Have you tried threading? It hurts the first few times, but it shouldn’t irritate skin too much since the thread lifts the hair off instead of pulling at the skin like waxing does. You just manipulate the skin around to get a good grip on the hairs.

    How much honey would you put on your face for a mask? Like a dollop into the mix or a primer on the skin before you apply a clay mask?

    So many questions!

    • 6

      I have very low pain tolerance but this is what I’ve been doing for years, so easy I just do it while watching TV lol. I’ve heard an electrolysis lady say threading is not good for your skin, but it’s better than waxing so…. (it sounds better than electrolysis to me?)

      • You do it … on yourself? How?! Where?! I want to learn how! Tell me your ways!

        • 6

          It’s so easy! You take thread, tie it, twist it a few times so when you hold it it looks like a sideways 8, then you just close and open your fingers. Try it out and you’ll get the hang of it after the first time. If you google it, you can get a much better idea! There’s a few ways of doing it, but I prefer the “8” over the open circle

          • OMG thank you! Practice makes perfect, although I’ll still probably be super scared to do it the first time. Any tips you have to impart I’d be super grateful!

  • Kelly

    I went on a spending spree of de mamiel products because of a huge sale. I’m not a exfoliate kind of girl but I bought the cleanse and exfoliate and really like it. I like that it gentle,smells nice and pink, very girly. I also got de mamiel restoration body serum, it’s like a face serum for your body. I think you will like it.

    • Hi Kelly, I did the same thing! I have been liking other de Mamiel products (lip balm, cleansing balm), so I took advantage of a sale and got this exfoliator, and I really like it. I should have gotten the restoration body serum, too :(
      Thanks for reading!

  • juliet

    I have the same problem with exfoliators so I can’t wait to try the de Mamiel one!

    • I know, right? Almost every famous dermatologist recommends exfoliating, and it is such a pain for someone with delicate skin to find one that works and does not irritate the skin. I really like this one. However, I still take it easy. I don’t “scrub”, I just massage it very gently. I have a giveaway of this one coming up ;)

  • Leandra

    I think threading is the answer, I go to a woman who gives me a full facial with threading on my eyebrows and upper lips. Maybe you can ask for a facial too if you think your skin might suffer (my facial is a pretty basic aloe vera gel).

    I love the honey idea and have also started mixing with different things like green tea and the aforementioned aloe vera gel. I find the Yuli Mask is the best base to combine all these extra ingredients with as it seems to just give the results you want each time. I just wish they would have a bigger size available to purchase.

    • Hi Leandra, thanks for your advice. I am currently searching for someone in my area to try the threading method ;)

      I love the idea of mixing Yuli Pure with green tea, I never thought of doing that! So brilliant. I am currently waiting on my second jar of the mask, and I agree with you, a larger size would be great. It’s one of the few masks that I have actually finished, and quickly. Thanks so much for reading, and for your helpful comment! :)

  • lynne

    I recommend the R.E.M. spring facial hair remover. You can get it on amazon. Check out all the reviews, as well as some tips on how to use it correctly. It works fast with no pain or scarring. Cheap too!

    • Oh, I will check on it! Thanks so much for sharing, Lynne :)

  • Daniella Renee

    Definitely threading for the upper lip. Put witch hazel or aloe on after to soothe the skin.

    You could go with sugaring as well (the sugar “wax” only grabs the hair, not the skin) but threading is so fast, efficient and awesome.

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for your advice! I am very intrigued by the sugaring method. How exactly do you do it? Thanks for sharing :)

  • Hi Laura, first of all, thank you so much for always leaving such helpful comments. I truly appreciate it and always look forward to reading them :)

    If you don’t mind sharing, which bha lotion do you recommend? I would love to give it a try!

    I am sorry that Harmony didn’t work for you. I am not particularly in love with the scent, but I do like it. It reminds me of the Modern Alchemist’s smell, do you agree? However it does not turn funny-smelling on my skin, so I am using it a lot. It does work wonders for my skin. Have you tried Osmia Organics Body Oils? Or maybe the de Mamiel Body Serum?

    Do you have any social media account where we can chat? :)