Wednesday Wishlist #1

Wishlist Wednesday #1

I plan to make the Wednesday Wishlist a weekly feature on this blog, (as long as I have new products that I am excited about trying.) I would also love if you would leave comments to let me know if you have already tried the products I feature, and if so, what your experience with them has been like.

1. Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, in shade #123 is the first product this week. I have been wanting to try this Vapour foundation for a while, but it seemed to me that they did not have a good match for me, until they released this new shade! This one seems to be just right for my light skin with strong yellow/golden undertones. I recently learned that Lina Hanson likes to use this foundation on top of her Global Face Serum, therefore I need to try it now!  ;)

2. Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights. I know what your thinking – another Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Condioner? Of course! And if I had to pick my last product from Ilia Beauty, this would be IT. This shade is supposed to be a unique and vibrant berry color, and every single blogger who has tried it has been raving about it.

3. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Desired Glow. I have only tried some samples of KW Eyeshadows, and I used them up very quickly because they are beautiful! That made want to try more of their products and this particular shade of their cream blush looks absolutely gorgeous.

4. Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed. I have read that this is actually one of the most popular multi-use balms among green (and non-green) beauty bloggers. This color is supposed to be a classic, natural-looking pink, and I am surprisingly lacking a bit in pink blushes in my collection.

These are my makeup most wanted products for this week. Next week I will show you some skincare products I would like to try asap! Please let me know if there is anything you recommend trying, or anything you are particularly longing to try!

  • asti

    Hello Lilly!! Glad to see all these products on your wishlist, I have personally tried them all except the Rev Org Beauty Balm!

    If you are interested to see my review of Vapour Soft Focus foundation, check it here The foundation beats all the other foundations (natural or NOT) I have tried, does not irritate my skin and the most lightweight feeling out of all. The only downside that I failed to mention in my review is that it can sometimes accentuate dry skin and settles into my laugh lines. The performance is kind of inconsistent on my skin, I am still trying to figure out why. But despite of that, I still really recommend this foundation.

    Ooh! You MUST so get the Arabian Knights and the Desired Glow. Arabian Knights is not too purply, it’s kind of red-berry colour to me. I am actually surprised because I find the swatch on SBL slightly too bright. It’s really nice though. And the Desired Glow, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the colour. Most Kjaer Weis colours are very universal on all skin tones.

    In terms of make up products, I don’t have a long list of wishes (except for W3ll People and Ilia Beauty multi sticks which I haven’t tried.. also planning to get more of Vapour multi-sticks!).

    Haha, such a lengthy comment.

    • I love your lengthy comments Asti! I just went to check out your review and I am definitely interested in trying the foundation. I am not a “foundation person”, and by that I mean that I do not like the feeling of foundation all over my face, so I don’t use it everyday. Occasionally I do, and have not found a “natural” one with the perfect color match/appropriate for my skin type. I hope this will work well for me!

      Also, I listed Desired Glow as my favorite option, but I would really like to try all the KW cream blushes! The entire range of colors look fantastic, but they are quite expensive, so I will probably purchase only that one, and then see from there :)

      I like W3ll People’s products a lot. Their multi-stick in bronzed rose is beautiful (I hope I am saying the right name for that shade!), but they are pretty sheer. Very natural looking, and they feel super light on the skin. I would probably say that their formulas are “thinner” than Vapour’s. What I like about Vapour’s sticks is that they last much longer on my cheeks, and Spark is such a pretty peachy shade!

      Thanks for your comment love!

  • Have you not tried the Arabian nights yet? It is on my list too…nit’s ilia the colours are just too good, I think you can be forgiven :) I had a sample of atmosphere foundation made me a bit shiny so I didn’t purchase

    • I guess I too will have to try a sample of Vapour’s foundation first, because I really do not need anymore shine on my face! lol I can imagine Arabian Night would look so good on you because of the contrast with your pretty blue eyes :)

      • Oh you are making me blush :) I think it would look really good on you too xx

  • Great picks! I gave the Revolution Organics balm to my mom and she uses it literally every day now. It’s a beautiful colour. I have the bronze one too, which is equally amazing :)

    • I know Caitie, I always think of your review when I see the RO Beauty Balm! I remember how much you liked it, and I know that you are very selective when you choose your makeup, and that makes me want it more! :)

  • Ila

    The revolution organics freedom glow beauty balm sounds lovely and worth to try (I am lacking on pink blushes too :) )
    Thanks for the review Lilly,

    Ila x

    • Thank you for your comment Ila! x

  • i’m not a huge fan of the vapour foundation (not enough coverage for me and a bit too oily), but i’m sticking it out to see if i can learn any application tricks from the pros! i DO love the revolution organics freedom glow balm (i have “bronzed”) as well as the ilia tinted lip conditioner (shell shock, bang bang, blossom lady … really want arabian knights, too!). i have yet to try anything from kjaer weis because it contains talc, but i’ve heard the talc in it is derived from a different source? not too sure … you got the scoop on that? :) xoxo

    • Thanks Kim, it’s really helpful to know that you tried this foundation and made you oily, because I have combination skin. I am going to order a sample to test it out before purchasing a full size. About Kjaer Weis, I am not concerned about the talc in the shadows because I do not wear eyeshadows every day. I am okay with occasional use of some products that contain ingredients that are not overly concerning. Also, they are made in Italy, and they are certified organic by an Italian agency called CCPB.

  • jayebirdi

    The Ilia Arabian Knights is a must have! I bought that and Blossom Lady for my mum this past Christmas, and whenever I’m home, I sneak in swipes. It’s such a beautiful berry color!

    The Vapour primer is the only other product I’ve tried, and I wanted to love it, but I think my skin was too dry for it–I became flaky like whoa.

    The Kjaer Weis blushes are also on my wishlist!

    • Hi love! Thanks for your comment. I am definitely going for Arabian Nights. Every single comment on this post agrees with you, therefore it must be really gorgeous! I think we are all drooling over those beautifully packaged KW cream blushes. I am convinced that the product is going to be just as beautiful. Megan has a sample of Desired Glow, so we’ll see what she says about it :) xx

  • Britanie

    I love everything Vapour Beauty. They were the first brand I fell in love with when switching to natural products. The atmosphere foundation is great but I actually prefer their stick foundation! I also LOVE Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Blushed. I have a sample size that has lasted me forever because it is so pigmented the tiniest bit goes such a long way!

    • Hi Britanie, I am a huge fan of Vapour too. My favorite products are the blushes, but heard so many good things about their foundations as well. I plan on trying this one soon! Thank you for your comment! x