Wednesday Wishlist #7

Wednesday Wishlist #7This Wednesday Wishlist is actually not only a list of things that I would love to try, but of things that I may need to get soon. However, (as usual) I tend to gravitate toward the most luxurious and expensive products on the market, so some if these items may end up on my letter to Santa Claus. I hope I have been good enough.

Harry Josh 2000 Pro Tools Pro Dryer. I need to replace my hair dryer asap, and I can’t see myself purchasing anything else but this Harry Josh Pro Dryer. In case you have not heard about it, this is an eco-friendly, lightweight, powerful, energy efficient, frizz minimizer, and professional hair dryer (made in France btw) that makes your hair look like Harry Josh himself gave you a blowout. It is very expensive, but I am all about investing in one high quality tool that is going to last, rather than purchasing cheap products that give cheap results and need to be replaced often. Celebrities are raving about it and even customers like you and me are writing raving reviews… Santa, pleeeease? *innocent smile*

Morihata Kontex Flax Line Facial Towels. I need to get some new facial towels and these Morihata towels look really great. Made in Japan with 100% Organic Cotton, they have one side in soft cotton weave and another one in looped cotton terrycloth pile. They are advertised as being soft and silky like cashmere, so I can only imagine how relaxing and enjoyable cleansing my face will get by using these towels!

S.W. Basics Skincare. Apparently, I have been missing out on a great brand that makes effective, natural skin and body care products.  In particular, the brand recently launched the Hibiscus Mask, which contains three simple, powerful ingredients: direct-trade hibiscus, French Green Clay and Lavender. I noticed that a few other bloggers are already testing it out, and I am in a huge love affair with face masks (will tell you more soon) so I am dying to try this one!

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, Forever Pink. If you followed me from the very beginning, you probably remember that I already owned this stain. It is a multi-purpose makeup product that can be used both on lips and cheeks. When in contact with your skin/lips, it adjusts to your own chemistry providing a custom shade of pink. It gets pretty bright on lips, while it looks quite natural on the cheeks. I realized I missed using it so much, so I will definitely repurchase it!

What is on your wishlist? Have you tried any of these products?

  • Gita Bončina

    That S. W. Basics kit sounds pretty amazing! I haven’t heard of the brand before, but I have this freaky feeling that it might be a good’un! :)


    • Hi Gita, I read a lot of positive reviews, and I also love the concept behind the S.W. Basics brand (simple, basic and pure ingredients) so I will make sure to feature some of their products soon! ;)

  • I also wanna try something from s.w. basics! Just read about this mask on OBT :D xx

    • Hi Jana, I will definitely try some S.W. Basics soon. What would you like to try? x

      • Can’t wait to hear your review :) Oh just anything really :)) xx

  • I’ve been eyeing the new SW Basics mask too! Great picks :)

    • Hi Caitie, doesn’t that mask look wonderful? I will try it soon ;)

  • Sydney

    Apparently you and I have been keeping our eye on similar products :)
    My Wishlist:
    S.W. Basics Mini Kit + their Peppermint Body Oil sounds really good
    Elizabeth Dehn for OLO sample pack
    That exact same Morihata towel you pictured ;) I’m a sucker for pink
    Baby Konjac Sponge
    A monthly subscription to Eco Emi (It’s supposed to be the natural version of BirchBox so of course I’m all over this)
    Shea Terra Organics Desert Date Oil
    Sydney xoxo

    • Hi Sydney, your wishlist is lovely! I need to check out Eco Emi too ;)

  • Lisa

    I’m also eying the SW Basics Kit! Love the minimal ingredients concept.

    • Hi Lisa, I agree, the minimal ingredients concept is great, especially when the few ingredients used are pure and effective! Can’t wait to try it! :)

  • juliet

    I want those towels, too!

    • I know, right? I can’t wait to try them! ;)

  • Rebecca B

    The SW Basics Cream is fantastic, I highly recommend for those who enjoy body butters/balms. Perfect for this time of year, too. I have a sample of the new mask waiting for me to try, you’ve inspired me to get on top of that!

    • Awesome! I would love to know how you like that mask ;)

  • asti

    I want to try the new hibiscus mask so bad, hopefully it’s not for limited time only! The shipping is expensive to Aussie, so I hope there is going to be an Australian stockist for it.

    Nice picks! I want the Morihata towel too, been eye-ing on that but not sure if I really NEED to get it. And I also just clicked on the Hairdryer link, wow.. the result looks fantastic.

    • I hope you will find a way to get some S.W. Basics in Australia! Have you thought of letting I am natural store know about S.W. Basics?

      The hair dryer looks perfect, and I need a new one! ;) Which one are you using right now?

      • asti

        There are already a few S.W Basics in Australia and I really want the Best Seller kit but it costs $65 instead of $45 :( the price mark-up is quiet high.

        I don’t use hair-dryer actually! I only use it if I want to curl my hair which I really rarely do and I just borrow my friend’s haha. Doesn’t your hair tend to go frizzy using it? What do you use as a frizz tamer?

  • Nicole

    I want to try everything SW Basics! We’ve both been missing out :P

  • So funny I was just thinking that I was missing the Jane iredale stain as well! Such a good product. I love S.W. Basics, such a shame that the mask is limited edition and is not available in UK, just can’t justify placing another order from US only fon one product.

  • aprilmele

    I just found your blog and I am a huge fan already!! – I bought the kontex facial cloth recently and it is so soft and silky on your face. It dries amazingly fast and it doesn’t hold any smells, I give it a 10! ;-)

    • Hi April, thank you so much for your kind words :) I, too, have been using the Kontex Flax Facial Towels, and I agree they are amazing! So different from any other face cloth I have used before. I have also used the Yoshii Shirt Stripe Facial Towels and they are great as well. They are smaller, but just as soft. I will have a review of all of them up asap. Thank you for your comment! ;)

  • LL

    Lilly, did you ever try the Harry Josh dryer? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Any tips for it?


    • I am sorry, I haven’t tried it (yet, maybe I will). I ended up purchasing an Elchim 3900, which I love. Significantly less expensive, and works great.

      • LL

        Ah, okay. Dermstore is running a crazy $100 off promotion; combined with the sign-up code it came to about 50% off! I couldn’t help but jump on it; even if I return it seems worth trying. Going to try it for the first time later today.

        • Absolutely! I would have bought it, too. I would love to know how you like it, maybe before the promotion ends ;)

          • LL

            Well, it is lovely! And the accessories included with the promotion are a great addition too. Note that i am a complete amateur with hair driers but even with poor technique I think my hair looked great. I have wavy / curly hair that gets really, really big in humidity. I used Josh Rosebrook’s Nourish shampoo & conditioner then Tabitha James Kraan’s Hair oil. I was only used the drier for about 15 minutes and I still love how my hair looks today, even after a humid rainy night.

            Even though I am not used to handling driers, I thought this one was very easy and didn’t strain my arm at all. The heat was so smooth and … light in a way, it didn’t feel overwhelming, too powerful or too hot (even at higher settings). I am not sure if it is the “ion technology” or just the drier itself but most of all I noticed that it removed any frizz almost instantly! I think I may often use it to just smooth the top of my hair and avoid frizz this summer in humid, humid Chicago.