Wednesday Wishlist #5

Wednesday Wishlist #5

More things to wish for this week! Actually, one of them may already be on its way to mama…

1. Mun Skin No.1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum – This serum is meant to do exactly what its name says: give you the youthful skin you have been dreaming about! I recently discovered it while shopping on SpiritBeautyLounge and I was completely sold by the reviews I read. Then I found out that it was supermodel Anne V’s favorite facial oil and if you know who Anne V is and what her skin looks like, you are definitely going to want to try it too. The blend contains organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and Moroccan Rose Essential Oil, combined for the best anti-aging properties. You find it at Spirit Beauty LoungeAHAlife and MUNskin.

*Update* You can read my review of this serum here.

2. Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser – As you may remember from my Summer skincare routine post, I fell in love with the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser and I definitely want to purchase it. I like the cleanser so much that I have become very interested in the entire skincare line and I plan to try this daytime moisturizer. Formulated with potent levels of peptides, it promises to be a perfect makeup primer and leave the skin photo-finish smooth. I so want/need that.

3. Kjaer Weis Lip Tint Compact in Dream State Self-explanatory…

…Just kidding!, but I am sure that you are not surprised to see that Kjaer Weis is again on my wish list! I am loving everything from this makeup line and the lip tint compacts are the only products I have not tried (yet). Dream State is described as a warm nude and from the swatch on Spirit Beauty Lounge it looks like the perfect nude shade! If you look at the reviews, you will also find out that someone has repurchased it for the fourth time!

4. Osmia Organics Perfume in Teale – What an a-ma-zing scent. I went through my sample way too fast! I can’t even describe how beautiful this perfume is. It is fresh, vibrant, elegant, and floral, but not completely sweet. My husband agrees with me (and we rarely like the same perfumes) that this is the most wonderful, feminine scent we have ever smelled. This is probably one of the few perfumes that everyone would like, it is just perfect!

What is in your wish list this week?

  • I have tried a sample of Mun and it is divine, light yet nourishing, I think you will love it! Osmia perfume sound delicious xx

    • That’s good to know, I have read great reviews about that oil. I am definitely going to try it :) Osmia’s perfumes are insanely delicious love, I think that you would love them too. They have my hubby’s approval (a very rare happening!) xx

  • Great choices! I really want to try Aurelia too, particularly the cleanser, since you (and others) have raved about it so much :)

    • Such a great cleanser, I am repurchasing…probably today! Let me know what you think if you try it, I would love to hear your opinion :)

  • Nicole

    Fab list. Aurelia is on my list thanks to you :P xo

    • Thanks ;) It’s great stuff! Would love to know what you think if you try it! xx

  • Little Mokuyoubi

    Mun serum looks amazing! To put on my whishlist too!

    • I am very excited about trying MUN! It must be really great, it has many celebrity-fans! xx

  • Call It Vanity

    Mun sounds pretty lush! I’ve been using barbary fig seed oil neat for my night time moisturiser but been wanting to add a lil’ something else to it…sounds like Mun could be the one once I run out – my bottle’s still pretty full though :(

    Also been dying to try to Kjaer Weis ever since you’ve raved about it! Need more make up in my life

    Mayah x

    • Maybe I will try it soon and will be able to let you know how it works before it’s time for you to get a new facial oil… ;)

      Mayah, you need to try Kjaer Weis! It’s THAT good :) xx

  • Haha! Loved the description for the Kjaer Weis Lip Tint! I’m gonna save up for this brand :3

    What else from Kjaer Weis do you recommend?

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  • asti

    I tried a nice sample of MUN oil, oh the rose smell.. the best rose scent I have ever tried. It’s hypnotizing and addicting. It’s slightly sweeter maybe due to the blend of Prickly Pear Seed! I also love how it brightens up my skin too, it’s got a similar brightening effect as the Pai Rosehip Seed oil but I think it’s a tad lighter and my skin loves it more :) I am soo looking forward to going back to Australia and getting THIS!

  • asti

    Oh btw, you pull off nude lips really well so I’m sure the Dream State will look super lovely on you. I hope you get it asap :D

  • lipchick

    I love your blog! I am also using the Aurelia Cleansing Balm at the moment and would love to try the moisturizer!

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