Wednesday Wishlist #4

Wednesday Wishlist #4

Obviously, these Wednesday wishlists are some of my favorite posts to write. See, Like, Add, Write! Such an enjoyable activity. They are usually  items I really want either because I read lots of good things about them, or because I already know the brand and expect a great product. Onto the stuff:

1. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Demure. This is the newest lip2cheek shade and it is described as a soft pink with a hint of mauve. I am going through a pink makeup moment where I have been searching for pink makeup (blushes, lipsticks and nail polishes) to add to my collection. RMS Beauty lip2cheeks are some of the most loved “natural” blushes. They are moisturizing and easy to blend and can be used on lips too. I looove multitasking products.

2. Honoré Des Prés Vamp A NY Perfume. Although I cannot do conventional perfumes, (synthetic fragrances are my most avoided cosmetic ingredient) I do like a good natural perfume. I love essential oils and I was once into blending them to create my own custom perfume oils. Lately I have not had much time to do my favorite DIYs, so I have been searching for ready-to-use perfumes. I noticed that Vamp A NY has become very popular and from the description it looks like it could be a great match for me. Slightly sweet, a little floral, a tad spicy. Yep, that’s me.

3. Sheswai Nail Lacquer in Babe. I recently started to use Sheswai nail lacquers and I have been wearing a few of them non-stop. The formulation is great, they dry fast and look beautiful. Babe is a watermelon/coral shade and it is one of Spirit Demerson’s favorites, which means that it must be gorgeous because: (A) she has a lovely taste for beauty products and (B) because she can choose any shade she wants at her boutique, but this one is among her current picks.

Have you tried any of these products? Which ones are your most wanted at the moment?

  • I’ve been very curious about the Sheswai Nail Lacquers myself…. On my wish list the top item is probably Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Goddess :)

    • Kjaer Weis Lip Tints do look amazing! Just like everything Kjaer Weis makes… ;) Sheswai makes lovely lacquers, try them! Thank you for your comment Alla, x

  • Call It Vanity

    Have you ever gotten to just test out the Vamp NY in a shop? It’s sooo amazing, I’ve been wanting it for months! Wish they sold a mini size so I could afford it – Mayah x

    • Hi Mayah, I haven’t! I want to try it so bad. I also want to try the Coconut one. They are quite expensive, I know! I let hubby know how much I would like it ;)

  • Amber

    That perfume looks so cool! It sounds like a nice scent too! Ive been looking for some natural makeup products so the lip2cheek sound perfect!

    • Hi Amber, RMS Beauty products are a really great way to start a natural makeup collection, and the lip2cheek can double as a lipstick and a blush :) Thanks for your comment, x

  • I am in love with honore de pres perfumes but I did not like vamp, it was a bit too sweet, love l’es carrote and honore de trip are my favourites

    • Hi Tammy, I have noticed that quite a few people find Vamp a tad sweet. Did you by any chance tried the Coconut scent? That would be my other pick!

      • Yeah I have a sample of a coconut, I love it, reminds me of bounty chocolate, my other half doesn’t like coconut scents otherwise I would get it :)