Wednesday Wishlist #11

Summer Wishlist 2014

Before I get into the next installment of my Summer Beauty Essentials (I have some awesome tried and true products for part III, so stay tuned for that) I put together a list of my to be purchased asap products. If you have tried any of them please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Odacité Divine Rose & Neroli Balancing Toner Mist. I have just started to use a few Odacité products and I am truly pleased with them (the Rejuvenating Cleanser*, a cleansing milk, is so gentle and effective), so I am planning to expand my collection. You know that I am always searching for new toners to try and this formulation looks potentially balancing and soothing. I’ll admit I was sold due to the Neroli, because it is one of my favorite oils and it is very beneficial to the skin.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. When I finally realized that the only way to use my tiny Dr. Alkaitis samples (had a bunch of them!) was to simply cut the front of the tubes (I initially thought that all my samples had faulty packaging… yeah right), I went a little crazy and used them all up in a few days. Two products stood out to me above the others: the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil and the Organic Soothing Gel. To be honest, I could not wait to try it and I already bought the Soothing Gel. That stuff is awesome! It feels like you are massaging water onto the skin, it provides a light moisture, and it’s super-effective against blemishes. My fellow readers with combo and oily skin, I promise I will write a more detailed review about it because that is such a perfect product for us during Summer. The Nourishing Treatment Oil was also fabulous. It is not only formulated for the face but for hair and body as well. I only tried it on my face and hair and liked it, so I plan to get a full-size to see how it works for my skin long term.

Treat Collection Nail Polish in Dinner with Friends and Goddess. I recently discovered this nail polish brand at The Detox Market and it looks like a nail polish line worth exploring. Chic bottles that resemble Estée Lauder lacquers and a very interesting, fun selection (those reds!!). They are 5-free and thoughtfully formulated to be the least toxic possible. Dinner With Friends is a glamorous fuchsia-red, while Goddess is a shiny bright Orange Red. They look so stunning, don’t they? Which Treat Collection Nail Polish shade would you be curious to see swatches of?

MV Skincare Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic. This is one of the few products that I have not tried from MV Skincare and since I practically liked all of them, I expect this to be just as wonderful. Not sure if I should call it a cleanser or a serum, but it’s a blend of oils that is formulated for dull, congested, and sun-damaged skin (my skin can be all the above).

 What is currently on your wish list?

  • you’ll love Treat! I have ‘poppies & peonies’, ‘mint julep’ and ‘velvet and sequins’; the best part is that they last almost 8 days without chipping! :)

  • Genya Ev

    Great list of products! I had two samples of Dr.Alkaitis Soothing Gel, but funny thing is that the first worked wonders on my blemish-prone skin and the second one did absolutely nothing…so I still cannot decide if I should buy the full-size product

  • Chickweed and Blush

    Great wishlist! I Love Dr. Alkaitis products! The Soothing Gel really does help with blemishes as well as redness. I really want to try Odacite at some point..may just need to treat myself to one of the kits! :-D

  • Rachel

    The Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil is a stunner for my body. Probably one of my favorite body oils and it just wakes up my skin! Their Soothing Gel for me was not a match. It was too drying but I kept using it because it IS good for acne, UNTIL it is not. Don’t use it all the time because that is what I did and one day it just stopped working!

  • Chloe

    Ooh… This detox market looks amazing… Odacite has caught my eye…

  • You and I talked about the Odacite mist … you will love! But I didn’t know you had tried the Dr. A stuff, too! I have a little travel pack and really love the Nourishing Oil. The smell is so refreshing and green/clean. I think I will get it in the full size! I have the gel, too, but haven’t tried it yet. I am hard to sway when it comes to trying different textures … I just love my oils!

    I need to get some MV products in my testing queue! I’ve seen several of your reviews and still haven’t tried. Which one should I try first?!