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w3ll people mascara reviewW3LL People Mascara WandW3ll People Mascara

Yesterday I announced in an Instagram post that I was going to review a mascara that I am loving and a few of you guessed it right. It is the W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara. After I purchased two of the “natural” mascaras that were recently launched I was wondering if I really needed another one. Of course you and I know that I did not need it, but do you think that it stopped me from ordering the W3LL People one? Nope, and I am actually glad  that I gave in because it is awesome.

First thing I fell in love with is the wand. That is a W3LL-designed mascara wand! (sorry, I just had to say it right there). As promised by the brand, it easily reaches all the lashes and separates them nicely. The rubber wand helps to helps to prevent the clumping, and gives a clean, well-separated look to the lashes. I can’t call it a dramatic volume type of mascara, but I like the look that it gives my lashes and I have not been tempted me to reach for my individual falsies.

As with any other mascara, you simply have to play with it to understand how to get the most out of it. I like to curl my lashes, apply a first coat, and then give them a minute to dry. Then I apply a second coat and let them dry again, and  finally give my lashes a gentle squeeze with my Shu or Shiseido to keep the curl in place.

The color is a nice, deep black. The formula is also really great. I have not had any issues with smudging or flaking, except for a little flaking after I apply a third or a fourth coat of mascara and squeeze again with my curler. At that point the mascara has set, is dry, and the squeezing makes a few tiny flakes fall out. However that has happened to me with every non-waterproof mascara that I have used, “natural” and otherwise.

Lastly, my fellow sensitive noses, this mascara has no offensive scent to it and it has not irritated my eyes a single bit. For me, W3LL People Mascara passes the test with flying colors and is now my mascara of choice.

These are the ingredients:

aqua, cera alba (beeswax)*, stearic acid, copernicia cerifera (brazil wax), cera/ copernicia cerifera (carnuba wax)*, castor isostearate (castor oil), beeswax succinate, dehydroacetic acid, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, benzyl alcohol, palm glycerides, tocopherol, helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, geraniol, limonene. May contain + / – : ci77499 (iron oxide). *Certified Organic

Available at The Detox Market.

By looking at the photos, what do you think? Have any of you tried it yet? If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will try my best to reply asap.

  • Looks great, however I wonder how the mascara compares to those by Kjaer Weis and RMS beauty. Does the one by W3ll People offer more length and volume than the others or about the same? When I look at your pics with the mascara from Kjaer Weis I can’t see that big of a difference.

    • Hi Julchen, thank you for your question. The W3LL People and Kjaer Weis mascaras give a similar effect. I find that the W3LL People mascara wand helps to get a little more thickening at the root of the lashes and grabs every tiny lash. I might do some comparison swatches in the future, as well as a review of the RMS Beauty mascaras.
      Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in a mascara?

      • I want a mascara that adds some volume and length. I tried the one by Kjaer Weis but it doesn’t work for me at all, I also have the RMS defining one and really like it. I think I will stick with it.

  • Wow your lashes look great!

  • environment11

    Thanks for this! I can’t wait to try it out…I’m sure it’s going to be my new favorite! Katie – GPJ

  • Cindy Bokma

    Gorgeous eye makeup! I really want to try this mascara! XOXOX

  • Love your eye makeup!<3

  • tianna

    sounds lovely ! I’ve been wanting this one for awhile ♥

  • Bambi Organics

    che bello :) sembra molto buono *_*

  • N

    Of the RMS, Kjaer Weis, and W3LL People, which do you like the most! thank you :)

  • P L

    do you know if there are any mascaras without palm oil?

  • Nina

    I’ve been very curious about this mascara ever since they launched it, but was waiting for a stellar review to come out to help me justify spending the money to switch from my current ok-performing clean mascara. Your review came at the perfect time because I was almost running out! I got my W3ll People mascara in the mail last night and tried it out this morning and could not be more pleased. The color is great, the application is easy and the staying power is working great so far! THANK YOU for this awesome review–this is definitely my new go-to mascara!

    • Hi Nina! Thank you so much for sharing, I am so glad you love it too! Enjoy :)

  • Élora

    What eyeliner are you using? The line is just perfect! And I have the W3LL People mascara and I love it! I find that you can put multiple coats for added impact and it doesn’t cake or smudge. I find it perfect! :)

    • Hi Elora, thanks so much for sharing! I am glad you love this mascara too :)

      In order to get a clean line I always use pencil first and liquid liner on top. I used Zuzu liquid liner in Raven, curled my lashes, applied mascara, and then I went back with Zuzu to fill in the spots where the curler took the line off ;)

  • Jana

    Thank you for your review. I must know: is the lipstick you’re wearing Ilia’s Hold Me Now? And is it the same one you are wearing in the Instagram shots (the mascara one and then one with the off-shoulder top)?

    • Hi Jana! Yes, I am wearing Hold me Now but I mixed it with Ilia Beauty Humble Me to get a bit more coverage. Hold me Now is beautiful but very sheer so I mix it with other products.
      It’s not the same color I am wearing in that photo on Instagram. I am pretty sure that I was wearing the Jane Iredale lip pencil that I included in my February Favorites (you can click here to read the post) I hope this helps! <3

  • Makenna

    Hi! I bought this mascara and absolutely love it! Except for the fact that I do get smudging when I put it on my bottom lashes. Do you only coat your top lashes or both with this mascara? Thanks!

    • Hi Makenna, I don’t always use mascara on my bottom lashes, however I have not had smudging problems with this mascara. Do you use several coats?

      If you keep having the same problem and you don’t want to repurchase it you can try the Kjaer Weis mascara. I have used that one in extreme heat & humidity and never had smudging problems. It’s very expensive, but if you don’t mind you can buy the refill without the sleeve, which costs as much as the W3ll People mascara. Let me know how it goes!

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