Skincare Routine – Summer

Skincare Update #1

Morning Routine

Pai Camellia and Rose Cleanser. I like to use this cleanser every morning to start my routine. It is a gentle product but it cleanses deeply. It does not dry the skin, nor leave a greasy film on it.

Pai Echium Eye Cream. I have already raved about this one before (reviewed here). This is an excellent, lightweight cream that nourishes the eye area without irritating. It is soothing and hydrating, and makes my eye area feel very refreshed.

Pai Geranium and Thistle Moisturizer. This is my favorite moisturizer to prepare skin before makeup. It leaves the skin moisturized but slightly matte. Although it does not contain silicones, it makes the skin very smooth so that makeup can glide on without creating patches. Intensive Brightening Mask*. Since I received this mask, I have been using twice a week as recommended. I like to leave it on as an intensive treatment if I am staying at home, while I rinse it off after 15 minutes if I have to go out. Especially if used in combination with the Brightening Toner, this is an incredible brightening treatment (review to come).

Evening Routine

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser* I just started to use this recently. I ran out of my Pai cleanser the night before, so this one arrived just in time. The moment I used it, I fell for it. The texture is simply perfect, being creamy but lightweight. I am going to write a full review about this product, because it is a 5 star product.

Marie Veronique Organics Facial Mist + Anti Aging Oil*. I started to use this combo recently, but it has worked wonders already. I am not specifically looking for the anti-aging benefits/results, but these two products have been making my skin look really good. (I will review the whole anti-aging kit). I spray the mist on my cleansed face and then massage some oil while the skin is still damp. It feels really good. The moment I apply it my skin looks pretty oily but by the time I wake up the oil is completely absorbed and my skin looks plumped. I also apply the oil on my under-eye area as a night treatment. The mist smells incredible. Great stuff.

I am so glad I finally found some time to write this post. I have been very busy, but I am trying lots of new great products and I cannot wait to share them with you! Have YOU changed your skincare routines since Summer arrived?

*PR Sample

  • asti

    How lovely to see your skin care routine up in your blog. You have really great products! I am itching to try Aurelia, what are you planning to try from them next?

    And how good is the brightening mask from Amala until you can notice a difference?

    • Hi Asti, Thank you! I have been paying more attention to my skin and I can see the difference. Aurelia’s miracle cleanser is so lovely that I would like to try more from Aurelia. Possibly the night moisturizer. The ingredients in that product look fantastic, such as Borage Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, etc.

      The Amala mask is definitely a good brightening product, but as far as lightening my dark spots I cannot say that I am already seeing results. I am only using it twice a week and I have not had it for a long time, so I am sure that the time has not been long enough to see a change. However, when I use this mask and then I spray my face with the brightening mist my skin looks so young and bright. It’s beautiful.

      Are you using any really great skincare products right now?

  • Ana Green

    Lovely routine, already a fan of Pai and Aurelia would love to try Amala now :) x

    • Thanks Ana. Amala is another great brand. As I mentioned, the brightening toner is one of my favorites, it really brightens the skin! Good stuff :) What did you try from Aurelia?

  • Melanie

    Hi Lilly, i am using a sample of the Aurelia night cream at the moment. The smell is amazing, i love it! The cream does not penetrate so easily but then you get a soft skin! I’d love to try the Revitalise & Glow serum! Thanks for your post about your beauty routine!

    • Hi Melanie, thank you for sharing your experience with the Aurelia Night Moisturizer. I have been thinking about trying that one products because I like the ingredients in it. The Revitalise and Glow Serum should be another great one. Do you plan on trying the Miracle Cleanser? Let me know if you do!

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Daniella

    great skincare routine! all those products seem like amazing quality!!

    • Thank you Daniella, they definitely are amazing. Thanks for your comment, xx

  • Britanie

    Lovely post! I seriously need to try Pai. They look so wonderful!

    • Hi Britanie, Pai is really great, especially for sensitive skin. Give it a try! xx

  • I stuck with MVO Anti-Aging oil for a very, very long time. It’s a really good anti-aging oil, it softened the fine lines around my mouth after consistent use. Recently, I’m thinking of trying out a new facial oil, though, not because I feel MVO doesn’t for me anymore but just because I want to be able to try more. :)

    Eco Beauty Secrets

    • Hi Vivi, I totally understand why you would use this oil for a long time, it is truly amazing! I have noticed a drastic improvement in the appearance of my skin!

      Thank you for your comment, and let me know if you find something that you like as much as you like the MVOrganics one! :)

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  • Melanie

    Hi, me again!
    I had a look since your post, and i am starting to interested in MVO products! Have you tried other products from this brand? I am using the Tata Harper deluxe beauty set at the moment and i really enjoy it! Are you a Tata’s fan?

    • Hi Melanie, it’s nice to hear from you again!

      Except a few tiny samples, I haven’t tried any Tata Harper’s products, but I plan on doing it. Is there anything in particular that you like from her line and would recommend?

      MVO’s products have been really impressive so far. I am also using another two products from the anti-aging line, and I will publish a review of the whole anti-aging kit soon. These two I mentioned in my most recent posts are working really great for me, but the other two are very good products too (exfoliating cleanser and tinted moisturizer with SPF 30).

      Thank you for your comment!

      • Melanie

        Hi there, i would recommend the Repairative Moisturizer. It is a silky moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin.
        Now i am looking for some MVO products in UK!

  • Sharon

    It seems like you like Pai as much as I do. I love that company and I don’t want to use anything else. Sadly my skin is still imbalanced but I don’t believe it has anything to do with the products I’m using.

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  • Manuela

    Hi Lilly! I have started following your blog for a while and really enjoy the info and advice you share with us!
    Just as curiosity, have you ever tried products from 100% Pure brand? I saw that their eye creams have good reviews and I was wondering what you think..
    Many thanks!

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  • Juliet

    Hi Lilly, Do you have a fall/winter skincare routine coming up?

  • Lydia

    Nice post! I am a huge fan of yuli products and I also like kahina (eyeserum, lotion).

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  • Dani

    Do you have a sunscreen you use?