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Tatcha Blotting Papers RMS Beauty Un Powder


You can now read my full review of the RMS Beauty Un Powder here.

In having to struggle with combination/oily skin for about a year now, I decided to embrace the fight and look for the best tools available to keep shine at bay. Aside from appropriate skincare, I found two products that have made a significant difference and have kept me completely shine-free.

First, I discovered the Tatcha Blotting Papers, that I recently reviewed for you here. No matter how shiny I get, one of these papers can wipe all the shine away. These in the photos above are the Evening type, which is smaller in size compared the the Original ones, but is very absorbent. I use these mostly on no-makeup or no-foundation days, when I am not setting my face with the magical powder I am going to mention next.

The RMS Beauty “Un” Powder. My new BFF! This is the most effective setting powder I have ever tried. I use the tiniest amount mainly on the center of my face and forehead and it keeps my skin mattified all day long. It is made of 100% silica, milled to perfection. Since I started to use it I have not experienced any shine, even in this super hot and humid Summer weather (it was 95 degrees here today, 35 Celsius!) so I know for sure already that I am going to repurchase this product over and over again.

Do you use anything specific to control shine? What is your experience with silica powders? Please share in the comment section below!

  • Christina

    Love your blog – new follower on bloglovin :)

    Christina xx

    • Thank you Christina, that is very sweet of you to say :) I will be checking out yours, xx

  • I’m usually fine, but I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a little shiny mid-day since the weather’s warmed up too! I have silica I got back when I was picking up ingredients for DIY projects…it’s not the RMS, but I’ll have to try it as a setting powder! Have you had any whitecast issues taking photos with the RMS?

    • Hey Caitie, I have not noticed any whitecast issues, but I plan on taking some before/after photos and publish them, I think they could be helpful! In my opinion what makes this powder different from the plain silica that you can purchase for DIY projects is that is milled differently. It is sooo perfect. I will review it more in depth so you can get more information about it :) Thank you for your comment! xx

      • Thanks for the info! I’ve seen a couple comparisons between the silica microspheres I have and the MUFE HD powder, which is also just silica, and they’re supposed to be quite comparable. Not sure if the RMS if more finely milled than that one, but either way, I’m going to give what I have a go first. I’ve been getting by with blotting, but it’d be nice not to have to!

        • Awesome, let me know how it works with the silica microspheres! I would love to know :)

  • Sydney Skillen

    Love this blog <3

    I used to have extremely oily skin until I started to consistently use the oil cleansing method. Have you ever tried it? I would really recommend it for you. It kind of works as a trick to get your skin to think that it's producing enough oil so it starts to cut back. I thought that I would have to continue to use it forever to keep my oil in balance but now I am finding that my skin is getting on the dry side (it's a miracle to me!) so I've stopped using it and now I only have to wash my face once a day and I have no oily problems unless I wear makeup :)

    • Thank you Sydney!

      I have read about the oil cleansing method, but I have been so frightened at the idea of messing with my skin that I haven’t actually tried it. How long did it take for your skin to adjust to the oils and change to normal? I would love to know that. Also, did you use castor oil?

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment :)

      • Sydney Skillen

        Oh of course, no problem :)

        I have used coconut, hazelnut, olive, castor, and macadamia nut oils in varying combinations to wash my face with since about late summer of last year. But over the course of this time I never consistently used the method because I was still testing out clean beauty products for my face which included face wash. While my acne was clearing up and my over all oily-ness was reducing, my skin was still suffering. Then about a month ago I purchased sweet almond oil and my skin sang hallelujah! In just 2 weeks my skin was balancing out and then feeling dry after cleansing it. I have no idea why the almond oil is so compatible with my skin but because it sounds like our skin types are similar, I’m thinking that it could work for you too :)

        Also about the castor oil… I found it to be SO drying and I would not recommend it. It sounds like a good idea for those of us with oily skin but it just feels stripping and unhealthy to me.

        Sorry for this novel of a comment, I hope this is helpful Lilly!

        • I appreciate your comment Sydney, and you are being very helpful!
          I was thinking about trying with 10% castor and 90% sweet almond. What do you think about that?
          Also, which cleanser are you using when you are not deep cleansing with oils?

          • Sydney Skillen

            Yeah that sounds good but I do think that you should opt for Jamaican Black Castor Oil versus the regular kind. I just learned this but it’s basically the raw unrefined version with more nutrients still intact.

            I’m cleansing my face with a mixture of organic rice flour and powdered whole goat’s milk. I mix it with water until its a paste consistency, apply to my skin and let it sit like a mask for about 15 min every night. Then I wet my hands massage it in (the rice flour makes it gently exfoliating) and rinse off. Both ingredients are doing an awesome job at brightening my acne scars and softening my skin :)

          • This mask recipe sounds amazing. So natural! I have to say, I love being able to just grab a bottled cleanser, but if this is effective, then it may be worth the work :)
            Thank you for ll your great suggestions!

          • Sydney Skillen

            I love love love the mask but it can be a hassle and I totally agree about the ease of having a bottled cleanser. I’m actually planning on weaning myself off of my DIY mask to see if I can pull off just washing with water and maybe a washcloth then doing a face mask a couple times a week to keep my pores clean. I think you just have to see where your skin is at after a few weeks then decide. Maybe you could even go back to your original cleanser and just wash once a day or so?

            You are so welcome :) If you have any questions I’m always happy to answer…I hope everything works out great for you!

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