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RMS Beauty Un Powder Review Genuine Glow

In case you missed this week’s previous two posts, I have been going through my stash of “unsung heroes”. I wrote more in depth reviews of some products that have been favorites of mine for a while, but did not receive all the praise that they deserve. Today’s protagonist is the RMS Beauty “Un” powder, which I mentioned as one of my two Summer weapons to stay shine-free. Although the hottest days of the year are gone, my oily T-Zone is still very much in need of it!

The Un-powder is a loose powder made of 100% silica, which is oil-absorbent. You may be already familiar with another popular setting powder that is made of 100% silica, the MUFE HD Setting Powder. However, the un-powder is made of spherical-cut silica, which is meant to be less hazardous than sharp-cut silica (like the MUFE one).

As far as the shade, the powder is translucent and so finely milled that becomes completely transparent when applied on the skin. A question that I get asked very often is whether or not this powder leaves a white residue on my face, because silica powders can leave a white cast in photos under flash lights. Although this powder is light-reflective, I have not noticed any white cast in my photos (did you notice anything like that in the photos I published on the blog?) and I am convinced that it depends on the amount applied. I get the tiniest amount possible on the tip of my fluffy face brush and only pat it on the center of my forehead, nose, sides of my nose, and chin. Even though the amount that I use is very little, it is enough to keep my skin completely matte all day long. In addition to making my skin completely matte, the powder also makes my skin look better, by softening the appearance of certain imperfections, such as fine lines and pores. No caked or dry-looking skin, just a smooth and “velvety” feel. It is also perfect to set concealer and certain creamy products like cream shadows (if you have oily lids like moi this is a saviour!) and makes each product stay on longer and better.

If you have oily skin this may really, really make your beauty life much easier.

You can find the “Un” Powder at The Detox Market.

You can also check out the newest, tinted version of the Un Powder here.

  • I’ve tried so many powders here and there but I have more dry skin and also look somewhat cake-y no matter what. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I need to matte my foundation! (:

    • Hi Ella, you won’t be disappointed! Let me know your thoughts if you get to try it! ;)

  • Yvonne

    I have the MUFE HD Setting Powder, which I can only use very sparingly under the eyes as I unfortunately get little bumps if I use it anywhere else on my skin – a pity as I like it otherwise. I wonder whether the RMS “Un” Powder will be any different since it’s spherical-cut? I am tempted to try but don’t want to be left with another big jar of powder that will take me years to finish!

    Also wanted to say that I love your blog, from the products featured to the photos and general layout.

    • Hi Yvonne, thank you so much for your kind words, you made my day! :)

      I totally understand your concern about this powder, and if I was in your shoes I would order a jar and test out the product right away. If it didn’t work, I would return it promptly. Spirit Beauty Lounge has a very good ‘return’ policy, but make sure you read it before making any purchase so you don’t risk wasting your money! Otherwise, you could order a small sample. Spirit offers a customized sample kit for 25 dollars that ships for free.

      Of course, I think that there is a chance that you may experience the same reaction, since the ingredient is the same :(

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have more questions!

  • I absolutely adore this stuff! I have no idea what I did before it came into my life… ;)
    I love the way it makes skin feel! really like velvet, I have to stop myself stroking my first at first ;) xo

    • Hi Annabel, I feel the same way about this powder! I was so skeptical at first, but I am so glad I tried it! Thank you for your comment :)


    Another amazing review Lily–can’t thank you enough! Have you tried the bronzer yet? xoxo

    • No worries at all, thank YOU for making such a great product! I have not tried the bronzer (yet!) xo

  • flo

    Hi Lily,
    Do you put it on top of your Afterglow foundation or before?

    • Hi Flo, I put it on top. I just use a tiny amount exactly where I need it ;)

  • I totally need to pick this up next time I make an order with SBL. I have significantly less oil control issues since I started using facial oils and RMS Uncover Up doesn’t make me oily like everything else under the sun I’ve tried, but that darn T-zone!

    • Hi Katie, I definitely know what you mean! This powder will probably make you forget that you have an oily T-Zone…until you take the makeup off ;) Let me know what you think if you try it!

  • You’re so right Sonja! This product is genius ;)

  • asti

    I agree! This is the only powder that I will ever use to set my make-up, take away the shine without any white-cast because it truly is translucent! Makes my face velvety soft and lasts all day for me too. I love Un Cover Up alone but it can get too dewy for my liking at times, so this powder really goes hand in hand. Lovely review :)

    • Thank you love! Not sure what I would do without it, I get so oily sometimes :S

  • juliet

    is silica the only ingredient in this powder?

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  • murt

    Hey – thanks for the link to your blog – I came here from into the gloss! Great review, but honestly I don’t buy the ‘spherical’ v. ‘sharp’ cut claim – I don’t see how silica powder used for cosmetic purposes could be processed any differently from product to product. If there is any evidence to back up the claim though, I’d be interested.

    Anyway – I really like your site and I’ll definitely check out your other posts!

    • Hi murt! Thanks so much for stopping by, I am glad you like the blog. You made an interesting point. I, too, would love to know if there is any evidence to back up the claim! I could definitely ask RMS ;)

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  • Hi Lilly!
    i’ve bought this powder after reading your review and i now i need your help :)
    in fact this is the first loose powder in my life so i have no idea – what’s the best way to apply it?! i’ve read many reviews – someone says with kabuki brush, someone – with cotton pad or the puff
    could you be so kind to explain me step by step the way you use it? do you apply it on bare skin or on your foundation. Or do you use your normal powder first?

    thank you!

    • Hi Maria, I mainly use this powder to keep my forehead and nose from looking shiny/oily. I also use it to set some creamy makeup products, such as cream eye shadows, to help with preventing the creasing.
      The brush that I use to apply the Un-powder is the bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush. It’s made with natural goat hair (but it’s cruelty-free), and I think that a brush is the easiest tool to apply a powder like this one. If you choose to use a brush made with synthetic hair, make sure to tap excess powder off the brush, as synthetic hair tend to pick up more product.
      This is what I do. If I am wearing a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, I apply the powder after my foundation is done. If I am wearing a mineral foundation like my favorite one by Afterglow cosmetics, I still apply this powder on top of the mineral foundation. I don’t usually wear the powder when I am not wearing any makeup.
      As for the application, I dip the brush into a very, very small amount of powder and then apply it to my face, only in the areas that I want to keep matte.
      It leaves a nice velvety finish, and no I don’t use any other powder because this one does an amazing job at keeping my skin matte.
      I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any more questions! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ;)

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  • Natalia

    hi Lilly! Love your blog and photos:) has the tinted powder the same qualities? I tried it on bare face in a store, but did not understand it:) bought un cover up, it impressed me more:)

    • Hi Natalia, I just saw this old comment. Thank you for your kind words and sorry for the delay. The tinted Un Powder works just as well as the colorless version, but it offers a light coverage, too. The only problem is that it comes in only three shades. If you can find a good match, it’s worth trying. I am glad the Un Cover Up works well for you! Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • lisa

    wondering if I ought to try the tinted unpowder instead of original. Does anyone have any experience with them both and preferences?

    • Hi Lisa, I have tried three different Un-Powders (colorless, tinted 0-1, and tinted 2-3) and I prefer the tinted one (I wear shade 2-3). It only provides very light coverage, but blends beautifully into the skin and slightly warms up my complexion. If you can find a good match, it’s awesome! Otherwise, the colorless powder works great, too.