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Rahua Voluminous Shampoo Reviews

Rahua’s Voluminous Shampoo is a product that I wanted to try from the first time I saw it. However, I was somehow thrown off by some of the reviews I read on the web and I kept postponing my purchase. Until I published my review of the Yarok – Feed Your Volume Shampoo and I received a quite a few emails and comments requesting that I compare the two. In particular, most people seem to be interested in finding out – which one is better? Yarok or Rahua?

The Rahua shampoo that I tried and I am still using is the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo, not the “original” Rahua Shampoo. I have fine, straight hair that tends to get flat so whenever a product promises volume, I make sure to check it out, even though I may not end up purchasing it because of some funny chemicals in it. In addition to having straight hair, I also use face oils every night so I tend to get oil in my hair and need to wash it frequently (quite annoying, but not enough to give up face oils). Anyway, I did not feel like committing to the full size, so I purchased a travel size from The Detox Market, and I was able to quickly make my mind up about it.

My opinion is that Rahua Voluminous is a fabulous shampoo. I was so impressed with how soft my hair felt after washing it (I do not even use conditioner!). I suppose that the Ungurahua oil that this shampoo contains truly restores, heals, and moisturizes the hair. As far as volume goes, I do not see any extra boost at the roots, but I do see that my hair gets full of body. Clean, soft, shiny and bouncy.

As for the texture, Rahua Voluminous has a thick gel consistency, I only need to use a small amount to get a good lather. A small quantity is enough to clean all of my hair. The scent is herbaceous, pleasant, and goes away with the rinsing. No residue is left in the hair, and most importantly, it does not dry my hair nor my scalp. In a few words, it is really lovely.


Aqua, herbal infusion (camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract*, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) extract*, coco betaine, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, sea salt, saccharum officinarum (molasses) extract, glycerin, caprylic acid, glycine, oenocapus bataua (rahua, unguarahua) oil, hydrolyzed quinoa, potassium sorbate (plant derived), lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, panthenol, chlorophyll. *Certified Organic

Bottom line is, I love it. I am purchasing a full size right away. If you want to try it too you can check it out at The Detox Market. As for the comparison between Rahua and Yarok, I will provide you with a post all about my favorite shampoos and how they compare to each other. Stay tuned!

  • Lisa

    I have fine hair myself and also not a lot of it, so volume is always something I’m after. I used both, the original Rahua and the volumizing one, and I have to say I definitely prefer the original one. It makes my hair feel amazing and really bouncy and it falls perfectly into place. Not saying, that the volumizing one isn’t great but for me the original works better. You should give it a try aswell ;)

    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your suggestion, it was so kind of you to share your experience! I will definitely try that one too ;)

  • flo

    As always thank you for taking the time to write reviews for your readers. I got a sample of the “regular version” when I purchased stuff from NuboNau. It gave me volume that none other shampoos could (not even Acure pure mint). I, too, have straight, oily, and fine hair. Rahua regular shampoo also gave me an extra day without shampooing my hair like the experience you had with Yaro. I will definitely try the one you reviewed above giving that the regular version already did wonder for me. Thank you so much. Flo

    • Hi Flo, thank YOU for taking the time to leave a comment and share your experience. It is very helpful! I learn so much from all my readers’ comments: new products, experiences, tips… so thank you. I plan on trying the regular Rahua next, although I am already very happy with the voluminous one. Will definitely write about it once I do ;)

  • Poppy

    I have this shampoo and the conditioner. I was very impressed with the volume it gave my very fine hair. Maybe I should try it without the conditioner as recently I found my hair was too fly away. I changed to another shampoo which helped but go back to this one when I feel my hair has got used to the other one.

    I used this non stop at the beginning it was only after several months I found I needed to take a break from the rich oils and use a volume one specifically for fine hair. I love the shampoo just can’t use it repeatedly.

    Your hair is much better than mine! Another lovely review thank you

    • Thank you Poppy! I use a lot of oils in my hair, so I stay away from conditioner. I find that oils, used as a mask, are more beneficial to my hair while conditioner weighs them down…try to skip the conditioner, and let me know if it works for you! ;)

  • Happy Locks

    wow, it sounds promising. I am going to try it out. Thanks xx

    • Do it! It’s awesome ;)

  • asti

    Unfortunately the Volumizing duo only works on the first time I used it.. I was so happy with the result that I purchased the full size right away but the result wasn’t there anymore. And the shampoo irritated my face.. not sure what it is in there. I ended up liking the original one though! It can weigh my hair down since it is very hydrating but it is such a treat for once in a week treatment and makes my hair veeery soft. I also quite like the motor oil like smell haha. Must be from Palo Santo EO?! I love the Trial Size bag, so useful!

    • Oh no! Are you allergic to some of the oils in it? I am going to use the original one next and see how it works for me… haven’t smelled it yet, but that sounds a bit scary! x

      • asti

        Not sure! It was just very irritating. I couldn’t see anything that I could be allergic to, maybe it was the portion of a certain eo? Yess yess let me know how you like the original one for sure! hahah the scent does sound a bit scary, I guess it is very woodsy, crisp and has that effect of when smelling Vicks (but not in an eucalyptus kind of way). I don’t know maybe it’s just my smelling……

  • Bambi Organics

    Ciao Lily :) anche io ho apprezzato moltissimo questo shampoo ma avendo i capelli secchi non è il massimo in questo periodo, da me fa molto freddo ormai.
    Invece ho comprato le mini sizes dell’altra versione ma devo ancora provarli.
    Quello che non ho gradito tanto è il profumo, è davvero forte e diverso da questo che hai provato. Bisogna abituarsi..per me sa un po di legno marcio hahah.
    Un bacio cara!

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