My Top 4 Face Moisturizers

top four face moisturizers

I would gladly wear my beloved face oils in the daytime, but thanks to the sub-tropical climate in which I live, I found out that oils and water (okay, sweat) do not mix very well together. Not to mention that I occasionally like to wear makeup, which means that the mixing becomes even more unpleasant. Therefore, during the daytime I rely on water-based moisturizers that are compatible with my skin type (combination) and that do not aggravate, but instead calm the ever-present redness that I have on my cheeks.

1. MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser. (Review here). I have been using this moisturizer for about eight months and I am still very much in love with it for multiple reasons. First, it moisturizes the skin well and it feels very soothing. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and calm. Second, it is non-greasy and has a matte finish. It’s absolutely perfect under makeup and my skin does not sweat it out (have you have experienced that sudden face sweating following the application of a moisturizer? This cream does not cause that). Third, it is balancing. It agrees with both my oily T-Zone and my easily irritated cheeks. Lastly, it smells beautiful, like fresh roses. I am on bottle number two and will repurchase again when I am out of it.

2. MV Skincare Oxygen Formula Moisturiser*. The texture of this one is very similar to the Rose Soothing and Protective moisturizer, but the Oxygen formula has been formulated to specifically benefit tired, stressed, and sun-damaged skin. I find it to be slightly more rich than the Rose one, but still not greasy at all. Works equally great under makeup and smells heavenly, so much that I wish they made a perfume with this scent.

3. Kahina Facial Lotion*. This is the most lightweight of the bunch, and it works so beautifully under mineral powder foundation. The texture is very light, yet it makes my skin feel hydrated and soft. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps my skin to stay supple and smooth throughout the day, and  also contains Argan oil, which does magic to my skin (balancing and blemish-healing). If you haven’t found an extra light, comfortable moisturizer to use during warm Spring and Summer days, this is definitely the one to try.

4. Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream*. This moisturizer combines Geranium, which is known to be very beneficial to acne-prone skin types, and Thistle, which helps with reducing large pores. Although the texture is rich, it actually sets completely matte and makes a great base for makeup. A few months ago Pai’s moisturizers were all given a packaging makeover, and they now come in frosted glass bottles with an airless pump, which make the product last longer and allows use up to the last drop of cream.

Finally, I wanted to answer a question that I was asked quite often recently, and that is – where can you find MV Skincare in the US. The entire MV Skincare collection is available at The Detox Market online, and at their physical locations in LA and Toronto (lucky you if you can visit their shop in person!)

Have you successfully used any of the moisturizers I mentioned? I am very happy with these four I listed, but I have my eye on the Dr. Alkaitis Day Cream next. A tiny sample left me wanting more… have you tried that one?

EDIT: Check out my new favorite moisturizing, oil-free serum in this post. It is one of the best skincare products I have ever used.

*PR Sample

  • To this day haven’t found a moisturiser that suits my skin, i much prefer oils like yourself but can get away with it living in a colder climate! (UK) Nevertheless i still want to find a good moisturiser so i mat try out the Pai, like the new packaging, very sleek.xx

  • Laura

    Nice post. I like the kahina lotion a lot but wish it would not contain the honeysuckle preservative, which some say acts like parabens in the body and leaves me a bit confused. For me, the mv cremes are too rich although I have dry skin and live in a colder climate (they also contain the honeysuckle). The pai creme is lovely, but I personally find the scent a bit intense (geranium, tea tree etc). I use yuli’s liquid courage as my am serum; it sinks in nicely on my skin and follow with an spf (still searching a good one…). I mainly use cremes on top of my oil serums in winter when my skin is extra dry.

    • Alyssa

      If you’re looking for great SPF- try the eminence red current moisturizer. The brand has other ones you can try depending on your skin type but this is my fav! ( combination skin, tendency towards hormonal acne, fair skin) it is SPF 30, has a mattifying effect so it’s great under makeup but it’s moisturizing enough for my dry cheeks! My skin has improved so much with their line. They also have a tinted one I’m dying to try!

  • I love the Pai cream! one of my favourites! I ran out a few months ago but decided not to repurchase just yet as I have a few others to get through first.. but I miss it! I would absolutely love to try MV also, the rose cream sounds so lovely. xx

  • I absolutely LOVE my Kahina Facial Lotion, although I always like trying new ones too. Maybe I’ll give the Pai one or the MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer a try next!

  • Julie Makela

    I absolutely love your blog!!! I just discovered it a few days ago and enjoy reading it daily!! I just purchased my first yuli products! An elixir the liquid courage the cleanser and the lip serum!!! Yeah I kind of splurged hee hee! I currently use May Lindstroms the clean dirt and problem solver which I am in love with and cannot do without

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  • Bambi Organics

    La marca MV mi attira assai..l’ho qui in EU da Content Beauty..mi sa proprio che la proverò :)
    Di Pai adoro la crema con jojoba e avocado ❤


  • Vicky

    Hi, I think finally somebody talks about the sweating. I have combination so I know I will anyway, during the day, have an oily zone. I live in Belgium and we can have a very windy weather with 80% of humidity during, both summer and winter. I seemingly get along better with gels but somehow my skin gets dehydrated with the winds and being in the metro. I hate to have that horrible feeling of passing my hand on my forehead, it is not oil, it is sweat, and the creams (with oil) generally never sink in and the fat remain on top suffocating me and making the feeling of sweat even more unbearable. I think for me it is problem to be both combination (dehydrated to oily). I had bought the testers and with Pai, I still find it did not sink in. Maybe I should give a try to the other ones you mention, just not good for the pockets to try so much…aside, maybe you can make a post on that ‘sweating out feeling’ and what dehydrated/combination/acne prone skins might need. Any serums or exfoliators we might need as well? I was redirected after reading your facial mist :)

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