Monthly Favorites: May

May Favorite Products 2013
Surprisingly, my May list is a short one. I only picked the products that I really have been the most excited about.

The first item is definitely my new favorite eye cream, the Pai Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream. I have already written a review about it, and I can definitely confirm that it is working great for me. I have been using it day and night, and it not only feels nice, but I have also noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my eye area. In addition to the eye cream, I also started to use the Pai Cleanse and Tone kit, which has quickly become a favorite as well. I am particularly enjoying using cleanser+toner, which reminds of the classic combo cleansing milk+toner that I grew up using. In fact, I do not remember ever taking my makeup off with any type of soap until a few years ago. I do plan to write an in-depth review of the Pai Kit, as I believe it could be very helpful to a lot of people, especially those with sensitive skin.

As for makeup, my new Ilia Beauty Lip Crayon in Dress You Up has been my absolute favorite lip color of the month, (together with my oldie, but goodie Nobody’s Baby). The newest addition to my favorites is the RMS Beauty Cream Shadow in Karma. A gorgeous dark brown that can be used for subtle to strong smoky eye. I have found it to be very long-wearing, despite being an oil based cream eyeshadow.

This is it for May and I am looking forward to writing about June! I just started to use two new serums that I am already crazy in love with. Hint: Lina Hanson.

  • asti

    Hello! Can’t wait to read your review on Lina Hanson facial oil.. I am really planning to get it but I am quite unsure about the texture and everything. What do you think it is best for? SBL thinks it’s best for people who are in between 25-30 yrs old with skin that is on the drier side.

    As always, loving your products. But what is that red lip Ilia colour?

    Pai is a great brand with simple and straight-forward ingredients. They smell really nice and calming too. Even though I had a reaction towards their sensitive skin cream, I really like their cleanser and balancing skin cream.

    • Hi Asti! I do plan on writing my Lina Hanson Global Face Serum review soon. So far, I love it! I agree with SBL that it might be more suited for people with drier skin, but I have combination skin and have not experienced any oiliness nor breakouts :)

      As for Pai, I am using the same balancing cream that you like. Do you have combination/oily skin? (I am hoping to find a “skin-buddy”, somebody with similar skin type to mine) :) Anyway, I too like the cleanser a lot and I am very glad I found Pai because my skin is “feeling” much better!

      Thank you for your comment! xx

      • asti

        Wonderful! There are times with facial oils where my skin just agrees with something that is meant for really drier skin types, and instead disagrees with a straight-up oil such as Argan!

        Love Pai balancing cream although I have only tried a few of the samples. I am planning to purchase it when summer time hits. My skin type is normal to dry, blemish prone and sensitive. I stick to calming range most of the times. I do, however, get slightly oily if my skin feels super dehydrated!

  • Ila

    Ah I can’t wait to try Ilia’s brand..I just had a look at the website and unfortunately in Uk there are only to retailers which sell their products but you haven’t got much choice of what’s available..
    Anyway lovely review, as usual and happy May!

    Ila x

    • Well actually there are 3 retailers, naturisimo, mise beauty, being content. And being content stocks the whole range

      • Thanks for sharing the info love! xx

      • Ila

        Tammy thank you so much for this, I’m happy now :)

    • Thank you Ila! I am glad that Tammy gave you some more options below! :)

  • Gayle

    If I keep reading your blog, I’m going to end up with the entire Ilia collection and be absolutely broke! LOL.

    • LOL. I rarely buy the same product in more than a couple shades, but Ilia is a different story!

  • Britanie

    Every time I come to your blog I add more products to my wishlist!!!! I love your reviews and photos. I am seriously dying to try the Ilia lip crayons! I have yet to try anything from the brand yet!


    • I can imagine you would look fantastic with one of their red lipsticks, tinted lip conditioners or even the 99 Red Balloons lip crayon :)

  • PureMakeup

    All the Pai stuff looks great, I have been aware of the brand for a while but haven’t tried anything. I love the packaging. And is it the Lina Hanson Global Body Serum? I just got that too and the scent is amazing!!

    • Hi Mary! I am completely satisfied with every single Pai product I have tried. So gentle on the skin, yet so effective at cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I am much happier about my skin, and finally enjoy my skincare routine again.

      Yes, I am using Lina Hanson’s Serum :) I agree with you, it has the most amazing scent, and it is such a treat for my skin!

  • Jana

    I have to get my hands on Pai products! :)

    • Highly recommend them! :) Thank you for your comment Jana, x

  • Addison Cain

    A green beauty blogger! I love it! I’ve been trying to be a little more natural myself these days, but I’ve still got a long ways to go. Pai is one of the brands I’m really interested in. So glad to read a post on some of their stuff!

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  • Wynnce

    How’s the Pai BioAffinity Toner? What’s your current or recommended hydrating toner (especially those packaged in spray bottle)?