Monthly Favorites: June 2013

Monthly Favorites of June 2013

Hello Summer! It seems like this month went particularly fast, but I did get to try a lot of new products that I ended up loving. So here are my beauty bests of the month of June.

Kjaer Weis Mascara: The more I use it, the more I like it. I have become much happier about using mascara every day, as my eyes do not get irritated at all! I also got the chance to see if it would smudge after crying, as I had an intense emotional moment this month and still no smudging! Simply amazing. Check out my full review with photos here.

RMS Beauty Un-Powder: I have not reviewed this powder yet, but I would build a statue for Rose Marie Swift to thank her for making this powder. I feel like I am finally ready for this hot and humid Summer now that I know I will not look greasy and shiny anymore! Check out my post about staying Shine-Free!

Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow in Stencil*: Such a nice taupe. I already reviewed two other shades and I will publish a swatch+review of this one as well. I have been using it a lot for quick, soft smoky eye looks. Read my review of the other two here.

Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Facial Mist and Anti-Aging Oil: These were the two most surprising products of the month. My skin has been looking so much better since I started to use them. They are part of my current evening skincare routine, and I am already halfway done with both bottles.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser: My new favorite cleanser. The texture, the scent, the way it makes my skin look: I like everything about this cleanser. I can already see myself purchasing this product over and over again…

Pai Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream: I have been raving about this product for quite a while, and I still like it as much as I did when I first reviewed it. Read my review here.

What were YOUR beauty favorites in June?

*PR Sample

  • You really are tempting me with the mascara, sounds really good:)

    • I know Tammy, it really is that good! :)

  • Rebecca B

    The RMS unpowder is really miraculous. I wish it existed when I was younger and had oilier skin! I’m dry but can still get a shiny forehead as the day wears on. Just the tiniest bit of unpowder on that one part of my face makes all the difference. And it really does reduce the appearance of pores – the only product ever to do that for me.

    • Same here Rebecca! I was struggling with “shining” skin until I tried the Un-Powder. Some days I even wear it with no other makeup, just on top of my moisturizer, to make sure that I don’t turn shiny during the day… such a great product :)

  • I’m in process of ‘upgrading’ my make-up to organic versions and I think my biggest issue will be getting rid of my “l’oreal double extend beauty tubes mascara” I HATE washing mascara off so the “tubes” are perfect as they just slide off when wet. Is there an organic version to something like this?? Though yes the KW mascara, and products in general are just so pretty…

    • Hi Alla, I used to like the same L’Oreal mascara! :)

      If your concern is being able to remove makeup easily, Kjaer Weis mascara would probably work for you because is not hard to remove at all. I use a gentle cleanser and the mascaras comes off very easily.

      Let me know if you decided to give it a try, and thank you for your comment!

  • Gorgeous lineup! I’m so curious to try the Aurelia cleanser. I also can’t wait to try the Un-powder but I’m resisting until I actually need a new powder, it’s quite hard :-)

  • Melody

    Does the unpowder help your eye shadow in Karma last longer? I really want to try the eye shadows, but I want to know if the unpowder honestly helps them not to crease. I do not want to have to worry about my making moving around, but I can handle a little creasing. It seems like nobody is saying how effective it is with powder. I would think powder would be more effective than even primer. Please let me know.

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