May Favorites 2014

May Favorites 2014 copy

I just realized that I am not late with posting my favorites this month! Woohoo! Except for a few embarrassing melted-makeup moments (I told a lady I wrote a blog about beauty and when I looked in the mirror my makeup was all over the place! I can only imagine what she was thinking…), and a nasty virus I caught (I have been sick for the past two weeks and I am still not completely well), May was a lovely month. Aside from my irreplaceable products (my ED4OLO Cleansing Oil, Kahina Argan Oil, Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes, etc) I have some new ones to share.

YULI Halcyon Cleanser and Panacea Elixir. More YULI! The Halcyon cleanser is an extra-lightweight gel cleanser, so it took me a while to get used to it (I have been using exclusively cream cleansers for so long), but it works. My skin has been much clearer this month compared to April, and I think that this cleanser is partly responsible for it. I will write a more in depth review about it. The Panacea Elixir was also very loved this month. I think that it works great when used in combination with the Halcyon Cleanser. It’s hydrating, but also balancing (best for combo and oily skin). I was totally upset when I ran out of it and I will repurchase it.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder. As a straight & flat hair type of lady, I have been looking for a replacement for my favorite dry shampoo by Klorane for quite a while. I sampled the Lulu powder a while back and was not impressed with it. Recently, I purchased a new tube of it, just to give it another chance, and I have actually really liked it! It may be that I have been applying it differently, but now I am  using it for second/third day hair and it gives my hair a good “lift”.

MJ’s Herbals Salves. After I received a tiny sample with a Spirit Beauty Lounge order, I had the unfortunate opportunity to test it right away (I burned my finger) and it worked so well that I went back for more. I will share more about my experience with these salves because they have been so, so handy. They can heal just about any minor skin problem: burns (the Calendula Salve is the best for burns), scrapes, bug bites, etc. They are not just for hippies, these balms WORK, and they work much better than conventional OTC medications that I have tried.

Alima Pure Sombra Contour Powder. If you missed my review, check it out here. It is the best contour powder/bronzer for fair to medium skin tones. It is completely matte and has the perfect amount of ash tone for contouring, but also has a subtle golden tone to it that gives the skin a lovely bronzed look.

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream (Lavender). This is my newest discovery in the deodorant department. I recently bought a sample, but I will probably get a full-size. The scent is similar to the Osmia Organics deodorant but has a creamier texture. I am seriously impressed with how well it has been working for me. I have not been stinky a single day in a 90+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Kahina Night Cream*. Due to my naturally greasy hair I use Kahina night cream on top of the Kahina Argan Oil. By layering the Night Cream over the oil I “cover” the oily residue so my hair doesn’t get greasy and I don’t have to wash my hair in the morning. This way I wake up with plump and radiant skin and non-greasy hair.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Sweetness. Perfect shade for in-trend peachy lips. I swatched it in my Orange Lip Trend post, but I will have to swatch it on my lips. Although it is called lip tint it has a great pigmentation and leaves a lovely stain on the lips when it starts to fade (after at least 5-6 hours). It’s bright and fun, but it never looks like it’s too much. I like to wear it with a minimal eye makeup and bronzer. It’s so perfect for Summer!

Illume Candle Pinapple-Cilantro. I picked this candle in the mini-tin version, which is really cute. It’s a very Summer-appropriate type of scent, citrus-y and fresh. It reminds me of my Summer nights in Calabria back when I was a teen ager and I use to spray myself with fruity perfumes (good old times!). Mr. Genuine Glow (very picky about scents) also likes it, so I will get a bigger size next!

What were your favorites in May?

*PR Sample

  • Lilli

    I considere buying the lulu organics hair powder so I´m really interested how exactly you use it now? :)

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay. I apply the powder at the roots of my hair and I let it sit for a little while before brushing my hair (just about five minutes). I find that if I give it some time to absorb the oils from the scalp it really gives my roots a lift. I used to apply it and brush my hair immediately after, and that didn’t work as well. I hope it helps! Please let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

  • Nice post miss!
    Actually tried the Panaca elixir and didnt find the scent great at all….:-(

    • Connie

      I had the same experience at first. In fact the first two days, I was kind of disappointed with the herbal smell. Then once I used up a little of the fluid, I shook it before i used it and OMG it was HEAVEN. The roses and cool cucumber scent was sooo fresh and nice! I’m seriously addicted, as in.. I literally stopped my routine to take the Panacea back from my roommate at night even though I had 2 other toners in my bathroom. It is AMAZING!

  • shortsmallsweet

    Love this collection of favorites! I don’t have good luck with dry shampoos, I might try the Lulu one.

  • Hime .Yume

    I would love to try that candle the scent must be soo good =)

  • Loved this photo!<3 Nice collection of products :) xx

  • Liz

    It is funny how the same product can be so different with some changes, I had a similar experience to Lulu Organics dry shampoos (actually all dry shampoos) until a hair stylist showed me how to sprinkle and “rub” in/leave. Now I don’t worry so much when there is a long flight!

    Also, I purchased the Panacea elixir from Yuli after reading so much rave reviews and I have to say, I’m impressed. Truly. Besides just making my skin feel and look so good, I found that I would spray it in my car, after the gym, just anywhere because the light scent is so “happy”.

    I have seen this both ways, night cream before oil and oil before night cream, which way is correct?

  • I love the Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant! It’s so good!

    • Glad to hear that Niki! I think that it is one of the most effective natural deodorants I have tried, and it is working well even on very hot, humid (sweaty) days ;)

  • Anna

    Hi Lilly, I really enjoy your blog! awesome posts! :)

    I can’t decide between Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist and Yüli Panacea Elixir!! which of them do you prefer and why?

    greetings from Munich

    • Hi Anna, thank you for your kind words. I like both facial mists, they are two of my favorites! Kahina is a great facial mist for everyday use. It is hydrating and balancing, and since my skin loves Kahina’s Argan Oil (which is one of the main ingredients in the mist) the Kahina Toning Mist also works very well for me. Yuli Panacea has some powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients so I like to use it during times when my skin needs to clear out from blemishes. I hope this helps!