March Favorites

Macrh Favorites 2015

Although March was a very busy month, I enjoyed it. At last, Spring is here in all of its glory. I even found blooming flowers in my yard (that I had no idea were there because we recently moved into this house). This is hands down my favorite season.

Here are the products that I enjoyed the most this month…

YULI Cellular Lip Conditioner. Ever since the weather got warmer a couple of weeks ago, I have no longer reached for my more thick, rich lip balms. The Yuli Lip Conditioner is a lip serum that not only moisturizes the lips, but has rejuvenating properties as well. You can read my full review here.

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30*. Of the bunch of face sunscreens that I have tried lately, this is the one I have found to be more compatible with my skin. It’s definitely more comfortable than most, not sticky, and it does not make my skin itch. (Yes, that post that I promised to write about face sunscreens is still coming, very soon actually). You can check it out here.

African Botanics Pure Marula Oil*. In case you’re not familiar with Marula oil, it’s another great plant oil that multitasks beautifully: face, body, and hair. This month I was really into hair masking, as my hair looked like it needed conditioners. I applied some Marula Oil on my hair (mainly ends), a few hours before washing it, and it worked very well. You can check it out here (I will also review it).

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Silken. I could not be happier that Kjaer Weis designed a foundation color (Silken) that matches my skin tone. The foundation is beautiful; medium coverage, satin finish, and natural looking (which to me means that it does not make me look like I am wearing a mask). The lack of a light, yellow-toned color was my only issue with this foundation, so now I am happy to reach for it. Read my full review here. *Check out this photo for shade comparison*

Gressa Illuminating Serum. It has the same silky texture of the Corrective Serum Foundation that I love, but leaves a subtle sheen on the skin. However, my favorite use is not as a highlighter; I like to use it as a luminous base for foundation, both under the Gressa Serum Foundation and the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation. It can also be used as a liquid highlighter, which gives a gorgeous, subtle effect, but it is on the pink side. I would love a more champagne/golden version of this. Anyway–beautiful. Check it out here.

RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek in Curious Orange. I had forgotten about this little gem! It’s a very flattering, bright peachy color. The RMS Lip 2 Cheek are not my favorites for use on the lips, but on the cheeks they apply easily and stay on. It looks amazing when used in combination the the Kjaer Weis cream blush in Desired Glow. I apply Desired Glow at the sides of my face to get that warm glow, and then dab a little Curious Orange on the apples of my cheeks. I am telling you, that’s a pretty combo. Try it if you have them both! You can find it here.

Red Apple Lipstick Eye Primer*. I am still using this eye primer, and I am still quite pleased with it. However, I do have to make sure I apply the right amount of product in order for the primer to work properly. If I apply a little extra product it will actually make the eyeshadow crease, so understanding how much I could use was key!

Nudus Lipstick*. I am still very much into Nudus lipsticks. This month I still wore 27 Kisses more than any other lip color, but I also used Naked and sampled Halo, a very flattering, blue-ish pink. You can browse the collection here.

Lina Hanson Satori Perfume Oil* I reviewed this perfume recently, so you probably already read how much I like it. It’s such a unique, uplifting scent, that keeps me sniffing my wrists. You can read my full post about it here.

Laurel Organics for Seed to Serum Body Oil*. This body oil is so so good: rich texture, great ingredients, intoxicating scent. It does not leave the skin feeling greasy at all, but even hours after the application I feel that my skin is still moisturized with something extra rich. It almost feels like my skin is continuing to absorb it. It contains beautiful oils in a jojoba base (Rosehip, Borage, and Tamanu are a few of them). The scent is very licorice-like due to the Palo Santo oil in it, but it’s also woods-y and a tad sweet. It’s intense and beautiful. Probably not for everyone, but if you are into woodsy and licorice aromas, this is fantastic. You can check it out it here.

Prtty Peashun in Deep Dark. I recently told you I found a great sale on Prtty Peashun, so I bought two packs of the Deep Dark colored one. This is not a tanning product, but a lotion with mineral pigments that gives a hint of color and leaves the skin looking beautiful. You can read my full review here. It’s one of my must-haves for Spring and Summer because it makes arms and legs look so much better. You can read my full review here.

*gifted sample


  • Laura

    Glad you like silken! I like it too – very similar to rms 11, don’t you think? Do you think it will work in summer for you? I wish there would be a slightly darker yellow based shade available (like tms 22). Can’t wait to hear the spf review. Thanks for the gressa highlighter colour mention- i also like champagne/gold better.

  • Makenna

    Love this and your blog! I have a quick question about pricier items. With products like Josh Rosebrook and African Botanics where it is more costly to purchase, do you find that they last long enough to justify the higher price point? Thanks!

  • I’d love to try the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30, Lina Hanson Satori Perfume Oil, and Laurel Organics for Seed to Serum Body Oil. These are gorgeous picks!

  • heladodelucuma

    Great post. I’m glad that you are loving Silken by KW!! Swooning over how beautiful the Nudus lipstick is. I hope all is well with you :) Keep up the amazing posts <3 (p.s changed my disqus username but it's still me chascayul 8) )

  • Flo

    I hesitate to say anything ‘cured’ me but I bought the Yuli Lip Conditioner because of honestly, a picture posted on their IG (I know).. anyhow I have chronic chapped lips. Balms helped but a few hours later, they’d be even worse. Using the lip conditioner as a base just in the morning, after lunch and before bed has really repaired my lips and I no longer get that dry, flakey appearance.

  • Love the post <3 I also cannot get enough of Satori! it's so beautiful. I can't wait for your post on Sunscreens. I feel like SO many people have so many issues with them. The one I have found that doesn't irritate my skin, and if anything actually helps to calm irritation is the Neem & Rose Sunscreen from Pratima. Have you tried that?

  • Oh these are amazing reviews! So cool!