March Favorites 2014

March Favorites 2014

 As you may have noticed by the small number of posts, the month of March was a busy frantic one for me. As a result of stress, lack of sleep, and some skincare changes gone really, really bad my skin was a complete mess. It suddenly got more oily than usual, and I broke out badly all over my forehead and chin. However, everything cleared out fairly quickly when I went back to my usual skincare routine and got some beauty sleep. I also managed to spend some of my free time shopping for new products, so you can definitely expect to read about new lovely things very soon.

Starting off with skincare, I have been really digging the Yuli Panacea Elixir in the evening (before night-time face treatments) and the MV Skincare Rose Hydrating Mist* before moisturizer in the morning. The Yuli Face Mist contains healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Watercress, a powerful source of antioxidants (that you should also consider to include in your diet due to the high amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene that it provides). The Yuli Elixir is one of the finest face mists I have tried so far, and you know I am a face mist hoarder. The Rose Water is pure and simple, but gives a great hydration boost after cleansing and makes the MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protecting Moisturiser glide on like a dream. In case you haven’t entered the MV Skincare giveaway yet, make sure to do it right away, this Rose Water is included in the set!

Kahina’s Facial Lotion* was not being loved as deserved during the past few months, until I realized that it was the most perfect moisturizing base for powder foundation. It is extremely light in texture and gives just enough moisture to the skin to create a smooth base. Shortly after applying the lotion, I can apply the mineral foundation without incurring in powdery patches. When the weather started to warm up I often reached out for mineral foundation and mineral bronzing powders, so this lotion turned out to be one of my most used skincare products of the month of March.

Ilia Beauty Transparent Powder Fade Into You. As I mentioned in my review of this powder, it gives a pretty, luminous finish, yet it does effectively keep the skin from getting oily and shiny. I just dab a tiny amount of product everywhere I need, (mainly forehead, under my eyes and on my nose) and it stays on all day long without sitting in the lines. I noticed that a few of you asked about how to clean the brush portion of this product, so I will make sure to update the review with that information, because yes, there is a way to clean the brush properly.

Alima Pure Bronzer in Mauna Loa. I am obviously having an Alima Pure moment and although Sombra was suddenly re-launched as part of their permanent collection, (and I ordered it the very moment it became available), I have been loving Mauna Loa. I am still a bit pale, so the shade is just perfect to warm up my complexion and look like a real tan. The Alima Pure Highlighter in Lumina, was also very loved. A champagne shade with shimmer that requires a very light hand, but gives a beautiful glow when applied carefully.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm. I noticed that Katey Denno used this lip balm on her jobs, so I gave it a try and loved it. It does not leave the lips very shiny, so it’s great under lipsticks or on top of lip pencil when I fill in my lips with it. My lips have never been dry since I started to use it. It comes in a jar, so it has to be scooped out of it, (I use a clean cotton bud), but Dr. Hauschka also makes a Lip Care Stick, in case you prefer to apply lip balm straight from the tube.

As for April, my mission this month is to look into the newest, best face sunscreen options. They must be lightweight, non-greasy and of course, a physical-type of sunscreen (any recommendations?). Abe’s Market has a nice selection, and there are also a few ones I have read so much about but have not tried yet like MyChelle Sun Shield and Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer. Makeup wise, new mascaras are poppin’ out every couple weeks, it seems, and I have been testing out a few that may be worth chatting about…

*PR Sample

  • You have such a great collection! I’ve always wanted to try MV organics :) The Ilia Transparent Powder looks so wonderful too – how do you think this compares to the RMS Un-powder?

    • Hi! The Ilia Powder has more ingredients in it, and gives a more “glowing” finish. The RMS Beauty Un Powder has a completely matte, velvety finish. You may prefer one over the other depending on your skin type. If you are very oily, I would opt for the Un-Powder, otherwise you may like Ilia better. Also, the Un-powder comes in a jar, and it is a loose powder, so the application requires a brush or a puff. You can read my review of the Un-powder for more info! :)

      • Thank u so much for your comment! The Ilia Powder sounds perfect for my dry skin actually – will definitely check out your review for the Un-power too :). I actually have it but I do find it too matte at times

  • Kelly

    The best face sunscreen is Pratima rose neem SPF 30. No white cast and actually plumps up your skin. I’m a sunscreen junkie and tried them all and this is my fav. The body sunscreen is just as nice but different scent and priced better.

    • Monkey

      I just started using this as well :)

      • Definitely picking it up, you guys convinced me ;) Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! It seems to be pretty popular, will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing Kelly! :)

  • Tiffany

    I really love Coola sunscreen. Not greasy and leaves no film. I had tried Badger sunscreen which was a greasy mess on my face and hands.

    • I like Coola Cucumber with Matte finish, it’s a really good one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Nati

    I don’t have any recommendations, but I’m on the hunt for the same type of sunscreen! Please report back if you find one you love. Best for April!

    • Absolutely! Will definitely let you know what I find asap! :) Have a wonderful month as well :)

  • Mady

    You may want to try Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen. It’s my first physical sunscreen, and the consistency is thicker than I’m used to, but all-in-all, not bad. Plus, it’s “fragrance-free” but actually smells strangely nice by virtue of the ingredients in it, which seem pretty solid as well.

    • I was just looking into Consonant sunscreen products a few days ago. Is that what you are using now? Would you repurchase it? Thanks for sharing! :)

      • Mady

        I haven’t been using it long enough to decide either way. Once it gets sunnier I’ll have a better idea of whether it actually does enough to protect my skin. My main criticism of it at this point, as mentioned in the first post, is that it’s thicker than creams I’m used to (not necessarily thicker than the average physical sunscreen though). I don’t like having to really rub products into my skin. Plus, the decreased fluidity leads to me using more product to cover my face, so the cost of it alone may deter me from repurchasing. But I’ll have to try it out a big longer :)

  • I entered the MV skincare giveaway! You make it sound so great! I can’t wait to try it…and hope I win!

    • Good luck Tina! MV Skincare makes wonderful products, I hope you give them a try! :)

  • Heather

    It is funny you mention that you did not love Kahina’s lotion like it deserved until recently. I also went through that phase where I bought some Kahina products, felt a little… blase about them but after running out of my regular products went back to using theirs and found it actually quite nice. The lotion and brightening serum are good moisturizers that don’t make me break out.

    Do you know if Dr. H lip balm and lip care stick are the same formula? I would love to try the balm you mentioned but I am a little shy around the idea of maybe getting the pot dirty with my hands throughout the day.

    I have been meaning to try Yuli, great to know they are one of the finest mists you have tried! It means a lot, as I love your face mist recommendations!

    • Hi Heather! The first time I tried the Kahina Face Lotion I thought it was okay, I thought it very light, which I loved, but I thought it was a bit too “runny” in texture for my liking. Then I went back to it, because I wanted to apply a light lotion over the argan oil, and it was amazing! Such a smooth, lightweight, velvety finish. It is so perfect under mineral foundation!

      As for the Dr.Hauschka Lip Balm Stick, the formulas are slightly different. If you are on the market for good lip balm sticks check out my post about the S.W. Basics lip balms. They are awesome! Click here to read the post

      Yuli is definitely a must-try. Just make sure to pick up the right elixir for your skin type. Panacea for oily/combination, blemish-prone skin, Cocoon for sensitive skin, and Metamorphic for dry/mature skin. I will review more Yuli soon, because I find the products I have tried to be really effective!

      I hope that helps! :)

  • Laura

    Nice! Glad you like yuli! i love them! Would love to see a full review of mvo tint spf. I had a play with mychelle spf but it felt quite thick/heavy. Antipodes spf15is not bad but I find in stronger light it develops a funny scent (it is scent free and turns into a stock-powder scent on me in the sun; weird). aesop is not bad. but finding a good/light natural silicone free spf for daily use quite a challenge. I also really dislike citrus oils in spfs because of they can be phototoxic. (Otherwise kimberly sayer and osmosis would be ok options).

    • Hi Laura, the MVO Spf Tint products are lovely. I can definitely work on a more in depth review.
      Yes, I am loving Yuli too. My skin is doing really well with all the products I picked from them! :)

  • I have been using (and loving) Pratima Skincare’s Neem & Rose Sunscreen. Almost all sunscreens I try either break me out or cause irritation and this one hasn’t done either. In fact, it seems to prevent breakouts due to the Neem. It contains Zinc Oxide and is SPF30. I highly recommend!

    • That’s good to know, love! I am going to check it out right away. My skin is so sensitive, so it may work for me too! Thank you <3

  • Theresa

    Have been meaning to try Suntegrity, my current is Coola sunscreen which is good but a little thick for summer. Vive Sana which Spirit Beauty Lounge carries is pretty good but also a bit much for my skin.

    Agree on the Yuli face mist being really exceptional. I have a soft spot for it because it just cools my skin and makes it feel good right away, must be the anti-inflammatory ingredients you mentioned!

    • Hi Theresa, I have been using Coola because it has such a great finish for my skin type (the cucumber one with matte finish), but it does feel a little thick, I agree with you. I am probably going to try Suntegrity next.

      The Yuli mist is so good, I was just using it last night before argan oil. I woke up with calm, clear skin. I am loving Yuli so so much! Have you tried anything else from them?

  • Poulette

    A word of advice on the SS challenge – look at the percentage of ZO within the sunscreen rather than the SPF. I’ve found that a lot of SS claim a high SPF yet have relatively low percentages of the actual physical filters (which for me has resulted in sun damage). Since I’ve made a rule of minimum 15%, I haven’t had a burn & my hyper pigmentation has decreased substantially. Suntegrity is terrific at 20%, so is Snowberry at 18%. I can’t speak for the rest, but just wanted to throw that out there as something to consider. Good luck!

    • Great point Poulette! I will make sure to look into that. I am definitely going to try Suntegrity ;)

  • Anne

    I feel so confused between MV Organics and MVO (Marie Veronique), I just realized the MV Organics products in this post are another brand entirely from Marie Veronique!

    The Yuli elixir looks great unfortunately it is sold out in both sizes from Spirit Beauty Lounge! I hadn’t heard of them before but they’re like.. almost all sold out on Spirit’s site.

    • Hi Anne, in order to prevent confusion, I usually call Marie Veronique Organics “MVO”, while I call the Australian brand “MV Skincare”. I hope that helps!

      Yuli is a young brand that makes excellent skincare products so when it became available at Spirit Beauty Lounge a month ago everyone (me included) rushed to buy some products. I am also using another Yuli product that I LOVE. They are totally worth pre-ordering ;) Make sure to order the right one for your skin type. The Panacea Elixir is suited for combination, oily and blemish-prone skin types, but they also have the Cocoon one for very sensitive skin types, and the Metamorphic one for mature and dry skin types. I hope that helps! xx

  • RD

    I have been very happy recently using Consonant Skincare’s SPF30. It’s weightless (almost a gel-like lotion) and has absolutely no white residue. Really. I love my Suntegrity, but this is much more versatile and summer (or combo/oily skin) friendly.

  • Monkey

    Hi Lilly, why don’t you review products that don’t work on your face? i.e. from your post: “some skincare changes gone really, really bad my skin was a complete mess”
    Knowing what’s not so great (in addition to what is great) helps us to avoid some pitfalls as well

  • Millie

    Hi lovely,

    Thank you so much for your blog, so interesting. We have the same taste: Ilia, RMS beauty, Kjaer Weiss, Pai… I really enjoy reading your blog. Plus: you’re beautiful!
    Millie from France.