Makeup Monday: New Year’s Additions

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What a better way to kick off the new blogging year than talking about new stuff? The Christmas/end of the year sales were very good, so I added a few new items to my collection and I am using new products that I like very much and that might be among my monthly favorites.

The first and most exciting makeup addition has been the Kjaer Weis Foundation*. It is a cream foundation that comes in the classic, refillable KW compact. Of the five shades available, I am using the shade , Paper Thin, which is great for light skin tones with neutral undertones. Application is key: I dab the amount of product I need with the Kjaer Weis foundation brush (which looks a lot like a large concealer brush) and then I blend it with a beauty blender. The result is natural-looking, with a semi-matte finish.

After grabbing one of the last few Ink Pot lipsticks available (it was limited edition and it has now been discontinued) I also picked up two more Ilia Beauty lip shades and my collection is now almost complete. The new beauties are Shell Shock and In My Room. The first one will probably get a lot of use as soon as Spring comes because it is a very bright coral shade. The second one is also more pigmented than I expected. It is an intense mauvey-pink shade that has already become a staple. It reminds me of Mac Please Me Lipstick (natural dupe!).

Another new entry are the Revolution Organic Lip Glosses. I tried Ilia’s lip glosses and despite being absolutely gorgeous, (The Butterfly and I is so so beautiful) I find the formula slightly oily. So oily that I inevitably ended up tasting it without trying to and I do not like the taste at all! Instead, the Revolution Organics lip glosses are the most comfortable lip glosses I have ever worn and I have been reaching for them all the time. If you hate sticky lips but you like lip glosses, these are the best. However, I plan to show them to you in detailed photos so you can have an idea about the pigmentation, since they are quite sheer.

Finally, I picked up the RMS Beauty Eyeshadow in Lunar because I was really curious to see how it compared to the Living Luminizer when used as a highlighter. The texture is similar, but Lunar is more on the golden side, so I do like it more than the LL because it suits me better. You can see the comparison swatch that I posted on Instagram here. It add a gorgeous shine on cheekbones, brow bone and cupid’s bow.

Which of the products mentioned would you like me to review next? Listening…

*PR Sample

  • I’m a huge fan of Revolution Organics’ lip glosses! Have you tried their beauty balms? Also gorgeous products :) I’d love a more detailed review of the foundation…it’s a little beyond my budget for the time being, but I’m still curious!

    • Hi Caitie! I haven’t tried the Beauty Balms yet, but i will definitely do. I was very impressed with the texture of the lip glosses because I despise wearing sticky glosses, and these are so comfortable!

      Will have a review of the foundation soon! ;)

  • Beth Bradley

    I’d love to try some RMS beauty items, if theyre good enough for Miranda Kerr then they must be good!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

    • Hi Beth, RMS Beauty makes some really lovely products. I recommend trying the Living Luminizer! Let me know your thoughts if you try any RMS products :)

  • Liz

    Lovely products! I agree with Caitie I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Kjaer Weis foundation. On the other hand a review of Ink Pot would be fantastic too, even though it’s been discontinued, it’s such a unique and “daring” color, I’d love to see a swatch. But whatever you choose to review Lilly, I will read it :-) xxx Liz

    • Awww, you are the sweetest! I will have a review of the foundation up soon ;)

  • asti

    I just got my KW foundation too! I got mine in the shade Illusion, the undertone is a bit off for my color, but I quite like the feeling of it. It’s lightweight and powdery, and yet covers more than RMS. But I agree with people saying that this foundation is not for the dry skin! I want to hear what you think, I left my beauty blender back in Australia I wonder if it can help smoothen out application on dry skin (besides moisturizing).

    Ahh I am in love with the shade Lunar, such a pretty color. It is a bit daring for me to wear, but still very wearable as an eyeshadow too. However, I have troubles wearing RMS stuff around my cheekbones area :( shuucckks, both the living luminizer and lunar are so pretty as highlighters. Do you know any good powder highlighters that still look as subtle as rms?

    Must try the Rev Organic lip glosses! Agree with Caitie, their beauty balms are good :)

    and yes would love to hear more about KW foundation! and maybe swatch of the Rev Organic lip glosses.

    • Hi love! I think that a beauty blender (or another sponge like the beauty blender) is essential for blending it well. I should have my review up soon, I will try to be as detailed as possible :) Real Techniques launched a sponge like the Beauty Blender that is about five dollars, so I would give it a try! People say that is just as good as the BB, so I will try it as soon as I need a new sponge ;)

      As for the highlighter, if you don’t mind using loose powders I would try the Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Powder. I plan on getting some myself soon (Luna is a pale golden shade). I have been using an eyeshadow I bought a long time ago from Larenim that makes a good highlighter but I am ready to try something new. I need to take some time and learn how to press loose powders, because I just can’t do loose powders :S

  • Birkie Birkster

    really curious about the Kjaer Weis foundation. I’ve read somewhere it has a dryer texture which is slightly unforgiving on dryer skin.

    • I will review the foundation soon, and will make sure to write about that. Thanks so much for your request! :)

  • Lydia

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the kw foundation.

    • Awesome! Thanks for your request, I will review it soon! ;)

  • Caroline

    I’m so sad that I missed out on Ink Pot.

    • I am sorry Caroline! I should have bought more when it was available and give them away! I was just thinking that a few hours ago. Anyways, take a look at Arabian Knights and Lust For Life, they are beautiful berry-ish shades as well!

      If I find another Ink Pot I will make sure to let you know! ;)

  • Lovely! Femme Fatale is my favorite Ilia lipstick. In My Room looks lovely — I’ll have to add it to my next Spirit Beauty Lounge order!

    • Hi Kristin! In My Room is so so pretty! I used to love MAC Please Me, so I was very surprised to find out that the two shades are similar! Let me know what you think if you try it! ;)

  • roshkud

    I’m so happy that you prefer the Lunar RMS shadow than the living luminizer, I ordered lunar a few days ago as a highlight because I prefer a golden highlight. I cannot wait for it to arrive now!

    The kjaer weis foundation looks so gorgeous and the packaging is divine, I doubt I’l splurge on it for a while yet but its on my wishlist for sure!

    Roshni’s Journey

    • I would love to hear your thoughts when you try Lunar! I think that it’s the most gorgeous golden highlighter. You need to apply so little, and it will last you so long! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ;)

      • roshkud

        I’ve used it a few times now and I love it! Its a perfect shade for my skintone and you only need a tiny dab. I’ve found it to be far too creamy/wet for the eyelids, have you found that or am I applying it wrong? :)

  • Love your picks! I’m interested in hearing more about the KW Foundation and to see swatches. I love the color range and formula of ILIA lip products. I need to try those Revolution Organics Lip Glosses! :)

    • Yes! The Lip Glosses are great! FIrst lip glosses I try that are not sticky at all. So comfortable! Will review the foundation soon ;)

  • Ruby

    I’m very curious about the Kjaer Weis Foundation, however, my skin is *so* picky. It couldn’t tolerate RMS Un-Cover Up so I wonder if this would be the same experience?

    • Hi Ruby! The formulations of the two products are different, so you may have a different experience with the KW’s foundation. I would order a sample at Spirit Beauty Lounge and see if your skin likes it! Please let me know how it goes if you try it! ;)

  • The Green Menagerie

    Do you think the Kjaer Weis Foundation would work with combo or oily skin types? I’m afraid it might be too creamy.

    • Hi! Yes, I think that the Kjaer Weis foundation is great for combination skin types. It has a semi-matte finish ;)

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