Ilia Beauty Blossom Lady Tinted Lip Conditioner

 Swatch on the lighter side of my armBare lips with flash

One Layer
More layers
Having suffered of a terrible breakout for the past few weeks, I tried to stay clear of face-makeup, and instead focused on trying some lip products (I already reviewed one of them here). I have fallen completely in love with one of them from Ilia Beauty. It is called a Lip Tinted Conditioner, but for me it is something in between a lip balm, a lipstick, and a lip gloss, all in one product. The Ilia Beauty lipsticks are made with organic oils and waxes (up to 85% certified organic ingredients) and the range of shades includes some of the most popular colors, from 60s’ nudes to intense pinks, and even more classic reds. I picked the shade Blossom Lady, which is described by Ilia Beauty as a muted shade of pink. I quickly recognized that buying one shade was a big mistake: I should have purchased more!So here are my thoughts more in detail:
Packaging: Sturdy packaging in brushed metal.
Color: Blossom Lady is a nicely pigmented pink shade. It is meant to provide sheer coverage, so the color will most likely change according to the person’s lip color. In my case, one layer gives me more of a baby-pink color, while more layers build up to a richer, brighter pink. Either way, it is still sheer enough for me to consider it a “nude”.
Scent: Very slight sweet scent.
Consistency: As smooth as silk, but it feels neither greasy, nor oily on my lips. It soothes them to a comfortable level of softness. Other tinted lip balms I have tried tend to have a drier consistency and do not provide enough moisture, but this one keeps my lips conditioned for hours. The finish is sheer and glossy.
Price: $24. You can purchase it at The Detox Market

Final Thoughts: Ilia Beauty has created the winning formula. Just like everybody else, I highly recommend this. I will definitely try more shades and re-purchase this one.


Do you own any lip products from Ilia Beauty? Let me know which shade is your favorite in the comments below!


  • This color looks great! I have Nobody’s Baby and Dizzy, they are great, I definitely need to add Blossom Lady and Shell Shock to my collection. I’ve also tried samples of Crimson and Clover and In Paradise which are beautiful colors too :)

  • Great review! I LOVE Ilia products. I own Bang Bang, Arabian Knights (which I think is the most beautiful shade ever!) and Shell Shock. I think they are the best natural lip products (well maybe along with RMS stuff). Great to stumble on your blog!

  • @Zara: I am looking forward to taking advantage of the Holiday’s sales to try Nobody’s Baby and Shell Shock. I saw the pictures of you wearing Dizzy on your blog, and it suites you wonderfully! Thanks for stopping by <3

  • @Eugenia: I agree with you. Ilia makes the best natural lip products that I have tried thus far. I have not tried any lip shine from RMS, but they are on my wishlist. I was just taking a peak at your blog, too. Thanks so much for stopping by! xx

  • I tried this as a sample and your swatch looks very accurate. I love Blossom Lady! Are you planning to buy more colours soon? You should try their lipsticks as well the staying power is amazing!

  • @Asti: I am definitely planning to buy more colors soon, and would love to try their lipsticks as well. Wild Child looks like the perfect shade of red that I have been looking for! xx

  • I really like this color! The look on the lip reminds me a lot those Revlon Lip Butters. I want to try this brand but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • I am sure you will love it too, Mary! Now I want to try their mascara, hoping it is going to be as good as their lipsticks. That would be fantastic!

  • Great review! I really want to try out Ili’a lip products!


  • That shade is very pretty and its nice to see that the color is buildable on it and that it also conditions your lips while providing a nice wash of color if u want it. I have to get around to trying some of these, thanks for the review! Xo, Audreiana from
    True Beauty By Nature

  • I am sure you will not be disappointed by these lippies! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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  • This looks like a gorgeous shade! I’ve just bought my first Ilia lip conditioner in Hold me now so hopefully it’s similar xx

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