Green Beauty New Launches

Green Beauty New Launches

Warning: your product wishlist may suddenly grow within the next 2 minutes.

I am very excited to share with you some of the newest green beauty launches, which include a few of my favorite brands and others I have been wanting to try for a while. It is mostly makeup, so my fellow makeup enthusiasts…get ready to take notes!

1-  Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara: Available in Black or Brown, Alima’s mascara is a defining mascara that contains Panthenol, natural oils, and waxes to condition the lashes. It promises to be flake-free, and to protect and strengthen the lashes while coating them. This will probably be my first Alima purchase. I really do not need a new mascara, but I read a few reviews of this one and people seem to be very pleased with it. I must see what the fuss is about.

2- Juice Beauty Lash Defining Mascara: Made with minerals, organic cocoa, avocado butter to soften the lashes, vitamin E to protect them, and vegetable glycerin to separate them. The other day, Juice Beauty tweeted that this mascara provides “a glossy definition that makes the lashes look longer and fuller”. Longer and fuller are the exact two words that I would love to associate with my lashes.

3- Ilia Beauty (New) Mascara: Perhaps, the one I am the most curious about. Ilia Beauty has completely reformulated their mascaras and removed Phenoxyethanol (a questionable preservative) from their ingredients. I was very glad to learn that! They also changed the brush and it looks quite interesting (in a good way!). I am very pleased that they kept the four shades that they previously had, including the brown one. (I know some people like to use brown, and more toned-down, natural-looking mascaras.)

4 & 5- Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Perfect Day and Tinted Lip Conditioner in Lust For Life: I am particularly intrigued by Perfect day, a warm coral red. I already own several Ilia Beauty lipsticks and one of my favorites is a the dark red–Femme Fatale. If the texture is the same, this is probably going to become my new HG red lipstick. Lust for Life is a dark berry stain and I am very curious to see how it compares to Arabian Knights and Femme Fatale. The tinted lip conditioners can be applied sheer, and they have a beautiful glossy finish.

6- RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer: Possibly my next purchase. A sheer, glowing but not sparkly bronzer without orange, pink nor gray tones, that gives just a healthy, sun-kissed glow. I love cream bronzers (my two favorites are Kjaer Weis in Desired Glow and Ilia Beauty in Sway), and this one looks so different from both of them. Which means I have a good reason to buy a new cream bronzer.

7- Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum: You know I love a good body serum. (Remember the Lina Hanson Global Body Serum? Still love it!) This serum has a very captivating description and is inspired to the sacred imperial city of Fez in Morocco. When I think of Morocco I think of exotic, warm scents that are a true pleasure to massage on my body after a shower. Also, with the weather changes of the past few weeks my skin has been getting really dry and a nourishing body serum would perfectly fit my skin’s needs.

See anything interesting? Have you already tried any of these new products? Leave me a comment and let me know if there is any other new product I should know about! I will make sure to update you with my thoughts about them once I try them, and stay tuned for more exciting launches coming soon, including a Kjaer Weis foundation… (Christmas cannot come soon enough this year!)

  • PeonyandPeach

    This all looks amazing! Especially the RMS bronzer, I’ve yet to try anything by them and this is now the first on my list!

    • Get the powder! It’s the best setting powder I have ever tried! If you try the bronzer let me know what you think! ;)

  • sarirah

    You’re right, my wishlist has now grown a product or two. I never liked the shape of the original Ilia mascara so I’d be interested in trying this new version. The Kahina Serum sounds most amazing though. :)

    • Hi Sarirah, the new brush looks like it could give a nice volume boost. I love my Kjaer Weis mascara, but I would love to see if Ilia’s can provide more volume… I need to try it! ;)

  • Both of the new RMS products are on my wish list, along with so many other things…

    • That bronzer! RMS Beauty makes the most amazing shades, I expect it to be beautiful!

      • You’ve probably spotted it already, but My Lucite Dreams recently featured it on her blog. It looks super natural and even though it’s dark in my opinion, RMS products are so blendable I think it can work for a wide range!

        I did pick up Diabolique but I’m holding out for a bit on Buriti. Have you picked it up yet?

  • Jen

    Hi Lilly! I just bought Lust For Life and love it! It’s the perfect deep red berry for fall and winter. It comes out more pigmented than sheer, I would say. In comparison to Arabian Nights (a favorite of mine), it is a much deeper, redder color. Arabian Nights comes out very pink on me, where I found Lust For Life to have no pink. Also reeeeally interested in that Kahina Body Serum!

    • Hi Jen, thanks so much for sharing! From your description it sounds like Lust For Life is a must-try! ;)

  • I hadn’t realized Ilia was removing the phenoxyethanol from their mascara…that’s exciting! The RMS bronzer looks so pretty too!

    • I know, I was very excited to learn that too! The brush looks a lot better too. The bronzer looks amazing, I am definitely getting that one soon. Plus, I am curious about buriti oil, have you ever tried it?

      • I haven’t! The bronzer looks like as good a place as any to give it a first try though :)


    Love the post Lily, lots to be excited about! Have you tried our beauty oil? It also contains buriti oil–very high in betacarotene and vitamin A. You also must check out the diabolique lip2cheek! xoxo

    • Rebecca B

      Ahhhhhh! A new lip-to-cheek color, why didn’t I notice that when I just got a fresh Illusive? Must try. And I LOVE the brightening brush – I use it as a lip brush.

  • Rebecca B

    I hadn’t heard about Ilia ditching the phenoxy! I will certainly be trying this – now to choose a color. I have hazel eyes so I’m thinking Macao, but the Asphalt Jungle looks so tempting. The new lip colors have been on my list from the moment I noticed the launch. I’ve been wanting to try Juice’s mascara too, and the new RMS bronzer. Even though I don’t do bronzers, I love RMS soooooo much I may have to try anyway.

    The only thing I have tried from this list is the Kahina Fez. It’s a real quality product – duh, it’s Kahina – but the scent isn’t for me. I like the uniqueness and spicy edge, but too much ylang ylang for my taste. I do recommend it if you like that scent though.

  • So much new beauty! I ordered Buriti today from Spirit — they had mini Fez samples at checkout, too! :)

  • asti

    Oh, Lily! They are in my wishlist too. I am dying to try Ilia’s newest colors, Perfect Day & Lust For Life!! I’m not sure which to choose, RMS’ Diabolique or Ilia’s Lust For Life!? I would love a consistency of a lipstick though for a color that dark :( oh this is too hard.

    Kahina’s Fez sounds so ME.SBL is having a 15% off right now and you can grab Fez as a sample when you check out. If only they have the Ilia in stock though :(

    I am very excited to hear about Ilia’s new mascara that do not contain Phenoxytanol anymore. That’s a great step! Lily, can you help me out.. I really want to try the KW mascara but I have oily eyelids and have you ever worn it while using Un Cover Up on your as a concealer? So scared that it might smudge.

    • Hey love, I don’t use the Un Cover Up so I can’t be 100% sure, however I don’t think that the concealer would disturb the mascara in any way. I have never (not a single time) experienced any smudging with Kjaer Weis Mascara. If anything, you could see minimal flaking. The formula is amazing, I just wish it would give some volume!

      If you try it, make sure to curl your lashes very well, and then apply one coat of mascara using the brush to push the lashes, as if you were trying to lift them. I find that it’s the best way for me to make my lashes look longer and defined. If you don’t apply too much product you can also give a little extra squeeze after applying the mascara. If you apply more coats you may end up clumping your lashes.

      If you are not 100% sure about trying Kjaer Weis Mascara you could wait a little longer and see what people have to say about these new mascaras. But if your concern is smudging, I don’t think if you will ever get raccoon eyes when using the kjaer Weis mascara.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

      • asti

        Hi Lilly!

        Sorry for taking long to get back to you. Thank you so much for being helpful. I am convinced now! I have seen many reviews that do say KW mascara don’t smudge at all unless when you rub your eyes accidentally. And I’m definitely going to try your tip if you find that’s the best way to apply KW mascara. Have you tried any other natural mascaras such as 100% Pure, Alima, or Ilia?

    • hey asti! I wear KW mascara with un cover up every day and haven’t experienced any sort of smudging – even with slightly oily eyelids. My tube is about 3 months old and normally any other mascara would be flaking like crazy now, but this one is holding up pretty well. The only difference is that the product doesn’t hold as firm to your lashes and therefore comes off a bit easier if it’s disturbed (i.e. rubbing your eye). Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for sharing Sonja! :)

      • asti

        Hey Sonja!

        Thank you so much for your feedback, that’s really helpful. Sometimes using a creamy concealer such as RMS underneath makes my mascara smudge much more easily, even with my ex-maybelline mascara that is supposed to be waterproof and long lasting. I think I am convinced now, ready to take a splurge. Thanks again!

  • Chloe

    Oh my gosh, Kjaer Weis is coming out with a foundation?? I really hope there will be a pale colour to try, as I’m like a ghost haha! Right now I’m using Sappho Cosmetics and I absolutely love their products <3

  • Bambi Organics

    Il rossetto di ilia deve essere mio ma sono indecisa se prenderlo o scambiarlo x quello nuovo di rms beauty.
    Invece il bronzer di rms mi ha deluso parecchi in quanto dalla foto non c’entra proprio nulla che dal vivo, ha dei sottotoni rossi…mah

    Invece avrei bisogno di un consiglio…a dicembre vado via, in un posto totalmente diverso dall’altra parte del pianeta…dici che il body serum di lina hanson va bene x l’estate? Ma che profumo ha? Vanilla o pompelmo?
    Grazie ancora!

  • I’m thinking the bronzer and body serum need to come home with me soon! I’m excited that Ilia removed the phenoxyethanol, too … good call! I’ve yet to try their mascara (or Alima’s), and am waiting until I finish my current dirty tube (oh, Diorshow) before getting a new one! Thanks for the roundup … excited for new fall beauty booty!