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Ecobrow Swatches Reviewsecobrow review

Ecobrow is a mineral based product for eyebrows that was created by a professional makeup and brow artist, Marco Ochoa. The first thing I noticed when I saw the product was the similarity with the popular DipBrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. In case you are not familiar with the Anastasia product, it’s a colored brow defining wax that is highly pigmented and supposedly waterproof, and it’s very popular among beauty bloggers and vloggers.

Ecobrow has a creamy texture and requires an angled brow brush for application. Ecobrow makes their own defining angled brush (which you can find here), but I did not purchase one since I already owned an Anastasia brow brush that looks almost identical (and it’s made with synthetic bristles, so it works well with cream products). Since it is very pigmented I only need to pick the tiniest amount of product with the brush, (and I may still need to tap a little extra product on the back of my hand) depending on how much filling the brows need. The product applies smoothly, and I find it very easy to use. Although the consistency of the product is very creamy, and you may be able to do some correction (just use a cotton bud), it does stay put. Unless you rub your eyebrows (not accidentally touch them, I really mean rub), the product should not fade/smudge. I have not tested it on hot Summer days yet, but so far it has never left me brow-less in the middle of the day like some other natural brow pencils, and it has never disappeared at the end of a physical workout.

I have a few application tips to share. First, do not apply any moisturizer or creamy product on your eyebrows prior to the application of Ecobrow. You may want to avoid any slippery base so the product can have a better grip on the skin to stick to it and last longer. Second, if you like the look of stronger brows you can definitely build up intensity because the product is pigmented, but if you prefer softer brows, just apply the product with the angled side of the brush (the Ecobrow brush has a spoolie side and an angled side so you can do everything with one brush) and then use the spoolie side to comb through your brows and blend the product. This is the complete ingredients list:

Neopentyl Glycol Diheptamate, Silica, Cetyl Acetate, Acetylated Lanolin Oil, Ceresin, Polyethylene Cera Microcristallina (Microcrystalline Wax), Nylon-12, Cetyl Recinolente, Dimethicone, Natural Fragrance, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). May Contain (+/): Iron Oxides (CI77491/77492/CI77499), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891). 100% Natural

As for the colors available, Ecobrow comes in four shades: Marylin, for blonde hair; Rita, for red hair; Penelope for medium brown hair; Liz for dark brown and black hair. I think that most people will find a good match. However, and here comes my only complaint about this product, none of the shades available are as ashy as I prefer my brow products to be. So if you have silver hair, or ashy dark hair, you may not find the perfect match. Personally, I have been using the color Liz every day, because it looks great in person, but in photo it shows up warmer than my eyebrows. I wish that Ecobrow would come up with a gray-ish, taupe color to suit silver/ash dark hair. I have taken several photos of the swatches, and I find them to be pretty accurate. I hope it helps you find the color you need!

 UPDATE: Two new Ecobrow shades have been launched! Frida is a dark brown with very ashy tones (perfect for me, and for anyone with natural black hair), and Sharon is for dark blonde, light and medium ash brown hair. I will update this post with new swatches asap. You can find them all here.

That wraps up my thoughts about Ecobrow. I am very pleased with it overall because most products I have tried do not last as nearly as well. The texture is very easy to work with; very smooth, (probably because it contains Nylon), but it’s not smudgy, (possibly due to the silica oil). I will definitely repurchase it once I run out (though it will take me ages to finish it because I need so little product for each application). However, I do hope that by the time I will be due a replacement, a more gray-toned shade will become available.

You can find Ecobrow here.

Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions!

*Product purchased by me. Samples for color swatches were kindly provided.

  • Laura

    Hmmmm, not sure. I prefer ashy colours for my brows too – it’s not a good look if they are too warm looking… I have been using sante’s eyebrow pencil in blonde for years and get on fine, although I ‘d like to tru some powders/waxes… I am not too keen on the ecobrow ingredients either – silicones, ozokerite, nylon… Not too clean…

  • JJ

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I got the Anastasia dip brow as a gift and it broke me out horribly. Going to order this right away. Thanks again. xxx

    • Oh no, sorry about the breakout. I hope this one works much better for you :) Thanks for reading!

  • This looks lovely! I’m glad there is finally a green beauty alternative for brows that performs well. I’ll have to give this a try.

    • Yes, please let me know how you like it if you give it a try. I hope you find a shade that works for you :)

  • MakeupCounterCulture

    Totally agree with the need for an ashy-taupe color for darker hair. I have dark brown hair and picked up Penelope, but it’s far too red for me. If only Marilyn was darker…

    • Yes, it would be lovely if Ecobrow made an ashy color. I really don’t mind using Liz every day, but in photo it just doesn’t work for me. I would not wear it to a party or any type of event :( Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks so much for this review! I spotted this at the Detox Market and was ultra curious. Nice to hear the wear time is so impressive :)

    • Hi Jennifer, I hope you find a shade that works well for you! If you do, please let me know :) Thanks for reading!

  • Nic

    Hi Lilly, Thanks for the awesome post. I too have oily lids, have you found anything that works to mattify them, as mine make it impossible for liquid liner not to smear/smudge

  • Thanks for this post and swatches Lilly! I’ve been curious about EcoBrow and now I think I’ll pick it up in Liz as well. Sounds like a great mineral based alternative to most of the popular brow gels out there!

  • Awesome thanks. I’ve been eyeing this product and was looking for a thorough review!

  • Aubrey

    my dipbrow dries out; idk if yours does that but that is a common complaint. does ecobrow do the same?

  • Debbi

    Hiya Lilly, Using Anastasia Dipbrow, I saw Pixiwoo making fine hair strokes to fill in her brows which gave a very natural look… do you think Ecobrow could be used in the same way and yield as good as results? Thanks :)

  • Hi Oceane, sorry for the delay. Yes, the ingredients are not 100% “green”, unfortunately. However, none of them has been found to be toxic to humans, and are considered completely safe for use in cosmetics, especially at such low doses. Since the performance is really good, and there are no other products that compare to this one in terms of longevity, I am willing to compromise, especially now that they are launching a cool-toned dark brown (Frida)! I cannot wait to try that. If in the meanwhile you have found information about these ingredients that you find concerning, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

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