Early Summer Beauty Essentials

 Early Summer Essentials

Happy Memorial Day! It’s official: Summer is almost here. I was reading my June ’14 copy of Vogue (which was delivered unusually early) when I spotted the ideal Summer Beauty picture: a fresh-faced, minimal makeup, glowing skin, and nude/soft pastel nails. I gathered a few of my Early Summer Beauty Essentials, and then I proceeded with compiling my Summer Wishlist…

DeodorantSoapwalla. Soapwalla has been one of the most effective deodorants for me, and in Summer I need a little extra strength in my deo’ to prevent bad odors. It does not have a very strong scent, but smells fresh and keeps me from smelling bad all day long.

Body Oil – Kahina Fez Body Oil*. I have quite a few body oils, but I do like to reach for something a little more exotic-scented during Summer. Kahina Fez is quite spicy and warm and adds a subtle glow to the skin.

Foot CreamWeleda Skin Food. I call it my overnight pedicure. When I don’t have time to re-apply my nail polish and I should really do my pedi, I just apply Skin Food on my feet before going to bed, put on some socks, and I wake up with pretty-looking feet. It is so intensively moisturizing that it makes the cuticles almost disappear. Also, it smells amazing (huge side-benefit for feet).

Nude/Soft Pastel Nail LaquerZoya Gaia. In Summer I tend to wear pastels and nudes even more than bright colors. Zoya Gaia is a beautiful, sheer white with subtle golden shimmer. I like it both for mani and pedi to get a clean nail look.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer*. The formula is light and moisturizing and provides an SPF of 20. It is quite sheer but it evens out the skin tone nicely. I could not wear anything heavier than this in hot, humid weather!

BronzerKjaer Weis Desired Glow. I love using bronzers to slightly enhance my tan or mimic a natural tan. Desired Glow is not only the perfect shade to look like I just spent the weekend at the beach, it also has a lovely non-greasy, but luminous formula. I also use it on my lips to get a warm nude shade. Effortless pretty.

Eyelash CurlerShiseido. Even when I keep my makeup minimal, I always curl my lashes. Actually, I curl my lashes even when I am not wearing any makeup at all. It is such an important step to look more awake and fresh. Shiseido fits my eye shape perfectly and gives a pretty dramatic curl. It is also well-made and sturdy. I have had mine for about two years and it still looking practically new!

What are some of your Summer Essentials? What should I add to my Summer Beauty Wishlist?


*PR Samples

  • Ana Green

    Lovely choices as always Lily, I so agree with you about Weleda skinfood it never fails to perform and is the best foot product I own Xx

  • shortsmallsweet

    I swear by the Shu curler too! I’ve had mine for years now, I wouldn’t use any other curlers. I’m also using the 100% Pure moisturizer and I’m glad it works for me coz it’s the only sunscreen I have now!

  • Soapwalla is the best! We LOVE their deodorant at Unsullied! Plus, in my opinion, Weleda is one of the best green beauty brands to ever exist. Skin Food= amazing! – Kathryne

  • Hime .Yume

    My summer essential is definitely sunscreen! I’m fair you see…
    I’d love to try Weleda Skin Food, I’ve heard it smells a lot like plants but I don’t mind. I bought recently the Miel aux mille vertus by Sanoflore (a french brand if you haven’t heard of it ^^) and it’s also a repairing cream but leaning more toward the non-greasy balm side. It has a matte finish, and I hope it will help if I get sunburned!
    And a bronzer is perfect when you’re lazy ^^

  • Laura

    How lovely! I am a big fan of kw blushes too and desired glow is a nice colour that adds warmth without too much reddness. I have fair skin and it still works… Soapwala is a staple too, although I wish it would come in a stick and with a more neutral, less tea tree and lavender oil scent. I currently use harmony body oil by yuli and enjoy it a lot. I am intrigued by the pure spf. How does it compare to marie veronique’s tm that you like? Is it lighter in texture? I have not tried mv as it is not available in the eu, but i might try the pure one…

  • I love using oils in the summer as they’re so lightweight & give a lovely glow to the skin, I’ve been using Indie Lee Vanilla Citrus Moisturising Oil but have been eyeing up Kahina for a while! I really want to try Soapwalla, I’ve been using one from Lush but it’s made my pits really dry & red :(

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