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  • Tiffany

    I would love to know your makeup breakdown in your picture. Beautiful cheek color combo!

    • Hi Tiffany: Vapour Beauty in Spark on my cheeks, Jane Iredale Lip Definer in Spice and Ilia Beauty in Nobody’s Baby on my lips. Thank you! xx

  • Iva

    Hi Lilly,first I need to say I love your blog :)

    I would love to know do you color your hair and if you do which brand do you use?
    Your hair color is perfect :)

    It has been 3 years now that I’m not coloring my hair; my natural hair is medium to darker brown but I have a lot of highlights because of the sun and I would love to go a tone darker like yours like I was before I stopped with coloring; I used semi permanents before and now would also go back to semi permanents but I would like to use a hair color that is free of harsh chemicals as possible. I was thinking of trying Natulique maybe…

  • lesley

    Hi Lilly
    I love ur blog. I was wondering if u had ever tried luminess airbrushing makeup. I just bought this system but havent tried it yet and dont know if it works that well or not. Have u heard anything on it?

  • Andrea Rodriguez

    Hi Lily! You’re blog is amazing! Have you considered youtube and doing tutorials? That would awesome!!

  • Bonnie Schomp

    Hi Lilly. Can you recommend a good mask for blackheads and pores, but not drying to the skin?