Catch-Up #47

catch-up 47

I don’t know about you guys, but I am not ready to let go of Summer! This has been the first Summer that I did not even mind the scalding Florida temperatures (possibly because we live closer to the beach now). I am comforting myself thinking that it will be, unofficially, Summer for a little longer here in Florida. I am also excited about planting new things in our garden, as most of our Summer produce and flowers nearly died in the heat. Beauty-wise, there is a lot coming up, but we’ll have to wait a bit for some of the new launches. Here’s my recap from the past week.

NEW Rahua Dry Shampoo. I still use the One Love Organics Dry Shampoo Powder (review here, best I have tried so far), but I am excited to try the dry shampoo that Rahua is launching. It’s a shake and spray product, which I do prefer to pouring powder, and it is in the same price range of the OLO dry shampoo powder. I have high hopes! We shall see. You can pre-order it here.

Repurchased. In case you missed it, Spirit Beauty Lounge (edit: a wonderful apothecary that is currently closed) restocked all their products so I got a few, new Morihata face towels and a Maya Water (those sold out fast, omg). I had lost a few towels during our moving so I had a good excuse to get some more. I must say that after using them for over a year, I am still convinced that they are a very good investment because mine lasted beautifully, even though I washed them in hot water (which is not recommended). The Maya Water face mist is an old favorite of mine (review here) and I have missed keeping it at hand for a quick, hydrating pick me up. It comes out as a fine mist so it’s very refreshing and soothing, and I also like to use it for powder mask mixing.

To be repurchased. When a lovely gal emailed me a few days ago to ask me which face primer I recommended, I remembered how much I liked the 100% Pure Luminous Primer. After I ran out of it months ago, I kinda forgot about it because I started to use the Kahina Face Lotion, which is somehow similar to the 100% Pure primer. The primer is a very light lotion with a silky, smooth finish that makes the face makeup  go on better and stay longer. I have been thinking that it may work well under the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (havent tried it yet, I am just assuming that it will work well under it because it is so silky). It also contains silica, so it has some oil-control property (it’s not meant to be mattifying, but helps a bit). 100% Pure also has a mattifying primer, which I have not tried yet, but you can check it out here.

A skincare tool. A little while ago, I purchased a Ying Yu Jade Roller, a massaging tool for the face that helps to de-puff, drain, and stimulate circulation. What I really wanted was the Platinum Electronic Roller that Lisa Eldridge recommended in one of her videos, but when I looked up the reviews on Amazon I saw that several people doubted the authenticity of the one sold on there. Lisa also recommended the jade roller as alternative, so that’s what I got. So far I am liking how I can massage my face without irritating it, as it is more soothing than my own fingers. I still get a little flush on my cheeks because it stimulates blood circulation, but my skin does not feel irritated. It is especially lovely when I store it in the fridge, and I massage my face with in the morning, because it helps to de-puff my face, especially under my eyes. I have been using it after cleansing and toning, when I apply a couple of drops of face serum (currently Yuli ME Skin Fuel). I first pat the oil and let it “sink in” a bit, and then I use the jade roller. At night, I like to take my time to do the whole draining-massage thing. I purchased it here, as I read a long list of comments saying that the cheap jade rollers on ebay are not the same thing. Anyone else tried it?

Butter London Giveaway. In case you missed it, I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram for the entire Arm Candy collection of nail polishes*. It will be open for another week, so make sure to enter! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram and like this post here.

Sale. Beautyhabit is having a sale on color cosmetics that expires Sunday night at midnight (Pacific time). They have quite a few makeup brands, including Ilia, Ecobrow, RMS Beauty, W3ll People, and more. You can find it here and use code COLORSUMMER. They just had a skincare sale that I completely forgot to let you guys know about, but follow me on Facebook if you like to take advantage of coupons and sales, because that is where I share any discount codes that I find. Their skincare selection is also pretty awesome (they have quite a few European brands that most shops don’t carry), so it is worth checking out.

Have a great week!

  • icklefickle

    I have a mini jade roller from Cult Beauty but it doesn’t roll very freely and I get frustrated just pushing it round my face wondering if it’s doing more harm than good. Glad to hear your still going well with the yuli skin fuel, I may give it another try now it has your seal of approval. I recently bought so Marie Veronique and Kypris products, looking forward to trying those.

    • Hi love, I wonder if you got a defective jade roller. Did you contact them to let them know that it does not work properly? Mine glides easily, and I got it at Cult Beauty, too. If it pulls the skin, then I would definitely quit using it. How are you getting along with Kypris and Marie Veronique? Do you add them to your routine all at once, or one at the time?

      • icklefickle

        Hi, quite possibly but it was a GWP so I couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it. Cult Beauty have excellent customer severe though so I’m sure if I had they would have replaced it. I haven’t introduced any products yet as I’ve been doing a wee experiment. I have nearly run out of TNB oil though so I think I will start the MV products tonight, the oil at least. I usually try to add them one at a time but when it’s all products from a range within one brand the temptation is to try them all at once. Did you ever try the balancing oil from TNB? I don’t think I’ve ever loved one product as much, I am literally having to stop myself repurchasing every day ☺

        • Wow, I am sold! Will order it right away. I have to use the ME Skin Fuel for another couple of weeks so I can review it, but I will definitely put it on top of my list. Thank you for the recommendation :)

          Maybe you should give the jade roller another try. I have been really liking it. I use the regular size. I am probably going to get another one so I can massage both sides at the same time (from the center of the forehead going outwards, from the nose going towards the ears, and from the chin towards the neck). I don’t like using my fingers to massage my face, so to me it was a good investment :)

  • Catherine Crain

    I want to try the new 100% Pure primer too! The luminous one I have tried, but wasn’t for me. My mom LOVES it however

    • Yes, I think that the mattifying primer would work best for me, too. I’ll get one soon and let you know how I like that one :) If you try it before me, let me know! ;)

  • Anusha Puri

    hi lilly,does the jade roller any good for under eye puffiness?

    • Hi love, yes, it helps to drain fluid from the face. Just make sure to use it the proper way, from the center of the face going outwards toward the lymph areas. Also, keep it in the fridge as that helps with depuffing, too.

  • Wow, did not know Rahua is launching a dry shampoo! I’m definitely curious about trying that out :) I love the OLO dry shampoo as well but I think it’d be interesting to try a spray-formula one.

    • I know, same here :) I have pre-ordered mine, so I will keep you posted ;)