Catch-Up #44

catch-up 44

I am pretty sure that the past week was the hottest of 2015 so far. Most days my makeup routine was as basic as sunscreen and mascara, but I have tested out a few new items worth sharing, so let’s get to them…

Empties. This week I finished the Odacite + Moon Juice Aloe & Rose Revitalizing Mist, so I plan on putting together a detailed review of the Claire De Lune set* (Radiance Serum + Revitalizing Mist) asap. I have not decided yet whether I will purchase it or not, simply because I loved the serum but I think that the mist is not exactly suited for my skin type (I think that this would be more suite for dry skin types). I really wish that the products would also be sold separately, because the serum was so so good (very rich oil, but non-greasy at all. I can’t even express it completely with words! So good.) The Claire de Lune set is available here.

Repurchased. This week SBL got most of the Yuli skincare line back in stock, and since I was running low on some of my Yuli favorites I repurchased the Halcyon Cleanser (the Cocoon Face Elixir is already out of stock >:-(  ). I was considering to buy the Metamorphic Face Elixir in the meanwhile, but I decided to first finish another toner (*patting myself in the back as I type this*) that I really like, the Kahina Toning Mist . If you are new to my blog, you can read more about these products in my last skincare routine post, which I just shared this past week. You can shop the Yuli Skincare line here.

RMS Beauty Skin2Skin brushes. If you use cream products, especially cream blush/bronzer and cream foundation, these brushes are really, really good! As I mention in one my most recent catch-up posts, the foundation brush is quite small and is perfect to stipple and blend cream foundation, and even liquid(it will absorb some). I have used it with the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, and it worked perfectly. When used with the Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation, it works well, but drinks up a bit of product. The blush brush* is perfect, not sure if I ever used this word before to describe a product, but it blends cream blush like a dream. It does all the work for me: I tap the brush in the pot, and I swirl it around on my cheek area until it is properly blended, and it looks flawless. If you are not a master at applying cream blushes with your fingers, or if the brush you use does not work very well, you will love this brush. With that said, I am finally ready to give up putting my fingers in my cream blushes (which is not ideal anyway). I will review both brushes in a post, because I want to show you how they work, and because I think that the price tag is a bit intimidating, considering that the drugstore offers some pretty good synthetic brushes that are much cheaper. However, I do really like them and I am happy I bought one (the other one was a gift), and would repurchase immediately. You can find both brushes here.

Perfect makeup mirror. This is one of those items that I didn’t know I “needed” until I got one. I have been using a simple, inexpensive table mirror for years, and I was happy with it,… until I discovered that there was something much, much better. It’s the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, and let me tell you, it has made my makeup application so much easier. It lightens with a bright white light, and it magnifies, so you can see every little detail on your face. It results in my makeup application being a million times more precise, so that when I step back and look in a regular mirror my makeup looks great (especially my foundation, since I am able to see exactly where I need more and where I need to blend better). I will have a detailed review up ASAP so I can share all the pros/cons I found, but if you have been looking for something like this, you can check it out here.

Kjaer Weis Dazzling bronzer. I meant to publish my review of the Kjaer Weis bronzer last week, but since I was not able to, here is the highly requested swatch of the Dazzling bronzer. Several of you asked me if the bronzer was sparkly, shimmery, or glittery in any way, which as you can see from the swatch (natural light) is absolutely not. It is sheer, but buildable, which I love because it makes it impossible to over-apply. It has a bit of a dewy finish, but it really makes the skin look fresh and dewy, not greasy, otherwise I would not be able to wear it at all (my skin is on the oily side). I hope this helps, if you have any questions leave a comment below. You can find it here.

Kjaer Weis Dazzling and Desired Glow copy copy

Product of the week. If I had to give an award for my favorite product of the week, then The Good Stuff* would get a huge trophy. If you missed my post, you can read the full review here. I kept postponing the purchase myself, but then I received it as a gift and I was immediately hooked.  Sexy, golden skin in a bottle.

I have another highly requested post coming soon! Have a great week.

*gifted/PR sample


  • Natalie

    I’ve been curious about the RMS brushes, looking forward to a full review!

    • Hi Natalie! I will try to get some good photos. So far, I am very happy with both of them, especially the blush brush. That one is grade A. Thanks for reading!

  • Michelle

    Lily, does the Kjaer Weis Blush sit well over the Gressa Skin Foundation or better on the Kjaer Weis foundation? And do you find the Gressa or Kjaer Weis foundation better for your sensitive skin? Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle, the KW blush sits well on any foundation; it’s very easy to blend with fingers or a brush (if you don’t have a brush, then I highly recommend the RMS Beauty blush brush I mentioned in the post). As for the foundations, they both work well for my skin, which is definitely delicate, and also blemish prone. If you want to pick one of them, I would pick based on the finish you prefer (Gressa has a luminous, but slightly “powdery” finish, while Kjaer Weis is more matte), and the formula that you prefer (Gressa is a runny serum foundation, while KW is a concentrated cream foundation). Please let me know if you have any more questions, and thanks for reading!

  • rosebud131

    So glad you reviewed the mirror! I’d been coveting it for a while but had just bought a different (smaller, less bright) one and felt guilty about getting another. Your review prompted me to bite the bullet and it is amazing! My makeup looks so much better today! Thanks. :)

    • I am so glad to hear that! I feel the same way, it’s a good investment ;) Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Lori, in the July 13th post I was wearing a Treat Collection nail polish called Cherry Blossom (probably two-three coats since it’s sheer), which is a lovely pinky-nude, and on July 19th I was wearing a Jin Soon nail polish called Prim, which is an opaque beige color. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Yasmina, thank you so much for your kind words. The Yuli Cocoon Elixir leaves the skin feeling hydrated but it does not leave any type of film on the skin because it is oil-free, so I would definitely say that it is more of a sinking-in type. I do spritz it all over my face because I feel like I waste less product with that method of application,. It’s also quicker and it feels amazing :) I hope you love it, too! ;)

    • Yasmina

      Thanks for the advice :D I can’t wait to try now

  • maria

    Just curious if u have tried the new bottle one the Elizabeth Dehn cleansing oil? Is it just me or is it different for the worst? It leaves a butter like film on the face which does not rinse off. It needs a double cleanse for sure or washcloth.

    • Hi Maria, I apologize for the delay. The cleansing oil formula had been changed for a certain period of time, but One Love Organics just brought the original formula back, which is now available at their website. I hope this helps, and sorry for the delay.

  • Hey babe, you think the brush would work well with their concealer?

  • Alejandra Castro Zarrate

    Hi there!!! I’m # 22 on uncover up, can you tell me in what color foundation Kjaer Weis I am.

    • Kerstin

      I’m also #22 and I’m using Just Sheer. It’s a bit darker than #22, but Silken is too light and yellow — it doesn’t come close to #22. I wish KW had an exact dupe for #22. Maybe someday?

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