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Dr.Hauschka Bronzing Powder, Kjaer Weis Desired Glow, Ilia Beauty Sway

I just love when around Summertime the magazines start to publish articles about how to get the perfect bronzed look, how to get the Summer glow, and how to fake a healthy tan. What they actually mean is  – time to get a new bronzer ladies! I have always been into bronzers so they get me every time. However, I only recently found bronzers I really like wearing and some that meet my requirements for a (c)lean list of ingredients.

Ilia Beauty – Sway. I reviewed this product a long time ago (you can checkout the review here) and I never stopped using it. It is actually labeled as an illuminator for deeper complexions, but the shimmer in it is not too obvious so it works beautifully as a bronzer too. I also recently started to use it on my lips and eyelids and like it as a cream eyeshadow as well. Multitasking products are always a smart buy. Good job, me.

Kjaer Weis – Desired Glow*. I only started to use this cream blush recently, but I have worn it every day from the moment I received it. There is something about Kjaer Weis makeup that…I just can’t have enough of. This bronzer is absolutely perfect to warm up my complexion. It looks so sheer when I pick it up with my finger and then as I dab it onto my cheeks the color begins to look just like a natural tan. I apply it on my cheeks going outward and on the sides of my face up to my hairline adding warmth, dimension, and a subtle glow. If you are into cream blushes, this is a must-have.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care – Bronzing Powder*. This is the first bronzing powder I have committed to use since I no longer dig Chanel. I did try a few others, but: A) I would just rather not use loose powders, (loose powders and clumsy people don’t go well together) and B) this is amazing for contouring, being a neutral brown shade that is completely matte. It creates very natural looking shadows on my face, and depending on how much product I use, I can build the color from sheer to medium. I think that the shade could work on most skin tones. My only complaint is that it contains talc. Can we have a talc-free version, pleeease? Until then, this is my HG contouring powder.

What are your favorites bronzers?

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  • Erin @ The Grass Skirt Blog

    I am curious about the Dr. Hauschka one! Right now, I am using Park Avenue Princess by Tarte. It is OK, but I think it makes me look too muddy sometimes,

    The Grass Skirt

    • Hi Erin, I actually like Tarte bronzers, but I try to avoid using products that contain phenoxyethanol. Dr.Hauschka’s products are made with better ingredients and these two bronzing products I featured lately (bronze concentrate and bronzing powder) are really great. The bronze concentrate is actually among Allure Senior Beauty Editor’s picks (Elizabeth Siegel). It’s good stuff :)

      Thank you for your comment!

  • Kasey Michelle

    Kjaer Weis makeup is just so chic! I’d love to hear how that blush is. I’ve been using Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush in Exposed for a bronzer/blush. It’s a nice pink-bronze that gives color to my pale complexion without looking brown. Trying to find a more organic option for bronzer though.

    • Hi Kasey, I know the blush you use from Tarte, it’s so pretty. However, it contains a few ingredients that I would rather avoid in my makeup, such as tetrasodium EDTA. If you are looking for a cream blush, Kjaer Weis in the shade Desired Glow is wonderful! Also, Vapour Beauty makes a translucent bronzer in three different shades that is lovely. For powder, I would try this one by Dr. Hauschka. There are some really great options for you! :)

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Kasey Michelle

        Thanks for the suggestions! I really want to try a Kjaer Weis blush or ILIA Beauty in Sway :)

  • Love this post! I was never a bronzer girl because I have super fair
    skin. Like snow white fair. I was always scared of bronzers but I have
    learned the right way to apply them and that most of the time a little
    goes a long way. My favorite bronzer currently is the Ilia Beauty Sway
    Illuminator Bronzer. it’s just SO beautiful. I also love Dr. Haushka’s
    translucent bronzer concentrate and am in love with W3LL People’s
    mineral hedonist bronzer! I can’t get over Kjaer Weis’s packaging. it
    gets me every time. I NEED one of their blushes!

    • Thanks love! You look wonderful with bronzer! I haven’t tried the Hedonist bronzer, but I would love too. W3LL makes so many beautiful products. I think you would love Kjaer Weis cream blushes too :) I know, that packaging is SO attractive ;)

  • Jane

    Hey Lilly,
    I don’t have a natural bronzer yet, the Hauschka one looks so red-brown/dark in the shops, so I haven’t tried it in my face. Is Desired Glow lighter than the Hauschka Bronzer?

    is it possible for you to show swatches of the Hauschka Bronzer and the Kjaer Weis Desired Glow?! I’m really interested in the KW one, but it’s so expensive and I ‘d love to see swatches and a comparison if possible.

    Best wishes from Germany, Jane.

    • Hi Jane, Desired Glow is a different shade from the Dr.Hauschka bronzer, more like a natural tan, and would probably work better for fair/pale skin tones. I will swatch them both and publish the photos within the next few days for you, because I understand your concern :) If you like, write me an email at and I will email you as soon as I have a swatch for you :) Thank you for your comment!

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  • Hi Mady, I have owned the cream blush in the photo for about 8 months and it has not changed at all. Not sure if because the compact helps to stay moist, but it’s still perfect! I hope that helps! ;)

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