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This year is the first year, since I moved to the US, that my Fall season started with a sudden temperature drop. It went from hot and humid to chilly and a little windy, while I was expecting to wear sandals until November! I am not complaining, as I am actually enjoying this weather because it reminds me of Autumn in Italy.  Not to mention I can wear jackets and cardigans, which are my favorite wardrobe items. However, my skin seems not to be particularly happy as it tends to get extra sensitive in cold weather and my hands and lips need some extra help as well. Today I am going to show you the little helpers that I grab when my lips need extra moisture and protection.

To be honest, my “lip drawer” is full of products, but you probably know that not all lip balms do the job. Some may offer some temporary relief, some may look pretty on the lips, but when I need extra protection or if my lips are chapped and need to heal I use my Waxelene, (you can read my full review here). That is the one I apply every night, to wake up with super soft lips. No taste, no scent, just the basic ingredients that lips need. Organic Soybean Oil and Vitamin E Oil are emollients, which means that they provide the moisture that lips may lack. The beeswax is an emollient as well but also acts as a humectant, which locks in the moisture and protects from environmental agents like wind, cold air, etc. Not trying to teach chemistry here, but even the lovely Lisa Eldridge shared these principles in her last YouTube video. Those ingredients mentioned  make Waxelene the perfect product for needy lips.

Another great option that I have been enjoying lately is the Soapwalla Coconut Lime Lip Locked Lip Balm*. It is the perfect vegan alternative to Waxelene. The major players in this formula are Avocado Oil, (an emollient ingredient) and Candelilla Wax, which retains the moisture. I love to carry this one in my purse because it has a lovely scent that comes from natural oils of coconut and lime, and can be worn alone, as a base for lipstick, or on top of lipstick as well.

Last but not least, I like the Badger Balm Cocoa Butter Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. So inexpensive, but works great. It is made with Certified Organic ingredients that are also Fair Trade Certified. These ingredients include Cocoa Butter, EVOO, Beeswax, and other soothing and protecting ingredients. It does not add any shine to the lips, so it is my favorite one to wear under lipstick. It can even be gifted to your man, maybe in a more man-friendly scent like Cool Mint or Lime Rocket (if those can be considered more “manly”).

What is your favorite lip balm? Is there anyone you think I should try next?

*PR Sample

  • Meg

    Try Zambeezi! It’s great– feels a lot like Vaseline (but no gross petroleum of course)– not sticky like a lot of the natural products. Keeps lips moisturized for a long time, no need to keep re-applying.

    Thanks for these other reviews!

    • Hi Meg, thank you for your suggestion! I took a look at their website and their products look very interesting. Will definitely add them to my wishlist ;)

  • Mariam

    lovely selection! do you think one of those would be effective for cold sores? thanks so much!

    • Hi Mariam, I don’t know if any of these would help to soothe colds sores, but I can turn your question to the companies that make them! Hopefully they will let me know :)

    • Hi Mariam, I just found out that 100% Pure makes a lip balm that is specifically formulated to minimize the effects of cold sores and I remembered about you. You can find it by clicking here I hope it helps! ;)

  • Call It Vanity

    Coconut and lime you say? Sounds right up my street!

    Mayah x

    • Yep! It’s really lovely. I love anything Coconut-Lime too! :) xx

  • Caitlin

    I’d suggest trying the Hurraw balms. I just got turned on to them and I’m loving them more than any other I’ve tried. The cherry flavor imparts a little color which is nice for daytime. I found the Badger balm a little difficult in regards to the texture.

    • Hi Caitlin, I actually have a few Hurraw Balms, and while I am in love with their scents, (Blue Chamomile Vanilla is my absolute favorite!), I find them less moisturizing than Waxelene and Soapwalla. You’re right about Badger Cocoa Butter Balms, they have a “harder” consistency. Thank you for your suggestion ;)

  • Inah_may

    How about Dr. Hauschka’s Lip care Stick? I just purchased it and so far it’s OK but what I’m looking for is something to moisturize the lips since mine are chapped yikes!

    • Did you try Waxelene? If not, give it a try ;) I will get the Dr.Hauschka soon!

  • Nicole

    I love the Hauschka Lip Care Stick; it’s what I turn to when my lips are chapped and painful… I notice a difference after just one night of use.

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for the suggestion! I am definitely going to try it ;)

  • Gita Bončina

    Oh, I know what you mean – I have a bazillion of lip products, but only few do the job right. I’m currently using Burt’s Bees one and it’s great. And you can never go wrong with Badger, right? Gotta get my hands on the Soapwalla one! :)


    • Hi Gita, thank you for your comment! I do have lots of lip balms, but I may have purchased a new one anyway…ooopps! x

  • I am not even going to try and count how many lip balms I have, but I find that the ones I use most depends so much on the season. Loving Osmia luster right now. I actually have an unopened tube of the badger lip balm, will go dig it out

    • I think I am one of the few bloggers that has not tried lip products from Osmia. Everyone is raving about them! I will have to order some. I bet it smells divine! x

  • I loveeee Badger’s cocoa butter lip balms! My other favorite for winter is Balm Balm’s lip balm (the tube one, not the pot)

    • I know, right? So inexpensive, and perfect when you don’t want any shine on your lips! I don’t know Balm Balm, will have to check that one out!

  • tania

    I love Badger Balm and the Cocoa Butter Vanilla Bean one sounds amaazing, I can ony imagine how lovely it smells! x

    • Hi Tania, it does smell really good :) x

  • Marie

    I love the Badger Cocoa Butter Balms, too! However, I’m looking to try something new… Have you tried the Pai lip balm? It looks lovely online.

    • Hi Marie, I owned a Pai lip balm and liked it a lot, but I lost it! It’s similar to the Badger balms that come in metal jars, (not the actual Badger lip balm sticks). It was lovely, especially the scent, but if you want something similar to Badger you can try S.W. Basics. Their lip balms are cocoa butter-based too, and I just started to use them yesterday, they’re great!

  • Chloe

    SW basics is the best lip balm I have ever tried, and I am a lip balm addict. I’ve tried Pai, Badgers, Juji, Intelligent Nutrients, Acure Organics, et cetera… Cocoa and shea butter are the best lip moisturizers!

    • Hi Chloe, I just used SW basics’ lip balm yesterday and today, and I agree with you, they are really good! Not sure if I like them more than Waxelene, but they do work great. What is your favorite flavor/scent? I love the citrus one! Thanks for your comment :)

  • Amber

    I really want to try the Badger balms! They’re on my shopping list for my holiday to Colorado in December. I love S.W Basics too that’s what I’m using at the minute but you raving about Waxelene makes me really tempted to try it! x

    • Hi Amber, you can get so much use from one jar of Waxelene, try it! Hands, lips, feet, elbows, knees and everywhere you need extra moisture. x

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