Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask Review

Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask Reviews

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Cell Stimulating Facial Mask + Me as Elphaba


I decided to give the Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask* a try, in light of the several positive reviews I had read. The main ingredient that drew my attention was french green clay. It is know to absorb oil and impurities from the skin and even tighten pores. According to Acure Organics the mask repairs the skin cells and revitalizes the complexion.

The consistency is pasty, thick (not runny), and easy to spread. It smells like spearmint, and feels refreshing on the skin as soon as I apply it. It dries very quickly, and it should be kept on the face for about 10-15 minutes. I sometimes keep it on a little longer, but it does not cause any discomfort. It requires a little bit of effort in taking it off, because it is supposed to be rinsed off like a cleanser. Therefore, I massage it into my skin very well, and rinse my face until it is completely gone. I like to use this mask one or two times a week, in the morning, in the place of my cleanser.

Ingredients: Organic euterpe oleracea (acai) berry, organic rubus fruticosus (blackberry), organic rosa canina (rosehips), organic punica granatum (pomegranate), organic fair trade certified rooibos, organic aloe barbadensis vera leaf, french green clay, vegetable glycerin, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate (from coconut + amino acids), vegetable cellulose gum, sodium cocoyl isethionate (from coconut), chlorophyll, organic chlorella pyrenoidosa extract (chlorella growth factor), glucono delta lactone (sugar enzyme), fair trade certified organic theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, carrageenan (algae), hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) seed oil, ubiquinone (CoQ10), spinosa (argan) stem cell, potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), organic argania spinosa (argan) oil, and sage and spearmint essential oil blend.

Even though I am not a mask junkie, I do enjoy this refreshing treatment once or twice a week. My skin looks and feels particularly clean and refreshed every time I use it. I think that it would work on any skin type, and it is also claims to be:

  • Vegan
  • Sulfate free
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free
  • PEG free
  • Petroleum free
  • Phthalate free
  • Silicone free

I recommend you try it if you are looking for a mask to deep cleanse your face. And you will definitely want it if you enjoy minty scents! As usual, Acure Organics has provided another great product filled with the purest ingredients, at an affordable price.

This mask retails for $15.99, and can be purchased on, which is currently offering a gift with purchase, and also offers free shipping on orders over $25!

*PR Sample

  • asti

    I really want to try out this mask! For some reason, I now really enjoy the tingly and cool sensation I get from mint-scented mask. My current favourite one is the Purifying mask by Absolution but it’s twice as expensive. Kahina is a nice one too and it contains exfoliating granules. I have never used any Acure products before (except their hair care) but I just bought their facial scrub from SBL to have a feel of their skin care line. Have you tried it?

    Just putting it out there. I actually find green mask very attractive to put on haha.

    • Haha, my husband saw the photos and told me I looked nice even with a green face, lol. Anyway, I liked every product I have tried from Acure, but there are some I tried that were not appropriate for my skin type, so I did not continue to use them. My husband is finishing my tube of the night cream because it’s really nice, but it was a little heavy for me. He likes it because he has dry skin. I would like to try Kahina’s mask. Do you know if it is appropriate for combination skin? I will have to look into that. Thanks for your comment, xx

      • asti

        Kahina Antioxidant Mask, I believe is beneficial for all skin types. For me personally, as I am dealing with sensitive AND acne-prone skin type, it didn’t do much to counteract that. However, I can see how other skin types including combination can benefit from it, your skin will feel super fresh and renewed in a gentle and not-overly stimulating way. I honestly find it too gentle, but there are others who love it so much so I think it’s good for all-around ‘maintenance’ mask- something that you would want to use twice a week when your skin is looking great.

        • I see. I did read on Kahina’s website that it is a gentle mask, and it is supposed to be an antioxidant booster for the skin. The Absolution mask should be pretty awesome too. Does it irritate your skin? Also, does it have a strong scent? I was looking at the ingredients, and it looks like there are quite a few essential oils in it, so I was wondering if it had a strong scent.

          Thank you for your help, Asti!

          • asti

            Yes, very gentle! I bought it when it was 50% off at Gotham Beauty (I think the business has stopped running) but the owner was a bit cautious about the Benzyl Alcohol contained in it as it gave him a burning sensation. I didn’t notice anything like that though. The Absolution mask really surprised me actually. The brand doesn’t intrigue me as much as other brands out there, but I got the sample sachet, got a few more, used them, and really liked the result!!! It didn’t irritate my skin but ONLY if I didn’t leave it longer for 10 minutes which was per instruction. I did forget once, it was only a few minutes more, irritated my skin so the mask was more intense than I thought. The purifying mask seems to be doing a really good job in terms of purifying. Veeeery very good on whiteheads, but didn’t notice a difference with my blackheads (MLS Problem Solver is the way to go for that).

            I have been using their cleansing water as well in the morning, another surprise.. I quite liked that too. Was wary too about the essential oils but they didn’t irritate me at all (and I am sensitive!). The mask had a strong mint scent, quite similar to the Kahina mask.

            No problem! Love talking to you!

          • Thanks Asti, I love talking to you too! Your comments are always very thoughtful and informative :)

            It’s funny how you mentioned the May Lindstrom Problem Solver Mask because I was just adding it to my wednesday wishlist! I have heard so many good things about it :) But I am now curious about the Absolution one too, because sometimes i do get a few tiny whiteheads.

            However, my greatest skin concerns remain my oily, congested forehead, and some sunspots on my cheekbones :S I would really like to take care of that. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for those problems. I was thinking about trying Amala for my sunspots.

  • I do love a green face mask to scare my husband :) not sure about the minty scent but it is nice to be able to apply a mask straight from the tube sometimes x

    • Exactly! I don’t usually have much time for facial masks, so I enjoy being able to apply it straight from the tube! Thanks for your comment love! x

  • I love this mask, the consistency is amazing and i always notice brighter skin when i rinse it off, it’s great! :) xx

    • I agree with you Jana, I like the consistency too, and I definitely like how it smells! Thanks for your comment, xx

  • Taylor

    I wanna try this :)

    • Please let me know if you do try it! :)

  • Malariemj

    I have this! I love it!

    • It’s a great one, isn’t it? :) Thanks for your comment!

  • i have this mask, too! i have the old packaging, though (a little jar). i love the sort of moussey texture and smell — so clean and fresh! glad you liked it.