A Powerful Trio From MV Skincare

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I have already mentioned plenty of times how much I love MV Skincare’s products. To be more precise, it is my skin that loves them and looks great when I use them. I have tried a few products from the line, and unfortunately for my wallet, they worked so well for me. I thought that I would share my thoughts about the three products that I have been using lately.

Gentle Cream Cleanser*. This cleanser is nothing short of amazing. The consistency is concentrated, so I only need a small amount of product to cleanse my whole face. I like to apply it on wet skin so that a small amount goes a long way. At the touch the texture seems to be very rich, but when massaged on wet face it feels light and soothing. The scent is delightful, slightly flowery, but very delicate.

After cleansing with this cream my skin feels well-cleansed, but also moisturized and balanced. I am convinced that this cleanser will work equally great for any skin type, because it is hydrating enough for drier complexions, but it is also non-greasy and does not leave any shine on my (combination) skin. It is so gentle, yet so effective.

Although it removes makeup well and it does not sting my eyes, I prefer to use it as a morning cleanser or as a second cleanser in the evening. Whenever I am wearing more makeup than usual and/or sunscreen I find a cleansing oil to be a quicker option, so I do a second cleanse with the Gentle Cream Cleanser. However, if you do not wear much makeup you could definitely use this cleanser as your only cleanser. My bottle lasted me about two months and a half, and I used it almost every morning and evening.

Lastly, as a product junkie I have to praise MV Skincare for such great packaging. This bottle comes with a pump system (my favorite, to be honest) and includes a simple, clever tool to scoop out the last drops of product from the bottom of the bottle. I am sure that you will appreciate that as much as I do!

Rose Water Mist*. You guys know how much I love face mists, (I have a few Tuesday Toners posts already up and will review more in the future). They are an essential part of my skincare routine because: 1- they give moisture back to my skin following the cleansing step, 2- they calm my skin after using tap water for cleansing, which I find to be slightly irritating, and  3- they prepare my skin for a serum or face oil in the evening, and a water-based moisturizer the next morning.

Please note that there are some inexpensive rose waters available at the drugstore/health food store, but you should not mistake MV Skincare’s high-quality rose water for “the same exact product with a higher price tag”. The quality of the ingredients is a determining factor in the price of a mist and so is the percentage of rose oil versus the water content. This Rose Water Mist smells like pure, fresh roses. In addition to that, most inexpensive rose waters come in plastic bottles, while higher quality mists come in glass or metal.

Rose Plus Skin Booster*. In line with the first Skin Booster that I tested, called Instant Revival, this is a revitalizing serum that nourishes the skin and is particularly suited for delicate and problematic skin. I love to use it at night to provide my skin with a richer treatment and it translates into a greasy-free glow the following morning. It works beautifully when combined with the previous two products that I listed. I use the Gentle Cream Cleanser, spritz my face with the Rose Water Mist, and then apply two drops of the Rose Plus Skin Booster (while my skin is still damp) all over my face, around my eyes, and on my neck. It is such a gorgeous, powerful trio and totally worth the splurge.

A few places where you can shop the line are The Detox Market (USA), Cult Beauty (UK) and MV Skincare (Australia).

**I know some of you are dying to try MV Skincare because I have been raving so much about them, so make sure to check out the blog next week for the chance to get your hands on some of their products! *wink-wink*

*PR Sample


  • Hi Lilly, great post! I too have fallen for MV’s range since trying and loving their Energizng 9-oil Skin Tonic. How have you found the Rose booster to compare to the Revival booster? Have you found them to have similar effects on your skin, any differences? Your blog is so informative and enjoyable, many thanks!

  • shelb lynn

    So excited to see a review on more MV Skin care! I was just wondering how you like this toner compared to the kahina toner, do you favour one over the other? Have you tried the kahina cleanser as well? Would love to hear your opinions! Have a great day!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Lovely review. I hope to get soon my hands on MV products :-)x

  • I am definitely one of those who has been dying to try! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us, sweet Lilly :)

  • Chloe

    Ahhh they look so lovely!! So much to try, hehe!

  • Sharlene Tai

    Hey I was wondering if you prefer the MV cleanser to Aurelia Probiotic’s cleanser? I’m currently using the entire line of Aurelia Probiotic skincare and am loving it! Just wanted to know how you think the two compare?

    • C. G

      I know im late, but I was also wondering this.

      • Hi ladies, sorry for the delay. The textures of these two cleansers are very different. The consistency of the Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser is more similar to a whipped cream. The MV Cleanser is more concentrated. It requires a very small amount (1-2 pumps are enough for the whole face) but you need to apply it on your face while it is wet so that a little amount goes a long way. I have a slight preference for the MV Skincare Gentle Cleanser because I feel like it requires less effort to completely remove it. The Aurelia Miracle Cleanser requires just a little more wiping to prevent clogged pores.

        What I love about the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser is that it gives my face a nice massage because of the soft texture. However, for daily use I prefer the MV Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser and the Odacite Cleanser that I recently reviewed.

        I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions.

        • C. G

          Are toy thinking of repurchasing either?

          • Thank you for your kind words!

            If I had to pick only one of them, I would pick the MV Skincare cleanser or the one from Odacite. I have repurchased both the MV Skincare one and the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser in the past. I already finished my second bottle of MV Skincare Cleanser and I am now using the Odacite one, which is working great for me.

            Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

        • C. G

          Does either one give more results than the other? I have combination & acneprone skin. Also, thanks for the great review!! Loving your blog!

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